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KeyUA is a reputable Flask development company with over 12 years of practice building scalable web apps. We provide solutions of any complexity that help startups, medium and large businesses to grow effectively. Our approach is based on the use of innovative technologies, as well as strict adherence to project requirements, which allows us to deliver first-class applications.

We Offer the Next Flask Web Development Expertise
Flask is a flexible and accurate framework that we have been using for over 10 years to build web applications of varying complexity. It is considered to be one of the best tools for creating lightweight sites, and it also provides convenient testing tools. Based on our practice and deep knowledge of Python, our engineers create superior solutions for online marketplaces, financial & banking software, apps for the healthcare industry, etc. See more of the Flask web development services we offer:
Custom Web Application Development
KeyUA's web developers produce reliable and high-performance custom web applications for a wide range of needs. We carefully study the goals of your business and take all nuances into account to deliver a perfectly competitive product.
Enterprise Application Development
Our team collaborates with large corporations to create secure and scalable products for both internal and external use. KeyUA’s professional coders apply strong encryption methods to protect clients' data.
Support & Maintenance
Keep your project up-to-date and functioning perfectly. Our dedicated team maintains and improves the performance of web applications to help businesses deliver superior products & services.
API Development
Expand the capabilities of your product and securely link it with other applications using API. At KeyUA, we integrate various third-party APIs or develop custom ones to make the application more convenient and accessible.
Migration to Flask
Is your product technology outdated and you want to improve it? We can easily help you migrate the app to the flask, ensuring complete data safety and increasing productivity.
Machine Learning Solutions
We use cutting edge technology to develop machine learning systems that make data processing more powerful and productive. For more than 5 years, KeyUA developers have been producing unique solutions for creating deep learning applications.
Our experts can clarify any questions regarding the use of web technologies and help to make effective decisions about web development. If you need technical advice, our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation.
Dedicated Flask Developers
We carefully study the client's requirements to offer the best possible service. That is why KeyUA forms development teams based solely on the goals of the project. We will provide only real professionals to ensure quality development.
Our reputation is important to us, which is why the KeyUA team focuses entirely on delivering first-class software. We carry out full-fledged automated testing of flask apps to make sure they are bug-free.
We offer top-notch Flask web application development at an affordable price.

Benefits of Flask For Your Business

Flask is a useful and high-performance micro-framework without standardization, so the developer makes all decisions on how the application will be built. It has a convenient structure that is suitable for construction projects of any complexity. It is exactly what you need for modern application development. Here are more benefits of Flask development services:

Good flexibility


Highly performance

Fast time to market

Elegant API

Highly secure

Strong WSGI features

Modular structure

Simpler Development

Thorough unit testability

Gives more control over development

Extensive documentation

Why Should You Hire Flask Developers From KeyUA

KeyUA is an outsourcing software development company that specializes in delivering high-quality web applications. We offer our clients a variety of interaction options to help their business become more efficient. You can hire dedicated developers on the contract or adhere to part-time & full-time cooperation. In any case, we will do our best to deliver an excellent product to you. More benefits of hiring us:

10+ years of experience with Flask

Complete control over the team

Best industry talents

Perfect communication skills

Powerful project management

Fast delivery

Strict quality control

Fast recruitment

Full transparency over development

Solid data protection

Flexible price

No hidden costs

Our Industry Expertise In Flask Development
Flask is a convenient and fast-acting tool that we use to build applications for a wide range of industries. Due to its reliability, it allows us to create systems with solid protection against third-party interference. Our team consists of various specialists who develop high-quality applications of any complexity, from static pages to dynamic scalable applications. By hiring Flask app developers from KeyUA, you get an experienced team that has in-depth knowledge of the specifics of many industries.
E-commerce & Retail
We deliver various projects such as scalable online marketplaces, chatbots, applications for inventory management, client relationship management apps, and much more to make sales more convenient and comfortable.
Our Flask programmers for hire create reliable applications for medical records management, pharmacology inventory control, insurance software, veterinary solutions, and more. We design high-performance machine learning products that meet safety regulations.
E-learning and Education
Make the learning process easy and interesting for both sides. At KeyUA, we build robust software to help teachers connect with students around the world. Our team delivers school management and administration software, content authoring, custom communication tools, cloud storage, etc.
Banking & Finance
Increase the efficiency of your business with easy-to-use and secure apps for both internal and external use. Our team provides various corporate solutions for advanced financial management and analysis.
Travel & Hospitality
Our team makes tourism more accessible. We create various user-friendly platforms like ticket booking systems, virtual tours, information kiosks, interactive sites for online excursions, and much more.
Real Estate
KeyUA developers create web applications of varying complexity for the needs of the real estate industry. We develop solutions for the management and sale of real estate, building CRM software, homeowners’ association apps, real estate booking apps, analytical tools, and much more.
Need a powerful solution for your business? We can make it happen!

See More of Our Flask Web Development Examples

Since 2010, we have produced many successful Flask projects for clients in various fields. At KeyUA, we strictly follow the requirements of the projects and make timely delivery to fully meet the needs of customers. Our mission is to develop quality applications that achieve strategic business goals. Find out more about what we build.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Development

Read the information below to learn more about our services.
Is Flask better than Django?

Flask and Django are both robust Python frameworks that allow you to quickly develop web applications. Flask has a more simple learning curve, which makes the language more accessible to learning. It is also worth noting that both frameworks have different goals. Flask was created for building simpler applications and static pages.

What is the price of development?

The price of project development is based on such indicators as the functionality that needs to be worked out and its complexity. By and large, all projects are different, so there is no standard price. We calculate the cost based on the requirements. If you would like us to give you a more accurate budget estimate, please contact our experts and they will provide you with a free consultation. We will also make a more accurate calculation of the time required to build a product.

How can I start working with you?

First, you must choose the collaboration model that best suits your business. You must also provide us with the requirements for the project so that we can evaluate it and create an action plan. After we discuss all the nuances of cooperation, we sign a nondisclosure agreement and contract for the development of software. After that, our team is ready to immediately start building the app.

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