DevOps Service

Since 2010, KeyUA has been providing effective application delivery and maintenance services with advanced DevOps technologies. We provide our customers with high-quality code, flexibility and scalability of the system, profitable road maps, and much more. It’s easy to realize your ideas with KeyUA.

What is Included in DevOps Service

Increasing the availability of development and reducing the cost of maintaining effective work of the environment are the main features of DevOps. As a reliable provider of software development services, we present all the benefits that a solid DevOps company should.
  • Cloud-Based Software Development
  • Security DevOps
  • Quality Assurance Automation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation and Optimization
  • Docker Container Services
  • Monitoring & Back-up
  • DevOps Assessment

Cloud-Based Software Development

The quick release of the product onto the market to take advantage of its new features allows you to keep a significant advantage over the competition. Cloud technology helps to quickly and effectively build a reliable application for any industry. Our company has highly qualified specialists who implement sound software solutions.

  • IT infrastructure reliability
  • AWS Server, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, etc. set up
  • Solid cloud migration

Security DevOps

The protection of data and the entire platform is always relevant. Our team performs safe development and integration of applications based on DevOps Services. We introduce quality and proven technologies to ensure a high degree of system security.

  • Security check and vulnerability testing
  • Secure architecture and engineering
  • System self-diagnosis

Quality Assurance Automation

Testing is an integral process of any development to have the ability to ensure high-quality applications. With the help of DevOps tools (DevQAOps), KeyUA experts produce top-notch automatic testing, which significantly minimizes risks and development costs.

  • Run version testing in a couple of clicks
  • Full system check
  • Regular automatic testing

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Most complex systems require constant development and integration solutions to ensure smooth operation. At KeyUA, we use continuous integration and deployment tools to build the most efficient products.

  • Jenkins/Hudson, GitLab, Buddy, TeamCity, TravisCI, CircleCI platforms, etc
  • Delivery time reduction
  • Increase system viability

IT Infrastructure Implementation and Optimization

Each company has its own IT infrastructure based on the goals and needs of the business. Various DevOps tools allow you to quickly change and improve the entire structure. A modern and reliable infrastructure is the goal that every company should pursue in order to ensure effective business development.

  • Fast optimization
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Usage of innovative technologies

Docker Container Services

Every business needs its application to work reliably, predictably, quickly, and efficiently. Now it is simple to achieve this with the help of docker containers, which create a secure architecture and an economical use of resources. We have more than 10 years of experience in docker container management, providing the smooth operation of services.

  • Transparent management
  • Cost minimization
  • Efficient Cloud Infrastructure

Monitoring & Back-up

Improve the quality of customer service through competent approaches to system support. Backing up is one of the most important activities that allows you to save important data. Our team provides high-quality services for maintaining and backing systems so that your product always runs smoothly.

  • Forecasting possible changes
  • Downtime minimization
  • Full system monitoring

DevOps Assessment

If your company already uses DevOps practices and you want to evaluate their effectiveness, our team would be happy to provide you with comprehensive consultations. We will carefully study your processes and requirements in order to draw up a detailed report and give recommendations for improving the state of the system.

  • Business analytics
  • Research of internal processes and logic
  • Full compliance with business goals

DevOps Solutions

Simply and reliably increase the efficiency of your business through quality DevOps solutions. We will provide you with unique services to help your company grow.
Release Management
KeyUA easily ensures the number of successful releases thanks to effective release management methods and tools. Take care of the quality of your system with a reliable IT service provider.
Operational Management
Design and manage your cloud systems with ease. Our company combines design and software engineers who qualitatively satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.
Infrastructure Management
Managing the interaction between cloud and local systems, integration with third-party resources, networks, storage, and much more can significantly expand the functions of your product. We are happy to fulfill any of your wishes in the creation or maintenance of web systems.
Application Containerization
Due to the development and deployment of block-container applications, it's possible to simplify and speed up the process of software building. Our specialists will carefully study all your requirements in order to prepare the most effective solution.

Why KeyUA is the Best in Supporting Your Business

By implementing and automating cloud environments, KeyUA takes care of providing quick and easy application delivery. We help startups and large corporations achieve higher efficiency and faster market entry through top-notch DevOps services.

Fast time to market

Human error reduction

Cost-effective approach

24/7 DevOps Support

Great rates

Risk management

Full transparency

Secure data management

DevOps consulting services

Perfect communication

Total agility

Log management & monitoring


years of practice in DevOps as a service


experienced team members


successfully served projects


data security

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Project Steps

Below you can find the steps that we take for continuous software delivery and the shortening of the life cycle of system development.

Getting Requirements

Before proceeding with the construction of an app, we collect the requirements for the product, discuss the conditions with the customer, and sign a contract for the provision of services.



The next step is the transformation of an idea into source code. We create product logic, test it, and demonstrate it to the customer to make sure that the requirements are implemented correctly.


Code Cloning

We deploy the local test & development environment, pulling the source code from the repository.


Code Changing

In case of any requests for change, including application upgrades or bug fixes, we first do all the work in the local environment.


Pull Request

After the changes are made, the developer creates a request so that a group of experts checks changes and approves them. If the code does not pass the test, the developer must improve it in accordance with the comments of the experts, after which the code goes to the stage of continuous integration.


Continuous Integration

This stage involves the automation of a large number of processes, including testing, which minimizes the human factor and increases the efficiency of the system. Also, at this step, you can perform lots of tasks or versions of the project modification in parallel.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

We always focus on the wishes of our customers to provide them with great services and solid results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be interested in reading the information below in order to learn more about the services that our company provides.
How do you collaborate with clients?

We provide superior customer service by clearly meeting requirements and providing enhanced communications. The entire development process that we conduct is completely transparent; we inform the client in a timely manner of all changes, if any.

What if I already have a DevOps team?

KeyUA has over 10 years of practice in providing DevOps services. We also use our knowledge and experience to provide consulting. If you need to improve your DevOps processes, we will gladly study your system and implementation logic in order to provide reliable solutions. KeyUA successfully collaborates with your internal development team to produce solid solutions for your business.

What project management methodologies do you use?

At KeyUA we are Agile fans. Deep and trusting cooperation with the customer and demonstration of a transparent service process are especially important for us.

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