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Key facts about us
KeyUA is a full-service web development company with a Pythonic approach. We are always looking at and implementing solutions that will not only meet the client's needs but resolve the core problem
10 years of experience
10 years of productive work in Python programming has led to priceless experience in providing world-class software, web, and desktop development services that bring a significant impact on the efficiency of the client's business.
Scalability and Support
The client's software development objectives are heading the top list of our priorities. Our goal is to find the area where the end product will get the highest value, will be scalable and help the client can return his investment in the quickest way possible.
Leading experts
KeyUA is a team of developers with innovative vision and dozens of projects under its belt. You can hire Python developer for any type of project in accordance with your own objectives. Our team consists of full-stack web developers and designers with more than 8 years of experience.
Software development
We perform web, mobile and desktop development for any project type by using Python, Django, Flask, JS, Angular, and so on. With us, you can see your idea transforms into the code, then in the real product. We providing custom development solutions in order to optimize operations, and accelerate workflows.
Real-time apps
Our Python/Django development team proposes suitable overlap hours in order to get the real-time collaboration and bring a neat communication. Our project managers are able to work with clients around the business hours so we can communicate without transmission delays, did it instantly with the lowest latency.
Machine learning
Python is famous for its technologies and tools that found their use in machine learning. We use the ultimate technologies for machine learning for different purposes, such as TensorFlow, Keras, and Apache. Our team consists of experienced python development experts in machine learning design, and deploy.
Our quality standards
We strictly follow industry best practices of building reliable, efficient, secure and maintainable software.
We can save your money, time, and help avoid headaches by providing Python programming solutions, by satisfying the need for web and mobile development, web design, analytics, planning, and marketing. Our team integrates valuable project-management capabilities in order to bring fast access to variable technologies and tools.
Our goal is to make efficient software that fits given specifications and\or functional requirements and complies to the given design. Due to the qualitative software structure, we're offering better response behavior in order to achieve client's satisfaction, application scalability, and workforce productivity. We make each application component suitable for provided architecture.
Our software protects data and information given to another system, product or user. We constantly working on potential weaknesses and security breaches in order to avoid possible poor architecture and coding. The client can be sure that provided software is protected from stack overflow, buffer overflow, SQL injections, command injections and so on.
Provided software comes with high modularity, changeability, testability, reusability, and understandability. Thus, the software can be changed in accordance with the current conditions on the market, and it can be changed rapidly. The final product comes with a well-documented and clean code, since we use Test-driven Development (TDD).

How you can profit with us

A fast moving world means fast moving business needs. And this is where we excel for our clients. With KeyUA, you can build projects or hire top IT experts on demand and realize up to 50% savings.
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