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KeyUA has created software systems for sports. Our solutions are easy to use and provide the sports industry with new abilities and opportunities. We design ready-made solutions for fitness club management and the golf industry, for athletes and trainers with specific characteristics to manage and control health and activity, deal with injuries and guide nutrition, improve the training process and the whole industry of sports itself.

Fitness club management software systems

KeyUA develops and provides clients with unique fitness club management software systems to organize and run the fitness business with higher productivity.
Fitness club management
Our experts work out solutions to organize the work process and increase results in a fitness club. We have programmed systems for scheduling, payments, registration and more.
ID card system development
KeyUA has developed systems to work with smart ID cards. Our systems interoperate with registration software and provide fitness clubs with reporting, control and analytic systems.
Fitness equipment software
We develop solutions to program software for sports equipment. KeyUA creates a variety of important applications and related software.
Fitness club mobile applications
KeyUA develops interactive apps to attract customers: planners, trackers, online coaching, SM integrations and more.
Sports analytics and athlete performance software development
We develop sports analytics software to improve the training process by providing you with strategies on training and recovery, athlete injuries and more. With our software, you’ll have all the important solutions and management systems working for you.
Sports analytics
KeyUA has systems ready to use real information and make forecasts based on analysis applications and software.
Motion analysis
Our experts develop software to program sensors with all the needed and important characteristics to analyse data.
Sports performance applications
Our unique sports performance applications are combined with data on training, injuries and athlete statistics.
Sports performance video analysis
Our software systems for sports analysis are a great combination of multiple tools, controls, and other features to improve sports performance.

Golf software systems

KeyUA experts develop and integrate golf software systems with an easy-to-use interface to bring the golf industry to a new supreme level.
Golf club membership management
We implement our golf club membership management solutions by integrating our software systems with member's data.
Golf mobile applications systems
KeyUA experts design mobile apps to monitor and manage statistics, track payments and manage loyalty programs.
Golf club event management
KeyUA has created software systems to manage numerous golf events (private play, tournaments, etc.) with leaderboard platforms
Motion analysis and rating software
We design applications, comprehensive tools and features for such objectives as training, playing and recreation goals.
Sports kinesiology software solution
We create software systems and applications for sports kinesiology to assist health and therapy programs and institutions in reaching their goals and improving men’s health.
Kinesiology motion capture applications
KeyUA has developed motion capture applications to work with the digital information and characteristics for analytics, angles and time manipulation and interactive controls.
Kinesiology motion tracking
Our experts develop motion tracking software systems to track and monitor physical affinities.
3D modeling software
Our 3D modeling software solutions are designed to provide you with a wide picture to analyse information on the physical condition of the human body.

Sports training software systems

KeyUA designs training software systems for coaching (online or personal), self-coaching and training. We work with collected data from numerous sources on condition and analysis information.
Sports planning software solutions
Our sports planning software solutions are designed to be implanted in athlete statistics data, coaching software, training suggestions and more to perform the best results.
Health management software
KeyUA has developed health management software systems that are presented with such features as individual goals planning and achievements tracking, etc.
Training applications development
KeyUA experts develop intuitive training applications that provide individuals with training and recovery suggestions, tools for fitness evaluation and more.
Nutrition management software
We gather data on athlete's lifestyle, goals and integrate it with our application software systems to provide him/her with the best nutrition solutions and other related tools.
Sports health software solutions
KeyUA develops sports health software solutions to minimize injuries and their effects, improve the training process and bring the quality of sports training to a new safety.
Injury tracking software systems
We come up with injury tracking applications that specialize in human body analysis, diagnostics and treatment suggestions.
Nutrition management software
KeyUA experts design nutrition software to manage and rationalize diet and nutrition schedules based on individual nutrition needs and goals
Patient applications software
Our experts and nutritionists design unique applications that allow individuals to track their health condition and adjust their nutrition according to injuries exercise suggestions.
Sports medicine analytics software
KeyUA has all the needed data (reports, grades, etc.) customized and available on numerous devices and platforms.
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