Real Estate Software Development

We are a team of expert developers who execute sound solutions for real estate business operations. Each website that we deliver fully meets the needs of a particular client. Our goal is an efficient and timely development that meets the highest quality standards.

Custom Real Estate Software Solutions

KeyUA offers a comprehensive design of reliable platforms for the real estate industry. Our experts productively execute projects that are suitable for RE agents, realtors, managers, clients, and partners. It’s easy to increase your market with the services we provide.

Benefits Of Real Estate Apps & Website Development Services

Real estate is a good way to earn money without much investment. You can create your own online agency to help property owners lease their property, gaining a good percentage of new clients just by working on your laptop from anywhere. Here are some more powerful arguments in favor of developing online RE platforms:

Every day you can find many clients from the comfort of your home

No need to waste time meeting customers

Ability to do business worldwide

You can save on office rent

No need to hire lots of employees

Operating costs are significantly lower

No need to buy office equipment

System works 24/7

Business automation

Ability to easily manage multiple agencies at once

Why KeyUA

Our team cares about top-notch implementation, quality, and project security. All our websites are fully secured and SSL protected. We also introduce a convenient user interface with the ability for the client to customize the site on their own. More of the benefits of working with us:

Result-driven team

Full communication and task execution transparency

Usage of an innovative approach and modern technology

Development within estimated time frames

Granting 24/7 access to the project

Attentive code testing

Agile software development methodology

Complete customer satisfaction

Design of beautiful web page templates

100% data security


years of real estate software development experience


delivered projects


customer satisfaction


seasoned pro developers

Partnership with KeyUA is an easy and affordable way to start a business or to expand a company you already have.
Our Real Estate Development Examples

We implement programming solutions for quick access and property management worldwide. Investigate more of KeyUA's projects to be sure of quality and reliability.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We are always focused on long-term cooperation. That is why we provide excellent service and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions that our customers are most interested in.
What is the price of developing a project?

The price depends on various factors including the volume of tasks and the number of team members involved. The valuation of each project is individual. We discuss in detail all the nuances before the start. Our experts carefully study the full range of tasks in order to give customers a realistic budget estimate. So in the process, you will not encounter extra payments.

How long does it take to build a project?

Like the price, time varies depending on the complexity of the tasks and the volume of the team. But on average, the basic implementation of a project that can be life launched takes 1-3 months. After just a couple of months, you could already be earning money from your online business.

Can I access the project during development?

Yes. The process is completely transparent. We break it down into iterations, which allows us to demonstrate ready-made tasks at short intervals. You will always have access to a server on which you can test and evaluate all the work done.

What details do you need to estimate the project?

The more information you give us, the more accurate the forecast will be. Data that you provide us to evaluate the project will be included in the calculation of price and time. Any changes that you want to make after the work begins can reduce or increase the cost and time of the project delivery. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Thus, we offer the most optimal solutions.

What about the project's communication?

We will update you on the development of the project daily or weekly, whichever is more preferable. Our team is always in touch, ready to provide any information. You will have the opportunity to chat or make calls with any member of the project team online.