About Us

Founded in 2008, the KeyUA has evolved and grown both internally and externally. Our team has progressed from assisting startups to helping large corporate enterprises, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all makes and sizes. Today, KeyUA offers the most qualified software development and digital marketing services available.

You have an idea, and we hold an advanced technology stack for its realization.

How you can profit with us

A fast moving world means fast moving business needs. And this is where we excel for our clients. With KeyUA, you can build projects or hire top IT experts on demand and realize up to 50% savings.

About Our Team

Valentyna Severina
Product Manager
Valentyna will guide you through the development process of your product. She helps our clients deal with all the difficulties that may occur along the way. No matter how complex or unique the project, she’ll have the answer!
Yana Trihub
Sales Director
Yana helps clients to develop their startups and provides support to already profitable businesses. If you want to know how to increase your sales, how to improve your business, or how to start a new one, just ask Yana, she’ll consult you.
Sergey Yefremenko
SEO Expert
Serhii is here to make the Search Engine Optimization better! He has an eye for creating content and is focused on marketing, ranking, links, and performance management of the project. Our lead SEO expert will be happy to help you!
Olga Voronkova
Marketing Expert
Olga examines and executes the most topical marketing channels to generate leads and increase traffic for the product. She knows how to involve users with unusual, profitable, and useful marketing campaigns.
Krystyna Miller
Frontend Developer
Krystyna is the frontend craft-master. She has participated in numerous projects, moving them to the market with great efficiency. Moreover, she is fluent in English and Spanish, so she is a perfect communicator.
Andrey Onopriyenko
Delivery Center Director
Andrey carries out all the management aspects that help execute the high-quality product. He sets the rules, the development process and distribute the tasks among the team. With his director skills our experts are confident in the end result of a project!
Alexey Ilchmann
DevOPS Engineer
Alexey makes DevOPS support a simple routine, increasing the frequency of launches and releasing modifications of the application. 12 years of experience in the support department. No bug shall pass!
Denis Kotenko
Android/iOS Developer
Denis is our mobile application guru. His modern development formula is entirely based on the clients’ needs. Denis makes mobile platforms for any industry possible. Your new app for Android and iOS is ready to be made!
Dmytro Kaminskiy
Backend Developer
Dmytro knows how to build the best software for any product type. He knows his stack! Over the past decade, dozens of universal websites and applications have been programmed under his senior leadership.
Key facts about us
KeyUA is a full-service development company with innovative strategies. We are always looking to implement solutions that will not only meet the client's needs but also resolve any core problems.
12 years of Experience
During the past 12 years, we have developed a reputation for productive work with excellent results which has led to a loyal base of regular customers
Digital Marketing
Our experts can also help your business grow through all main marketing channels
Leading Experts
KeyUA is a team of developers with a strong vision and dozens of projects under its belt
We perform custom web/mobile development, API development, DevOPS Support, Quality Assurance & Control, and UI/UX Design
Cloud based Solutions
The company provides the ultimate technologies in storing data for different purposes in our development process
High Load
Our team uses such technologies as Apache and MySQL in order to achieve better handling

Driven by Agile

In KeyUA we prioritize close and daily cooperation with the client and our developers – one of the key principles of Agile. Our organization supports Agile software development values and strictly follows them.
and interactions
Over processes and tools
Over complex documentation
Over contract negotiation
to change
Over following a plan
Our quality standards
We strictly follow industry best practices of building reliable, efficient, secure and maintainable software.
We can save your money, time, and help avoid headaches by providing Python programming solutions, by satisfying the need for web and mobile development, web design, analytics, planning, and marketing. Our team integrates valuable project-management capabilities in order to bring fast access to variable technologies and tools.
Our goal is to make efficient software that fits given specifications and\or functional requirements and complies to the given design. Due to the qualitative software structure, we're offering better response behavior in order to achieve client's satisfaction, application scalability, and workforce productivity. We make each application component suitable for provided architecture.
Our software protects data and information given to another system, product or user. We constantly working on potential weaknesses and security breaches in order to avoid possible poor architecture and coding. The client can be sure that provided software is protected from stack overflow, buffer overflow, SQL injections, command injections and so on.
Provided software comes with high modularity, changeability, testability, reusability, and understandability. Thus, the software can be changed in accordance with the current conditions on the market, and it can be changed rapidly. The final product comes with a well-documented and clean code, since we use Test-driven Development (TDD).

Technology excellence

With more than 12 years of experience and rich development and research capability, our company using advanced technologies in order to meet the client's requirements as well as represent our vision for the client's future market needs. Due to the fact that the market is a constantly growing part of society, we understand the significance of investment in technology in order to get and use the new opportunities and innovations.

Cost effective

Our team uses open-source software solutions, and tools that we know inside out. Combined with the Agile approach we can beef up the development workflow and reduce total cost.


We establish milestones and phases for each project, building mobile application and website simultaneously. Such an approach turns into a clear timeline plan with a strict schedule. The mentioned phases include discovery and planning, design, programming, development, testing, review and release timelines.


Work in accordance with highest standards of web development, innovative and creative design, fast and cost-effective projects, easy to surf and user-friendly web services. All these options are available for the client due to the more than 12 years of experience.

Complex solutions

When complex requirements and budget are obstructing the client, he can rely on our experience. Our developers can handle complex situations without delay and build complex systems in accordance with clients desires.