Quality and experience

KeyUA develops and provides our clients with productive food and beverage software services. Our solutions are designed to help with inventory and verification of quality to minimize supply waste and to trace a product down to each and every ingredient. We develop commercial kitchen software systems and solutions for healthcare food service. Thanks to our food and beverage software systems, you can always be certain about product excellence.

Food and beverage production software systems

We develop our production software systems to bring our clients’ businesses to a new level.
Food production management
KeyUA develops food production management software systems with numerous pitches to guarantee the excellence of goods, develop packaging and optimize the working process.
Food manufacturing ERP
Our experts design food manufacturing ERP solutions and numerous support systems to optimize and automate the whole working process.
Food product development
KeyUA has answers and systems designed to help you produce your product: from recipe creation to package styling and labeling.
Quality monitoring systems
We devise quality monitoring systems to trace and check the excellence of the product on all level: from the tracking of ingredients to the taking of samples to storage shelves.
Distribution and delivery software systems
KeyUA develops distribution and delivery software systems to rationalize stock and automate the creation of orders.
Food distribution
We elaborate our food spreading systems for distributors to manage all the specific processes in the area of logistics.
Grocery and specialty distribution
Our solutions are developed for supermarkets and grocery stores that deal with a huge amount of stock and transportation operations.
Food delivery dispatch software
KeyUA develops dispatch software systems to automate and optimize provision, as well as to track and manually scan parcels.
Wholesale food distribution
Here at KeyUA we devise, create and program a catalog for wholesale distributors with multiple useful and convenient features based on order history.

Food traceability software solutions

Our mission is to provide users with all the important information regarding the product and its quality.
Food traceability software
KeyUA has solutions developed to track the product from its very beginning (farm) to stores. Our software systems are also designed to trace all sales-related operations (certifications, control of methods, etc.)
Food truck-and-trace software
Our food truck-and-trace solutions are designed to trace products in real time and fill the database with necessary data about the product itself, its route and conditions.
Food traceability applications
KeyUA develops applications for users to track the output in real time. We’ve come up with solutions such as websites, web apps and mobile apps that are supported by Windows, Android, and iOS systems.
Food deception software
KeyUA has deception software systems developed to catch food cheating tactics such as faulty expiration dates, relabeling, inappropriate growing or animal treatment, and much more.
Food services software development
We work out software solutions to fine-tune operations, improve business and generate revenue growth.
Kitchen software
Our commercial kitchen software systems cooperate smoothly with the Internet of things (IoT), and they include multiple kitchen appliances. Our kitchen software solutions are great for cafes, bars and all kinds of entertainment venues.
Food service inventory software
Our experts devise food service inventory software systems for specific supply chains. Our innovations include characteristics that are certain to automate and improve business.
Software systems for catering
KeyUA has ready-made solutions for catering management, which are a solid combination of portals, modules, and instruments that are used to increase catering control.
Healthcare food
We develop food service solutions for use in hospitals. They have shown great integration with the patient database to grant the best nutrition and prevent harmful combinations of food and medicine.

Quality management software systems

KeyUA develops quality management software systems to give our clients total security of rations.
Supply safety software
KeyUA develops supply safety software systems that are implemented in delivery, distribution, warehouse systems and more.
Foodstuffs quality management
Our supply quality software provides you with the ability to administer the excellence of a product, as well as its components.
Food withdrawal software
Our schemes are developed to detect hazards and foodborne diseases that occur or may happen in the future, and notify the proper authority.
Food processing safety apps
We design our food safety apps with a conjunction of tools such as design, analysis and personalized access monitoring that perform greatly with the IoT.
Warehouse and inventory management solutions
KeyUA develops and designs comprehensive schemes which help run your warehouse and deal with inventory.
Supply stock management
KeyUA has supply stock answers ready to help you run the data on inventory with tracing abilities from any device.
Warehouse management systems
Our warehouse management systems are designed to manage cold and dry storage, multi-facility emporiums and more.
Supply storage inventory tracking
Our experts create and cut-in stock tracking systems in AIDC to update all the important information about a product in real time.
Supply losses tracking systems
We have supply losses tracking systems devised to help you avoid decreases in revenue. Our developments are here to manage quality, expiration dates, overstock and more.
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