UI/UX Design and Development Services

Composing a good UI/UX is an essential aspect when building profitable websites and applications. A well-designed interface will facilitate the user experience, increase software attractiveness, and motivate visitors to take action. For more than 12 years, our company has been providing quality UI/UX design services and motion graphics, increasing the usefulness of applications.

Our UI/UX Development Services

According to Forrester, 67% of users say that a poor website experience negatively affects their opinion of a brand. This testifies to the fact that user experience is incredibly important for successful company development.
Most purchases are made under the influence of emotions. A personal approach to the user coupled with convenient navigation and an intuitive interface will build trust towards your brand and increase sales flow. At KeyUA, we create custom web and mobile solutions for the needs of a business of any size to help it grow more effectively than its competitors, attract new customers, and improve conversion.
  • Mobile App Design
  • Web Design
  • UI and UX Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • Information Architecture

Mobile App Design

Based on various studies, most users will not return to the site if they have a poor user experience. So make sure that your app is both interesting and attractive. At KeyUA, we develop intuitive and optimized mobile projects to enhance your interaction with customers.

  • Cross-platform development
  • A thorough study of business needs
  • Competitor analysis & benchmarking

Web Design

A well-designed user interface will significantly increase conversions. We help you manage your business more effectively with a responsive design and top-notch sale funnels. Over our many years of service, our team has successfully delivered more than 120 high-quality web designs, including landing & sales pages, business card & corporate websites, forums, blogs, search portals, etc.

  • Creation of wireframes and simulation
  • Adaptive mockups
  • Using popular design principles

UI and UX Consulting

Already have a working product but think that the UI needs improvement? Our team will carefully study the features of your interface and your wishes to provide a competent redesign solution to improve your product. If you have any questions regarding UX design or UI service feel free to ask us.

  • Customer Journey Map (CJM)
  • Creating and using A/B tests
  • Usability assessment and user flow analysis

Graphic Design

Qualitatively portray the meaning and values of your brand through custom fonts, images, videos, and so on. At KeyUA, our engineers emphasize brand features and enhance communication with the audience through superior graphic design solutions.

  • Visual brand identity
  • Advertising graphics
  • Pattern Lab building

Information Architecture

Our team chooses the best ways to organize the content of web and mobile applications to facilitate the involvement of visitors and build brand confidence. KeyUA's experts carefully analyze the behavior and interests of the audience in order to deliver solutions that will fully meet your business goals.

  • Careful study of user behavior and needs
  • Site Map building and content structuring
  • Emphasis on incentives and call to action

Our Approach

We are constantly looking to raise the bar by providing the best user interface design services possible. Our team follows clear criteria and standards in the project delivery process.


We define and analyze business goals as well as determine the target audience and portrait of the ideal user.


Concept Building

We develop a project roadmap and information architecture.


Sketching & Wireframes

Our experts create application templates indicating the full structure and what elements should be present on all pages.


Prototype Testing

We evaluate the effectiveness of the created prototype and give customers the opportunity to get acquainted with the UI/UX before proceeding to full-scale development.



We send ready-made mock-ups to developers so that they can begin to execute the project, including the construction of interface and functionality.


Editing & Review

Once the website or application is ready, our team tests it thoroughly to make sure that the best solutions are provided and makes corrections if necessary.

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Proof of Our Efficiency

KeyUA is an offshore UI/UX development agency with solid experience building high-quality interfaces that bring great results for business in the shortest possible time.

years of practice providing UI and UX design services


delivered projects


professional graphic and web designers


focus on business needs

Benefits of Our UI/UX Design Services

By choosing KeyUA, you will get high-quality services in the design of web & mobile interfaces that engage users and increase the efficiency of your business. We focus on the needs of the company and strictly analyze the behavior of your audience in order to prepare the most suitable solution.
Motion Design

Animations allow you to show the status of certain actions and emphasize certain parts of the site or application. Our UI/UX design services will help to evoke certain emotions in users and navigate their behavior.


At KeyUA, the templates we produce are realistic, modern, attractive, and incredibly exciting. An important feature of our services is the creation of fresh designs and magnificent general concepts for the perfect visual appearance of projects.

Custom Solutions

At KeyUA we provide quality outsourcing services for various industries. Our experts significantly expand business capabilities with unique solutions tailored to satisfying the needs of each client. Through a thorough analysis of the behavior of your users, we will increase their involvement and strengthen interaction with your product.

Product Conceptualization

If you want your company to grow and increase profits, you should take care of the conceptualization of your product. Our team uses powerful design tools and high-quality UX solutions to emphasize the features of your brand. We guarantee the introduction of innovations that will help achieve the strategic goals of your business.

Customers Who Used Our UI and UX Services
Over our 12 years of practice, we have produced custom UX and UI solutions for more than 90 clients. We are proud to provide first-rate designs that contribute to the development of companies.

FAQ About User Experience Design Services

Read the information below to learn more about UI?UX services.
Why is UI design important?

UI is a powerful tool to evoke certain emotions in users and build brand awareness. It motivates users to purchase products or services on your site, increasing engagement. All these factors contribute to the undoubted growth of the company and its profits. At KeyUA, we deliver custom layouts that allow users to immediately see the value of the product.

How to hire professional UX designers?

The best option for your business is to hire experienced designers who can provide you with great solutions. In order to find professionals in this area, investigate the projects in their portfolio, years of experience, and hourly rate. Qualified UX designers must save a solid background and experience. Conduct a detailed interview. A reliable team will provide you with reasonable prices, an impressive portfolio, and clear answers to all your questions. At KeyUA, we are 100% customer-oriented and always ready to provide detailed consultations.

How much does it cost to build a project?

Our for hire model is based on an hourly rate or a fixed price for a project, depending on what best suits the client’s needs. The project cost depends on such factors as its complexity, scope of tasks, the number of team members, and so on. If you want a more accurate assessment, please contact our specialists and get a consultation.

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