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Since 2008 KeyUA has been producing first-class custom software for businesses of any size. Our Android app development company offers various models for partnership. You can hire full-time, part-time developers, or dedicated teams. We guarantee quality project building and fast time to market.

We Offer the Next Android Mobile Development Expertise

Our mission is to create highly productive and reliable mobile applications that fully meet customer requirements. At KeyUA we produce solutions of varying complexity, which are effectively implemented in a wide range of industries. Our coders have extensive experience in developing mobile apps, that allows them to create unique products with a sound competitive advantage. Check more of Android app development services from KeyUA:

Custom Android App Development
Expand your business opportunities with Android custom apps. At KeyUA you can hire experienced mobile developers who will provide you with competent software in the shortest possible time.
Smart Wearable Apps
Increase the number of users by creating apps for wearable devices, including smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and more. We develop convenient and beautiful software which is characterized by high performance.
App Porting
If you have an iOS application, but you want to increase your market share, we offer top-notch porting to Android. Our experts perform all the necessary services to create a powerful prototype, taking into account all the features of the operating system.
UI/UX Design
You can hire creative designers from KeyUA to prepare beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Why is it important? A properly designed interface significantly increases sales by pushing the user to buy more products and services.
App Maintenance and Support
Another convenient service of our outsourcing company is customer's product support. We also maintain applications that were created by other developers, ensuring reliable and stable operation of the software.
Quality Assurance
Adequate testing largely impacts successful entrance into the market and subsequent use of the product. Your customers won't pay money for a buggy app. Our experts follow strict quality assurance, applying powerful testing techniques to deliver a superior product.
Consulting Services
We are happy to provide you with detailed advice on any question regarding the development of a mobile application. Feel free to contact our engineers even for the most complicated issues.
Integration Services
Do you have an Android app but want to expand its capabilities? Our mobile developers will quickly integrate it with third-party resources or internals to make your product more powerful and extend its functionality.
Machine Learning Apps
We offer development services based on machine learning algorithms to provide practical and innovative Android applications. Our developers have more than five years of experience in applying machine learning technology to various industries.
We can help you solve software building challenges of any complexity. Hire a professional Android app development team.

Benefits of Android For Your Business

According to Statista, Android occupies about 70% of the mobile app market. So when hiring Android app developers, you significantly increase the number of clients who use your product. Besides this, many wearable devices use Android as their operating system. So you can expand your market share by creating custom apps for smartwatches or fitness trackers. Let’s consider more benefits that you can get with Android development services:

Reduce time to market

Powerful and scalable apps

Convenient integration with google widgets

Good protection

Easy to customize

Fast deployment to Google Play Store

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Wide range of users

Open-Source Platform

Higher ROI (Return of Investment)

Easy marketing

Scalable solutions

Why Should You Hire Android Developers From KeyUA

KeyUA's professional Android app developers create outstanding products for various businesses. Our priorities are on-time delivery and full compliance with the project requirements. We use the following technologies: Kotlin, Java, Flutter, React Native. More benefits of hiring us:

High-performance solutions

Experienced engineers

Advanced testing

Usage of modern trends

Transparent development process

Daily & weekly reporting

Quick response to any question

Dedicated teams

100% data security

Emergency support

Cost-effective app building

Non-disclosure agreement

Our Industry Expertise In Android Development
For 12 years, we have been creating custom mobile applications for startups, small, medium, and large businesses. We maintain our reputation as a reliable IT vendor and deliver software for a wide range of industries. When you hire Android mobile app developers from KeyUA, you can be totally sure that you will get a top-level product with advanced functionality and high performance.
E-learning & Education
Learning has never been so easy as it is now. We create a variety of online and offline mobile solutions that connect teachers and students around the world. Our professionals focus on corporate and learning portals, knowledge assessment systems, software for special needs, content authoring, etc.
Event Management
Transfer the entire event management process to your smartphone. Our team creates user-friendly mobile products for event planning, registration, online conferencing, content creation, and more.
We have advanced knowledge in the field of the online casino creation and gambling industry which we successfully apply to build reliable and secure software. We create custom solutions for various Android devices, with which you can get full control over the game.
Oil & Gas
Make oil and gas production more effective with reliable custom products. We can offer HR solutions, map creation and rendering, supplies & pipeline performance tracking, data entry apps, etc.
Nowadays, various custom applications greatly simplify manufacturing in many areas. We prepare robust solutions for managing all kinds of resources, internal processes of the enterprise, compiling analytics, planning, and so on.
Supply Chain Management
Create a product that makes it easy for your customers to manage supply and logistics processes directly from the phone. Our team develops excellent solutions for order management software, material requirements planning tools, delivery service solutions, EDI & data visualization apps, etc.
Find the best dedicated Android app developers for hire from Ukraine. We guarantee a qualitative and cost-effective approach.

See More of Our Android Mobile Development Examples

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in applying powerful technologies, which we constantly update to keep our qualifications at the highest level. This allows our specialists to create powerful and effective mobile applications of varying complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Mobile Development

We want to tell you more about how our application development process works.
How can I interact with a team?

Our team stays in constant touch, and we try to respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries from customers. We support communication through various messengers such as Skype or Slack, as well as emails. Our company works according to the Scrum methodology, so we schedule short daily or weekly calls with the client in order to provide updates on the project. We also send detailed reports on a daily basis describing what tasks have been completed and what we are focusing on next.

Will you assist me with uploading my mobile application on the Google Play Store?

Of course. We provide you with absolutely all services from creating designs to launching a project on the market. We will build a quality product for you, thoroughly test it, and then upload it to the Google Play Store to make it available to a wide range of users.

How much do you charge for Android app development?

It should be noted that the development price depends on such factors as the complexity of the project and the volume of tasks. In order to set a more accurate cost of building an app, we must study its requirements and goals. You can contact our specialists and we will provide you with a free consultation regarding the cost and duration of building your product.

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