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Here at KeyUA, we come up with multiple solutions for the lending industry. Our main goal is to improve your business with the help of numerous tools that are easily integrated into areas such as debt collection, loans and much more. We help you automate the process so that it becomes more productive and profitable.

Alternative lending solutions

KeyUA designs improving alternative lending software solutions that are able to live-track investments.
P2P lending
KeyUA creates software keys and apps for computer systems which are connected to each other via the Internet (P2P) with a great number of instruments and apps.
Payment lending software
Our experts devise keys for payout and repayment that contain payment portals, direct debit and more.
Loan management solutions
We design online gateways for borrowers and investors with totally safe access and administration.
Credit analytics
KeyUA designs credit analytic keys that help determine credit-worthiness using tools such as live reporting and alarms.
Automotive finance software development
KeyUA designs automotive finance solutions for car dealerships to make them leaders in the market.
BHPH fee platforms development
KeyUA creates BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) software keys that are automated and combined with account administration software.
BHPH account administration
Our experts come up with unique and convenient-to-use BHPH account administration keys that are integrated into customer relationship management systems.
BHPH document management
KeyUA develops BHPH software keys to be implemented in document management systems to trace loan accounts, analytics, and issues.

Debt collection software

KeyUA develops debt collection software keys to help you set up relationships with customers, trace collection cases and more.
Credit risk reporting keys
Our experts come up with helpful applications to administrate credit risks and reporting.
Debt collection administration
KeyUA creates administration dashboards with multiple features for account and email governance.
Debt collection payment software
We have keys ready-made for debt collections such as our debt collection software keys, which include processing for debit, credit cards and other kinds of payments.
Debt collection API solutions
We combine debt collection software with API integration to improve and automate the entire collection process.
Loan service software systems
KeyUA designs keys for services in every corner of the lending sphere.
Loan service gateways
We come up with software systems for loan requirement that cooperate with CRM platforms to administrate the lending process, collect accounts and work with data.
Loan settlement software
KeyUA specialists come up with loan settlement software systems that support numerous payment types.
Loan origination software
Our banking software systems contain software keys for loan originations with a large number of tools, features, and modules.

Merchant cash advance software development

KeyUA establishes a new level of merchant cash advance software.
MCA payment processing keys
Our specialists design MCA payment processing keys to govern everyday transactions, repurchasing processes and more.
MCA gateways development
KeyUA designs MCA gateways with personal access administration and panels to manage processes.
Marketing automation keys
Here at KeyUA, we devise unique and helpful software for email control. Our software is designed to automate, optimize and improve your company’s workflow.
Mortgage software development
KeyUA develops mortgage software keys that contain a great number of tools and features.
Mortgage title services keys
Our experts design mortgage title service keys with numerous features to meet the needs of your business.
Mortgage administration software
Here at KeyUA, we come up with mortgage administration software keys that allow for reporting, insurance tracking, calculations and more.
Mortgage CRM
Our mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) keys contain a multitude of important tools and features.
Mortgage rule-based engines software
KeyUA creates and provides you with mortgage rule-based engine software keys such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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