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KeyUA develops human management software systems that cover all aspects of the human management sphere. We have solutions for employee education and training, attendance and onboarding, productivity and payroll administration systems. Our experts develop human management solutions to meet your needs and goals.

Employee training systems

Here at KeyUA, we specialize in creating employee training systems and develop solutions to improve the process itself and provide you with the required results.
Exciting learning solutions
We use graphics to make content look like an exciting game with progress and results tracking, scheduling management and more.
Online training systems
Our human management software systems include learning management solutions such as tools, engines, payment portals, interactive software, and e-learning systems.
Access and training portals
To secure access to the portals, KeyUA has systems to manage electronic identity and sign-up gateway systems. Our process for server updates is automated.
Candidate tracking and enrollment software development
KeyUA has developed systems to automate and improve the candidate tracking and recruitment process.
Candidate tracking software
KeyUA’s candidate tracking system supports non-stop recruitment working processes and candidate rating.
Candidate relationship control
In order to save time, enhance results and enable candidate gearing we have solutions for candidate relationship governance.
Recruitment software systems
We develop our recruitment software systems solutions for calendar units and timetabling the interviews.
Analytics software solutions
KeyUA’s applicant tracking analytics solutions are designed with report and request arguments. We develop and program statistical analysis software.

Employee onboarding solutions

Our software and developments are designed for you to get the best and most qualified candidates.
Candidate testing system
Our candidate testing system has solutions to rank candidates’ work ethic, competence, abilities and more.
Human resources management
KeyUA has web gateways designed for digital hiring worksheets that match your company’s internal rules and processes.
Onboarding integration solutions
Our forthcoming integration solutions entitle multiple services and drug screening processes.
Employee offboarding system
Our experts develop systems that prevent ex-employees from obtaining access to the company’s data.
Time and attendance software development
Time and presence software solutions are developed to improve the management process and increase the results.
Time clock software systems
Time and presence software is combined with biometric hardware and radio frequency ID.
Employee appearance software
Calendar and time modules are developed at KeyUA to track employee presence.
GPS time clock
KeyUA has solutions to track and record remote employee clocking.
Web-based time clock programming
To clarify and track working hours KeyUA designs web-based time clock software.

Performance management software development

KeyUA has solutions to level-up the results and workflow quality with the help of target tracking software systems, performance analytics and more.
Overall feedback software
Our overall software systems are designed with built-in characteristics: template forms, and achievement and score grades.
Employee recognition software
KeyUA develops employee recognition software solutions to make it possible for teams to grade and scale results, robotize programs, and establish digital data storages.
Objective tracking software
We develop objective tracking software to make it possible to establish accurate goals with employee and branch growth being tracked.
Performance management analytics
Our performance management analytics system is designed to increase employees KPI’s.
Payroll and ACA obedience software systems
We develop our software systems with built-in units and applications.
Payroll software integration
KeyUA develops payroll software systems that are easily implanted and meet all the needed rules and certifications.
Payroll tax software systems
We develop fully automatized applications for payroll tax administration.
ACA reporting
Our solutions to track time and employee attendance are naturally integrated and include outstanding performance and results.
Benefits enrolment software
Our recruitment modules are developed and designed to support employee registration with the help of a web-based interface.

Human resources information and management systems

KeyUA’s software allows companies to automate the working process and data examination.
Identity access management
Our solutions for access management systems are easily integrated into businesses and contain numerous functions and activity trackers.
Web-based integration solutions
Electronic transfers of unemployment insurance requests are supported by our web-based human resources management system.
Device provisioning solutions
To increase your company’s security level we develop systems to track and monitor applications, data, and networks.
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