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We offer you the opportunity to hire top Kotlin developers for the creation of scalable and high-speed Android applications. For over 3 years we have been using this powerful object-oriented programming language to deliver custom software for businesses of all sizes. We take a variety of reliable approaches to create first-class products that have a strong competitive advantage.

We Offer the Next Kotlin Mobile Development Expertise

Our experienced outsourcing team quickly and efficiently produces applications of any complexity. We carefully study the requirements and goals of the project in order to provide on-time delivery of an excellent product and fully satisfy the client's expectations. We offer you a variety of collaboration models including dedicated teams, full-time or part-time developers. Our experts take an integrated approach to creating custom solutions that help businesses grow more efficiently. See more of our Kotlin development services:

Custom App Development
Kotlin is considered the official development tool for Android apps. We create top-level software products for mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, and so on. Help your business grow by hiring Kotlin app developers from KeyUA.
App Optimization
With a deep knowledge of the syntax of the language and confident experience in its use, our professionals can easily optimize various mobile applications. This allows the software to be more productive and bug-free.
Migration Services
Regardless of what programming language was used for your application creation, we will migrate it to Kotlin keeping its all features and functionality. Our experienced programmers will take care of the protection and safety of all your data.
Support & Maintenance
We support various kinds of applications, no matter who developed it. Our team provides quality services for maintaining the performance of the software, as well as updating it.
Independent Testing
Testing is an important aspect of top-notch functionality delivery and hitting a market. Users will not utilize an app that contains bugs. At KeyUA we follow a philosophy of robust quality assurance which allows us to perfectly test applications of any complexity. We only use real Android devices and do not work with emulators.
Kotlin Consulting
If you need advice about Kotlin or using it with other frameworks, we are always happy to provide you with comprehensive assistance. Feel free to contact our specialists to know what best suits your business.
Need reliable app building services? Our Kotlin Android development company will provide you with a top-notch solution.

Benefits of Kotlin For Your Business

Kotlin is considered to be one of the most popular languages for mobile app development. It has been compared to Java on numerous occasions and is clearly winning this competition. Thanks to its syntax, Kotlin helps to create a clean and understandable code that is easy to maintain and update. This means your application will always have high performance. More benefits of using this language:

More concise

Fast development

Solid safety

Extended community

Easy maintainable

High performance


Clean and error-free code

Speeds up every-day development tasks

Ensure less downtime

Serves lots of industries

Used by Netflix, Uber, Coursera

Why Should You Hire Kotlin Developers From KeyUA

Our approach is based on clearly meeting the needs of the project in order to create a quality product. We also conduct competitive analysis and study market needs so that our software has a significant competitive advantage. More benefits of hiring us:

Experienced team

Deep system testing

Clean code

Solid support

Strong project management

Meet deadlines

Budget-friendly services

Good communication skills

Market analysis

Full transparency

Convenient partnership models

No hidden charges

Our Industry Expertise In Kotlin Development
When you partner with KeyUA's Kotlin programmers for hire, you get reliable contractors with solid experience in various industries. During our practice, we have delivered a variety of projects to meet the needs of startups, medium, and large businesses. While developing an app, we take the market and industry conditions into account to create a high quality and attractive product. Our experts apply reliable technologies that help our clients' companies successfully develop and outperform competitors.
Expand the opportunities of your farm with custom mobile app development. We create products that greatly simplify farm & livestock management. Control your agricultural business from your smartphone.
Real Estate
Make property management & sales comfortable with KeyUA mobile app development. We create a variety of solutions for property owners and real estate agents to help them derive significant value from any type of property.
Supply Chain Management
With various Android apps, it is easy to keep track of all the steps of the supply chain. KeyUA's outsourced experts deliver mobile solutions for warehouse and procurement management, automatic delivery tracking, analytics preparation, market research, and so on.
E-learning & Education
We make the learning process more convenient and interesting due to technological solutions for mobile devices. Now it is easier for teachers and students to find each other around the world for high-quality transfer of knowledge.
Our team delivers reliable and fast-acting software for the needs of banks and financial institutions, which greatly simplifies the lending process. Manage debt, customer relationships, documents, analytics, and much more with convenient mobile apps.
Take care of creating the perfect mobile application for planning flights or booking tickets, managing aircraft loading processes, creating flight tracking platforms, and so on. The KeyUA team offers a variety of custom solutions that automate critical functions in the aviation industry.
Help your business become more successful with top-notch custom Android app development.

See More of Our Kotlin Mobile Development Examples

At KeyUA we use cutting-edge technologies to create productive and reliable applications of any complexity. We place full emphasis on the needs of the client's business to help it develop effectively and achieve strategic goals. Find out more about what projects we have delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kotlin Mobile Development

Below we will tell you more about how our process of delivering quality software works.
Can I hire developers on an hourly basis?

We provide various models of cooperation. You can hire software developers on an hourly basis, full-time, or part-time. We also work on a contract basis with a fixed monthly price. You can choose the cooperation method that is most convenient for you and even change it during the development process.

Can I monitor the status of tasks during the development?

Of course, our application building process is completely transparent. We constantly keep in touch with the client and inform them about the status of all tasks. In addition, we promptly update all the functionality that we have completed to the test server, so you can check it out immediately.

I need a Kotlin project. How much will it cost?

The exact cost of project development is calculated based on such data as the scope of the functionality that needs to be created and its complexity. All projects are different and have their own nuances, therefore, there is no common price for everyone. If you want a more accurate estimate of the price and time required to build your product, please contact our specialists. We will provide you with a detailed consultation, completely free of charge.

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We are here to help you develop your ideas and grow your business! Contact our specialists for more information.


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