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Are you looking for dedicated Zend developers for hire? KeyUA programmers provide a wide range of services, from building single-page applications to creating scalable enterprise systems. We deliver the best solutions in the industry to ensure the quality growth of the client's company.

We Offer the Next Zend Web Development Expertise

Zend is a reliable and convenient PHP framework that allows us to perform a wide range of tasks when building web applications. Using this technology, you can easily create a clean and stable code. These advantages make Zend popular when building various online e-commerce sites. However, the framework is also favored by many other industries. At KeyUA, we have over 12 years of experience using this advanced technology. We offer next Zend development services:

Custom Zend Applications Development
Our company creates high-quality, scalable products to meet the needs of various sized businesses, from startups to enterprises. Our goal is to create a first-class product that meets customer expectations and market conditions.
Web Portal Development
Hire a trusted Zend development company to enhance your business opportunities. At KeyUA, we produce web portals of varying complexity and focus, which allow clients to promote goods and services online successfully.
Support & Maintenance
We provide excellent post-launch support for your apps to keep them running smoothly and productively years later. Make sure your product always performs well with the help of a dedicated team of coders.
API Based Website Development
The API is a robust tool that rapidly expands the functionality of an application. By integrating with third-party resources, you can quickly grow your business. At KeyUA, our programmers implement a variety of API solutions, from custom development to integration with trusted suppliers.
Migration & Upgradation
Our team performs work of varying complexity on migration or updating applications so that the client's products always work with high quality and meet the needs of users. We will transfer your application to Zend while safely preserving all of its features and information.
Consulting Services
We will gladly answer any of your questions regarding Zend technology and advise you on its full use. Our experts provide advanced consultations to help customers make informed choices about their product development.
Get a free consultation to assess your project.

Benefits of Zend For Your Business

Zend provides high protection of applications and possesses optimized productivity. It is a fast and easy-to-learn framework that ensures code simplicity. All this makes Zend a cost-effective solution for lots of products. If you want to create a secure platform with the ability to add various features, Zend is a perfect choice. More advantage of Zend web development:

Fast speed of development

Solid data encryption

Well structured code

Supports multiple databases

Flexible URI routing

Support RESTful API development

MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture

Easier to maintain code

Scalability & Flexibility

Simple and productive

Less technology risk

Easy to test

Why Should You Hire Zend Developers From KeyUA

Our outsourcing software development company provides first-class, reliable solutions for companies of all sizes. KeyUA's philosophy is to strictly adhere to the requirements of the project and the market to create a product with a definite competitive advantage. We focus on achieving the client's goals to help their business improve. More benefits of hiring us:

Fast delivery

100% customer-oriented service

Motivated team

Free expert consultation

Feature-rich interface

Quick coding

Bug-free solutions

DevOps support

Daily/weekly reporting

Future-proof web development

Powerful communications

No hidden costs

Our Industry Expertise In Zend Development
Zend is an object-oriented programming platform that allows it to meet the needs of various industries successfully. It is useful in building applications with a wide range of orientations and purposes. Zend external encryption tools ensure secure online payments and e-commerce portals. We use this highly productive framework to deliver sophisticated business-oriented applications. See the most popular industries below where Zend is fully applicable.
Real Estate
Our team provides custom software for the real estate business to help it gain more profit. We deliver various solutions for the management and maintenance of the real estate, create systems for searching & booking apartments, applications for homeowners, analytical & CRM software, etc.
KeyUA produces software for secure medical records management, patient vital signs assessment applications, clinic staff management & scheduling, veterinary solutions, and much more. All our products comply with HIPAA & HL7.
We use an innovative approach in app-building to deliver top-level projects to companies of various sizes. Our developments allow our clients to advance communication with users, increasing their level of satisfaction, create systems for personnel monitoring, account management, automatic generation of analytical reports, and much more.
At KeyUA, we help insurance companies and agents increase their productivity by automating processes. We deliver scalable applications for claims assessment, request management, informed decision making, etc.
E-learning & Education
Our experts create platforms that allow teachers and students from all over the world to find each other. The services we provide cover the creation of applications for communication, online classes and video lessons, progress monitoring systems, class management, etc.
Banking & Finance
Get a secure and highly productive application with custom Zend based development. Our team provides robust software for the financial and banking sector, which ensures the high-quality execution of many internal operations.
At KeyUA, you will find skilled Zend developers at an affordable price.

See More of Our Zend Web Development Examples

At KeyUA, we have been delivering scalable Zend-projects since 2008. As a trusted contractor, we always meet deadlines to ensure successful and timely product launches. Our experience covers the building of applications with advanced features and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zend Web Development

We have prepared the most popular questions and answers to help you get a deeper understanding of Zend-based development. If you still feel that something is misunderstandable, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.
How will we cooperate in different time zones?

Our company provides outsourced services for clients worldwide, so the time difference is not a problem for us. We are always in touch with the client through daily and weekly calls and reports. Our team responds to all inquiries promptly, providing detailed answers, so you won't even feel like we are far from you.

Do you give the rights to the project and code?

According to our contract, the client is the owner of the intellectual property rights for the product. We only perform the development stage. You will get access to the repository, source code, and the server used for deployment.

How long does it take to develop a project?

Project time and cost are flexible metrics that are estimated based on functionality and complexity. The more tasks required, the longer development will take. But it's worth noting that it takes at least three weeks to create a relatively simple web application.

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