Agriculture software solutions

KeyUA is a software development company with a solid agriculture software development expertise. Our products assist in a wide range of breeding and harvesting areas, farming, growing, collecting, and more.
Farm management software
KeyUA developers can offer variable solutions for farm management software for any purpose related to agriculture business.
Management solutions
Custom agriculture applications made by KeyUA allow the user to enjoy provided technical maintenance, advanced accounting, crop management tools, and even more.
Agribusiness solutions
Our team provides high-quality agriculture application development with variable CRM integrations in order to get significant data about lead conversions and client behavior, as well as the state of affairs from the marketing point of view.
Accounting solutions
Our company provides qualitative accounting applications and system solutions that will forecast such indicators like the cost of product sold, etc.
Agriculture mobile apps
With KeyUA, you can get a working multiplatform application for your agribusiness with handy analytics features designed especially for your project.

Livestock management software

KeyUA offers customizable livestock management applications that significantly simplify livestock management and breeding operations.
Cattle management
Effective cross-platform cattle management application development. By using our solutions, you can simplify both breeding and tracking, as well as accounting and ranch administration.
Breeding Solutions
We can build a solid database for farmers and breeders. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about small farms or large breeding organizations - the final product will be scalable.
Livestock record
We can bring you a livestock record solutions that will make your job simpler. With our application, the user can collect and organize all the information on the livestock: birth, relocation, feedlot, packing sectors, etc.
Grazing Solutions
Our grazing software can help farmers and graziers maximize their profits and livestock, as well as avoid, or at least reduce possible risks.
Seed-to-sale solutions
KeyUA offers variable solutions for seed-to-sale software systems. The application can include such features, as scheduling, purchase, e-commerce, and tracking.
Dispensary software
Our developers can provide a dispensary management software for agrarians with multiple features, like advanced scheduling, accurate tracking, scheduling, and so on.
Dispensary POS software
By using our dispensary POS applications, you get the agile, simple experience with all-in-box features that will satisfy your team needs related with customers.
Mobile applications
With KeyUA you are free to get a unique application for farming. With our product, you can set up your deliveries, locate the dispensary, and perform variable transactions.
Growing software
We'll deliver the software that will help you focus on current growing processes and technologies, as well as avoid or minimize possible risks, related to the plant growing.
Why Python is good for Agribusiness?

Python is an open door to the variable agriculture software development. The final application can include tons of features that allow user track serial numbers, graph weight, follow lineages and build a vaccinations schedule. The user can group his or her livestock into troops with a variable population. We can put anything that comes in mind and related to agriculture: weather forecast, medication stack, feed reserves tracker, and so on.

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