Best gambling software quality

Here at KeyUA, our experts develop and perform innovative software solutions for the gambling industry. These include sophisticated solutions for mobile gaming systems, brick-and-mortar and online casinos, as well as sports betting.

Casino gaming development systems

KeyUA has casino gaming solutions to bring the gambling industry to a new level. These solutions perform well in a variety of games including poker and all of its variations, bingo – one of the world’s most popular games – and, of course, slots.
Integrating casino gaming solutions
KeyUA has devised credit solution programs that are easily integrated with cash prepayment and advances, credit lines and more.
Random number generation solutions
Player tracking schemes in casinos and our casino gaming systems for random number generators integrate together very effectively.
Outstanding design for casino games
One of the most important features to keep a player engaged is the design. KeyUA has all the needed tools and casino gaming solutions
Brick-and-mortar casinos software
KeyUA provides admins with all the important tools for controlling and managing the gaming process.
Online casino software systems
KeyUA’s experts develop online casino software systems with natural user interface and user experience that provide meaningful and relevant practices to users. We design doorway systems for game admins to have a full control over the gaming process with numerous managing tools.
Online gaming engines
KeyUA’s developed solutions for online casino software systems: random number generator, engines for calculating, gaming logic, data coding, etc.
Online casino security solutions
We develop secure doorways for gamblers and players to retain personal plus payment information.
Back office systems development
KeyUA develops solutions and features for reporting of all kinds.

Sports betting software development

Our software’s developed to improve results and exceed expectations. KeyUA’s main goal is to provide players and gamblers with convenience. That is why our sports betting software development include solutions that are easily implanted and combined with multiple accommodations and platforms.
Online betting
We have online betting systems with payment portals that are personalized.
Sportsbook integration
Our sports betting solutions allow to integrate sports video news with live tickers for betting. Numerous payment types are accepted.
Betting systems development solutions
KeyUA’s online betting systems are developed and programed for multiple platforms. Insta-win events are also implanted.
Totalizator software development
The systems we develop for users are charming and engaging. Animations developed, graphics designed and game skins provided. All these are the parts of KeyUA’s totalizator software development solutions with easy-to-use user interface and catching user experience.
Payment integration systems
Our payment processing solutions are developed to contribute payment floodgate consolidated with gift cards.
Database development solutions
Our totalizator database system includes such characteristics as analytics, dashboards and reporting.
Online totalizator solutions
Our software for internet totalizator is supported by multiple amount of platforms such as mobile, desktop and more.
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