Markets we build for

We build software solutions that blend technology and finance, sales, advertising, legal, marketing and gambling sectors. Check out the types of systems we develop for these sectors.
Simplify financial operations, automate processes, build solutions on top of big data, enable blockchain and deliver better customer experience.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Lending & Financing
Financial management
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Build custom software to sell smarter. Enhance sales pipeline, take control over your sales operations and leverage analytics to maximize revenue.
Mobile & Field Sales
Contract & E-signature
Multichannel sales
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Customize existing software or build new adtech solution to disrupt the market. Help advertisers and publishers to get maximum of their inventory and budgets.
Ad exchanges
Ad servers
Performance & Analytics
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Digitalize paperwork, connect clients and lawyers, optimize accounting, billing, legal research and practice management. Build software to assist customers better.
Legal education
Practice management
Document automation
Dispute resolution
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Plan and execute campaigns at large scale, reach customers faster, educate workforce, empower sales and marketing team. Enable modern technology in marketing.
Email marketing
SEO tools
Content management
Social publishing
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Best licensed gambling software integration, effective marketing strategies, project supervising right from scratch up to release of the project
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We also handle the next projects

If your type of project doesn't fit into the market-based classification, you can check out the following types of projects we have the expertise in.
Get a successful multi-vendor e-Commerce website
Delivery services
Get a delivery service of your dream right on time
Custom SMB Software
The best solutions for any specific needs of small business representatives
POC Projects
Lead any project towards success with POC solutions with highest efficiency for lowest price
Social Networks
Development of a social network web application based on client's requirements and values
Code refactoring
Non-functional properties improvements that make the product more efficient
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