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KeyUA develops reliable software for events. It comes in handy with the administration for events and meetings, allows for the easy incorporation of technology, and more. Our software is designed to help you plan and run events and gather all the needed information.

Meetings software solutions

Run your events with our unique software for meetings and web conferencing.
Meeting administration keys
KeyUA has software designed to help you arrange meetings with features for secure access, scheduling, etc.
Web conferencing software
Our tools for web conferencing include video streaming and screen sharing.
Mobile applications development
Here at KeyUA, we design mobile application tools that provide security as well as offline access and are packed with features to build your brand.
Meeting participant administration
We produce software that helps you organize participants of a given meeting, with features for tracking, scheduling, etc.
Trade show software development
KeyUA develops essential trade show software with a great number of handy tools and features.
Trade show administration software
Here at KeyUA, we come up with dependable trade show administration software that helps run all manner of events.
Trade show badge software
With the help of our badge software, you can create badges, verify them, and track participants. There is security at every level.
Trade show applications development
KeyUA creates mobile apps for trade shows, and these apps run on all mobile systems. They have features for 3D navigation, feedback, and administration.
Trade exhibitor software keys
Trade exhibitor software keys

Association administration software development

KeyUA develops association administration software at your association’s convenience.
Association administration
Here at KeyUA, we develop association administration software that includes reporting, marketing, etc.
Event administration software keys
Our event administration software gives you data analytics that focuses on your return on investment (ROI).
Membership databank solutions
We create solutions for membership databanks that perform well on both cloud and mobile platforms.
Marketing automation software
Our experts design marketing automation software to speed up and improve marketing processes.
Event registry software development
KeyUA develops event registry software for events of all shapes and sizes.
Event registry software keys
Our specialists design event registry software that runs on all web and mobile platforms.
Event registry websites keys
We come up with event registry website keys that include reliable tools for ticketing and scheduling.
Event registry payment software
KeyUA designs software that works with various payment processing software to assist you with payments, mobile wallets, etc.

Lead restitution software keys

KeyUA develops unique applications for the important process of lead restitution.
Lead restitution software
Our experts design lead restitution software to grasp leads from any event by protocoling contacts and badge information.
Lead restitution integrations
Our lead retrieval software integrates smoothly with customer relationship management platforms.
Lead restitution grasp software
Our experts design software with tools to grasp leads using barcodes, QR, RFID codes, NFC and more.
Lead administration keys
KeyUA designs lead administration keys to rate, grade and spread lead databanks with features for pictures, notes, and editing.
Event technology software keys
KeyUA designs outstanding event technology software solutions for you to boost your customers’ experience.
Event technology software
Our experts devise event technology software that gives your customers a tremendous experience when interacting with your brand.
Wearable technology software
We integrate our wearable technology software with a given company’s software for data gathering.
Beacon applications solutions
We design beacon applications that allow for interactive applications and other useful features.
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