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Here at KeyUA, we devote ourselves to creating the most reliable and well-performing energy and utility software solutions. Our experts develop exceptional software for every area of the energy industry, from nuclear and solar power to water and wind systems, to electric and heat power. We also provide software for waste administration and recycling purposes.

Energy and utilities administration

KeyUA creates reliable energy and utility software keys. We develop solutions that help you with power distribution and asset administration, billing and storage systems, and more.
Utility administration software
Our experts devise unique energy and utility software keys to optimize data, as well as predict and rationalize the consumption of energy of all kinds.
Power distribution administration
Our power distribution administration software is designed to administer and control the functioning of a distribution system, help you reduce leaks and maintain normal voltage and frequency levels.
Utility billing software keys
We create cloud-based billing systems and online payment portals that make payment convenient for customers.
Utility workflow software keys
KeyUA designs utility workflow software keys to optimize and automate the work process with features for scheduling, access administration, etc.
Electric utility software keys
Our products assist you with interface design, utility network solutions, mobile applications and more. All the solutions you’ve been looking for are here, at KeyUA.
Utility network information
Our experts develop utilities network information administration solutions that include technical and financial information on data, customers, and resources.
Service-oriented software keys
We devise service-oriented software to automate and optimize business processes. This includes billing, control, management, and other processes in the electric power system.
Electric estimating software keys
KeyUA develops electric estimation software which gives you tools that help you achieve your goals.
Mobile applications software
Our electric mobile applications software consists of features that include diagrams, calculators, rating services, notifications, and more.

Water administration keys

Our specialists develop keys that include mobile applications, water quality control, billing software, etc.
Water utility administration
We design water utility administration keys to monitor the conditions of water, its lifecycle and more.
Water quality
KeyUA designs water quality software with tools for water testing, samples, and pollution control.
Water asset administration
Our experts come up with reliable tools for water asset administration that include features for secure access control.
Mobile application software
We design mobile application software that is geared towards the convenience of the customer.
Heat software development
KeyUA creates exceptional heat software for multiple heating systems that help with administration and features a unique design.
Mobile application software
Our experts devise mobile application software for the heating industry, which allows for the easy administration of heating systems.
Heat administration software
We develop heat administration software that helps with input tracking, monitoring of climate conditions, and data administration.
Heating design software keys
Our specialists create heating design software that includes helpful instruments and unique features.
Internet of things software keys
We design heat software that works with the internet of things, programmed for sensors, automation engines, etc.

Smart grid software keys

We develop smart grid software – an electricity supply network that uses digital communications technology to detect and react to changes in usage. Our smart grid software works well in every branch of the energy sphere.
Communication technology
We design communication technology keys to reduce energy intake, helping with notifications, rerouting and much more.
Smart grid design software
KeyUA creates smart grid design software with dependable tools for modeling, forecasting, data exchange and more.
Substation automation keys
Our specialists design reliable substation automation keys that help you with protection and administration, with intuitive and convenient operator interfaces.
Integration software keys
Our grid software contains helpful tools for solar panels, electric cars, and solutions for charging.
Solar software keys
We assist with billing and management, providing tracking software and outstanding design.
Solar energy administration
Our solar energy administration software grants you the ability to administer projects from the office. This minimizes time and money spent on traveling and staff.
Solar design software keys
We design solar software that helps you with mapping, scenario testing and more.
Photovoltaic software keys
Our experts develop photovoltaic software, including apps for solar panels, shading analysis, etc. We provide you with instruments for reporting, process control and more.
Solar tracking software keys
KeyUA designs apps for sensors and solar tracking software that performs functions such as calculation, analytics, reporting, etc.

Nuclear software development

Optimize and rationalize your nuclear energy systems with our exceptional software.
Power plant asset administration
We design power plant asset administration keys that optimize the use of equipment, improve productivity and administer human resources.
Nuclear analysis software solutions
Our experts come up with nuclear analysis software that helps with the analysis of nuclear plants and production time.
Nuclear site planning solutions
KeyUA designs software to administer the nuclear site, providing information such as live area dating, images from satellites and more.
Knowledge administration keys
To make sure that engineers are high-qualified and trained, we develop knowledge administration solutions with secure access and data analysis.
Wind energy software keys
Our products work excellently with wind farm optimization software, asset administration, etc. Our solutions will optimize your wind energy system.
Wind administration solutions
Our wind administration solutions help you control and manage wind energy with the help of our convenient interface.
Wind analysis software keys
We devise unique wind analysis software that is sensitive to changing parameters such as wind speed, direction, the environment and many more.
Wind turbine administration
Our experts create administration instruments for multi- and single-turbine operations with numerous features.
Technical asset administration
KeyUA comes up with technical asset administration software that helps you with inventory and tracking, reporting and more.

Waste administration software keys

KeyUA designs waste administration software keys for you that help you with transportation, tracking, waste classification and more, to optimize your enterprise.
Waste profile administration keys
We create waste profile administration keys with tools for waste description, hazard analysis, and more.
Waste administration mobile apps
Our waste administration mobile applications contain route planning and GPS tracking, work process optimization programs and much more.
Scale administration software solutions
We develop scale administration software that helps with ticketing, load control, waste code tracking, etc.
Recycling software keys
Our experts design excellent recycling software that helps with work process administration and automation, equipment and regulation tracking and more.
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