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KeyUA creates numerous helpful solutions for the retail industry, with multiple features for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores, car dealerships, and convenience stores. All of our software keys are outfitted with an outstanding UI and UX thanks to our intuitive design solutions.

Convenience store and grocery software solutions

We make useful keys for running a grocery store that smoothen out the business process (and maximize revenue) through optimization and automation.
Supermarket billing software
Our experts create software for supermarkets that helps with payment administration of all sorts.
Convenience store inventory
We devise reliable software for convenience store inventory, including tools that help with fleet tracking, fleet administration, warehouse administration, etc.
Convenience store back office software
KeyUA develops software for the back office of convenience stores, with tools for pricing, accounting, administration and more.
Supermarket inventory administration
We design software for supermarket inventory that easily cooperates with supermarket inventory administration devices.
Brick-and-mortar software development
Our software is designed to optimize all the processes in brick-and-mortar stores, such as inventory, accounting administration, etc.
Point-of-sale software keys
We design our POS brick-and-mortar software to give stores the ability to work with multiple types of payment.
Logistics administration software
KeyUA creates unique logistics software that allows for the integration of third-party API’s.
Inventory administration software
You can track and administer your inventory – from the warehouse to the shelf – with our inventory administration software.
ERP and MRP software keys
Our experts devise enterprise resource planning and material requirements planning software to optimize and improve the working process.

Magento software development

We develop mobile applications, product index solutions and other software to bring your e-commerce business to the next level.
Point-of-sale software
Our point-of-sale software shows excellent performance on both mobile and desktop devices.
Shopping cart software
KeyUA’s product performance and category administration tools are supported by multiple platform systems.
Mobile applications keys
Our experts create outstanding mobile applications for Android and iOS systems, with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.
E-Commerce software keys
Our solutions provide you with tools you can count on to help with payment processes, integration, and much more.
Web design software
We have an outstanding web design and unique themes, which lead to an excellent UI and UX.
Content management system
KeyUA creates CMS keys that allow you to get working with your digital data on prices, weights, etc.
Payment software keys
We design payment software that performs great with numerous payment types.

Dealership administration solutions

We have tools for inventory and car showroom administration, features for scheduling and automation, and more.
Dealer content management
KeyUA designs dealer content management system keys that automate and optimize the marketing process.
Auto loan origination keys
Our auto loan origination keys comply with all regulations and standards.
Showroom administration
We devise car showroom administration software with tools for customer tracking and counting.
Inventory administration keys
KeyUA designs reliable inventory administration keys with features for new and used car administration, VIN decoding and more.
Shopping cart software keys
Here at KeyUA we use Magento 2.0 to develop shopping cart software that contains a plethora of handy features.
Shopping cart software
We create shopping cart software with branded category administration keys for numerous store platforms.
Open source shopping
Our experts devise open source shopping keys that can be integrated into websites.
Shopping cart desolation
Our shopping cart desolation keys allow you to engage with analytics, traffic tracking, and conversion rate administration.

Mobile commerce software

We supply you with reliable tools for payment administration and outstanding intuitive design to improve the user interface and experience. We are WWC3 compliant.
Product information administration solutions
We craft our product information administration solutions to excel with digital data and work administration, outfitting you with a great number of necessary tools and important features.
Product information administration
Our software allows for the administration and integration of product info from a myriad of sources.
Digital asset administration
We devise our digital asset administration keys to help you administer, store and classify content.
Work process administration
Our work process administration solutions are designed to automate and optimize the entire process of product information administration.
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