Key facts about us

KeyUA is a full-service web development company with a Pythonic approach. We are always looking at and implementing solutions that will not only meet the client's needs but resolve the core problem
10 years of experience mark
10 years of productive work has led to priceless experience
Our development center is based in Ukraine with offices in Dnipro and Kyiv
Leading Experts
KeyUA is a team of developers with innovative vision and dozens of projects under its belt
Development Trinity
We perform web, mobile and desktop development for any project type
Machine learning
We use the ultimate technology for machine learning for different purposes
High load
Our team uses such technologies like Apache and MySQL in order to achieve better handling
We use and extend CISQ’s quality model
We strictly follow industry best practices of building reliable, efficient, secure and maintainable software.
Software and/or code refactoring, replication, and software clustering
Short development time and solutions aimed at client's satisfaction,
We perform web application modification and extension
All the confidential data that is stored is secured from unauthorized access

Core technologies we work with

Business success isn't defined by a single technology. Working systems rely on the right mix of programming languages, services and technologies. See our tech stack below.

How you can benefit from KeyUA

Hiring local teams is time and cost consuming. With KeyUA you can build projects or hire top IT specialists on demand and gain up to 50% cost savings.
Top IT specialists on demand

We can resolve any type of task in the fast and efficient way

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Up to 50% cost saving

With modern technologies, and specific approach you can save up to 50% on your project with us.

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