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Get maximum value with minimum development. Make a powerful launch of your core product features with MVP.

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Our main goal is not only custom software development, but also custom digital marketing strategies. We can grow any business project, depending on the needs and goals of each customer. Learn step by step how to make an online business through the main marketing channels with KeyUA.

Why Building MVP With KeyUA

Having a proven track record of successfully launched products, we offer effective, out-of-the-box practices for building customer-oriented MVPs.
Profound Research

We start MVP product development with an in-depth analysis of your requirements, business goals, and the environment for the future product. To produce an effective, competitive solution, we research your target market niche, potential customers, and competitors. Based on these findings, we pick the suitable tech stack to satisfy all project requirements and set the proper basis for future scalability.

Agile Development Process

To deliver a superior quality MVP, we pay much attention to establishing lean and time-efficient development processes. KeyUA follows an agile methodology that implies iterative feature building, MVP development transparency, and clarity for clients at every stage of the project. Coordinating the team effectively, we make your project move smoothly to the desired results.

On-Time Delivery

The faster your MVP gets to the market, the sooner your business idea starts to pay back. Our MVP development agency has enough resources to deliver the solution of any complexity right on time. After defining the required project scope, we assign a team of highly qualified specialists to start working immediately and ensure deliverables according to your business goals.

Would you like to turn your software startup idea into a robust, profit‑generating product?
Start your MVP development with KeyUA.
Our Minimum Viable Product Development Services
Our team provides the full cycle of MVP development services to bring any software idea to life. We assist our clients at every stage, from the idea elaboration to launching a thoroughly tested MVP to the market and post-release support
Marketing Analysis
The idea itself is worthless until you find a suitable niche for its adoption on the market. KeyUA marketing specialists conduct detailed research to define the competitors, target audience, and top demanded features for your future MVP.
Project Features Prioritization
To make the MVP development service time- and cost-efficient, we assist our clients to set reasonable priorities regarding the future MVP features. We find the right balance between customers’ demands and your product vision and choose the appropriate tech stack for its implementation.
Product Development Strategy
We fully align MVP design with your business goals, choosing the right strategy for its implementation. A client is involved in the process to the desired level, ensuring comfortable and effective collaboration.
Customer-focused UI/UX Design
We create interfaces that lead users right to the desired results. The process of UI/UX design involves an in-depth analysis of user behavior to match their expectations and needs regarding the future product.
Web/Mobile Software Development
Whether you’d like to start with a web service or a mobile app or create both at once, KeyUA possesses an unlimited tech stack and expertise to offer a robust MVP solution.
Marketing Strategy for a Successful Release
Our team is ready to conduct a powerful marketing campaign to support the MVP launch for getting the highest possible results from the market. Attract maximum customers and investment sources to your MVP.
Post-launch Support
Our MVP development company helps entrepreneurs analyze the customer feedback after the MVP release and define the correct course for further product enhancements.

The Process of MVP Development


Elaborating the idea

At this stage, our team analyses your project idea and goals, studies requirements, finalizes the project scope, and assigns the team for its implementation. Additionally, we conduct market research if you need to have a better vision of your target audience and competitors.


UI/UX prototyping

Taking user satisfaction as the top priority, our UI/UX designers map out every screen of the future MVP. We deliver a clickable prototype with all UI elements and interactions in the right place.


Visual Design

Once we’ve agreed on the UI/UX prototype with the client, graphic designers prepare a few visual design versions for you to choose from. After a client approves the final design version, we make it ready for implementation.



This phase involves back-end, front-end development, and testing that are usually handled in parallel. A project manager usually coordinates the development process to ensure delivery on time and proper communication between the team and the client.



After we finish the development, we perform final testing to ensure the minimum viable product software is bug-free and ready for public release. We assist our clients with hosting the MVP and launching it to virtual marketplaces and other platforms to let customers start using your product.



The MVP development service with KeyUA continues after the release. During the support phase, we help process customers’ feedback, make additional advancements, and solve any technical issues to provide stable and sustainable product performance.

Our Minimum Viable Product Development Services
Our team provides the full cycle of MVP development services to bring any software idea to life. We assist our clients at every stage, from the idea elaboration to launching a thoroughly tested MVP to the market and post-release support
We specialize in developing MVPs for our clients to turn vague ideas into innovative, usable, profit-generating software products. Let’s create more robust solutions together!

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