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Looking to hire trusted DevOps engineers? Our company has 10+ years of practice in performing qualitative software delivery and support for businesses of various sizes. Our team is entirely made up of experienced and dedicated specialists who use the best web technologies to provide excellent solutions. Make your firm more profitable with the professional KeyUA team.

We Offer the Next DevOps Expertise

Since 2010 we have been providing reliable full-cycle software development services from rapid app-building to successful release and subsequent product support. Our business-oriented approach is aimed at delivering robust products that open new opportunities for a company's growth. KeyUA's developers have flexible skills and deep knowledge of powerful IT technologies that enable them to create effective scalable products and complex custom systems for a wide range of needs. More of our DevOps solutions:

Dedicated DevOps Developers
Make sure that your app operates successfully for a long time. We offer dedicated developers who are real experts in product architecture creation, security risk assessment, automation tools, quality software development, and powerful post-release support.
DevOps On The Cloud
Our team will easily transfer your data to the cloud. Applications running in the cloud take up less space and are more productive. Use these extensive practices for more flexible product deployment.
Continuous Integration and DevOps Configuration Management
At KeyUA, we have extensive capabilities to deliver services with continuous integration and deployment. Our DevOps is characterized by rigorous testing, safe release, and 100% support and subsequent upgrade.
Infrastructure Management
Our experts will make sure that your infrastructure functions in the best possible way. We carry out competent resource supervision using tools such as Azure Resource Manager, AWS, and Google Cloud Deployment Manager to automate most business processes.
DevOps Automation
Ensure high-quality releases by automating development processes. At KeyUA, we automate deployment cycles to reduce the risk of errors and failures when launching new functionality, which can significantly improve implementation productivity.
DevOps Consulting
Need powerful advice? Our outsourcing consultants carefully investigate your issue and present a competent solution. We possess significant knowledge and practice in the field of DevOps that we are happy to share with our clients to help them make high-quality product implementation.
Testing and Monitoring
At KeyUA, we have extensive experience in the timely detection of security weaknesses and their quick fixes. We provide solid log monitoring, clusters configurations, and robust security services.
Enterprise DevOps Solutions
DevOps is a powerful tool for creating custom applications serving the needs of large corporations. The KeyUA team creates reliable, secure, and scalable projects to meet the needs of large businesses.
Dedicated DevOps Developers
We provide the best DevOps developers who create high-quality applications of any complexity. Our specialists’ priority is the fast and high-quality delivery of a product that fully meets business requirements.
Time is money, so don’t waste it. Let us build your project right now.

Benefits of DevOps For Your Business

DevOps is when the release time of new products is reduced from several months to minutes. This is a reliable and effective approach for large-scale and long-term projects that require constant support and updates. Due to DevOps, it's possible to significantly increase the protection of the system, reduce the time needed to detect bottlenecks, and quickly eliminate them. Here’s what else you can get by hiring DevOps developers:

Fast digital transformation

Early detection of defects

Quick time-to-market

A fast and effective development cycle

Top-notch testing

Continuous integration

Automate releases

Increase business productivity

Reduce software designing cost

Standardize app-building processes

Increase the rate of successful releases

Improve overall system condition

Why Should You Hire DevOps Engineers From KeyUA

Our company possesses top-level DevOps experts who have significant experience working on complex and multifunctional projects. We offer various models of cooperation, such as fixed contract and full-time or part-time partnering. You can choose whatever suits you best. At KeyUA, our goal is to help businesses gain more success and a higher ROI. More benefits of hiring us:

10+ years of experience in DevOps field

Use of Jenkins, Hudson, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Travis CI

Advanced communications

Deep monitoring

Effective project management

Agile planning

Software-as-a-Service DevOps

Code review

Solid machine learning solutions

24/7 support

Dynamic team scaling

30+ DevOps projects

Our Industry Expertise In DevOps
DevOps is perfectly used in projects of varying complexity, and automation of development processes makes it convenient and cost-effective. Our team has extensive experience in creating software for a wide range of industries. When you hire a DevOps engineer from KeyUA, you get a qualified specialist with deep knowledge of industry standards and nuances. We strictly match the requirements of the project and study market trends to provide the software with a high competitive advantage.
Food & Beverage
Find more clients with user-friendly custom software. Our experts create and maintain scalable web applications for easy food delivery, online grocery sales, chef services booking, catering solutions, and more. We also build reliable software for personnel, documentation, and financial activities management.
At KeyUA, we design various legal sites, web portals, and systems that automate the processes of filling out forms, maintaining reporting, creating analytics, as well as set up advanced databases. We support our products to always ensure high performance and quality functionality.
We will provide you with full control over the game. Our abilities cover the creation of various legal casinos, online gambling, and sports betting systems. We maintain our systems, constantly monitor their environment, and make timely changes to guarantee 24/7 access to games.
Our team delivers custom solutions for project management, electronic records, scheduling apps, asset/equipment management, accounting, BIM software services, etc. Our experts are fully focused on the client's business goals, maintaining and updating their software to help companies achieve their goals more conveniently.
The KeyUA team develops solid solutions that automate the lending process. Our designs cover a variety of operations, from electronic signatures to complex analytics. We responsibly support & maintain our products and ensure 100% information security.
Financial & Banking
Quite often, DevOps is used to create various banking software. KeyUA professionals effectively deliver solutions for trading platforms, financial organizations, credit unions, financial and economic modeling systems, forecasting, fintech integration, protection against fraud, etc.
Get solid software development & support at an affordable price.

See More of Our DevOps Examples

Our experience covers the design and post-release maintenance of more than 30 projects that have successfully entered the market. KeyUA's full-stack developers apply robust technologies to execute awesome apps.

Frequently Asked Questions About hiring DevOps engineers

Let us help you with top-notch product building & maintenance
Why should you hire DevOps specialists?

If you need a highly customized product that you want to further modify and improve, DevOps is the best solution. This will allow you to reduce time to market and increase ROI of the development of reliable and scalable web applications.

How does DevOps work?

DevOps is when development and operation stages are made by one team. This significantly reduces the time and money spent on project implementation. Process automation allows engineers to quickly deliver new functionality without hazarding the safety and performance of the system.

What is the cost of DevOps experts?

It largely depends on the complexity and specifics of the project and the developer's experience. If you need a more detailed estimate, please contact our experts for details. We will provide you with a free consultation regarding your project and advise you on the most profitable cooperation model.

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