Manufacturing Software Development

KeyUA offers convenient and reliable applications for automating and optimizing manufacturing processes. We provide customizable solutions that contribute to increased profitability and business efficiency. Make your company grow with scalable ERP software.

Custom Manufacturing Software Solutions

We create web and mobile applications to help startups, medium sized businesses, and established enterprises to satisfy their industry needs. Our team can provide a customized and scalable application of any complexity. Read more about the services we provide.

Benefits of Manufacturing Apps & Website Development Services

The rapid development of technology brings significant benefits to businesses of any size. Custom product development is the best way to get a competitive advantage. Your extra benefits are:

Remote manufacturing management

Market expansion

Reduced operational costs

Convenient procurement management

Automation of important business processes

Machine learning for deep data analysis and forecasting

Deeper customer communication

Improved information flow

Top-notch UI/UX design

Why KeyUA

We are fully focused on customer requirements during product development. Our team selects the best technology stacks to satisfy all project goals. At KeyUA, we code fast and clean. More benefits of working with us include:

Professional software department

Advanced project communication

Full compliance with requirements

String QA team

Flexible payment models

Scalable solutions

Fast time to market

Full-cycle development package

Transparent development

Understanding of business needs


years of expertise in software development


delivered manufacturing projects


result-driven team


software experts

What Our Customers Say About Us

Our philosophy is a client-oriented service. And we make every effort to provide fast and quality project delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our company by reading the information below.
What does manufacturing software do?

The software for the manufacturing industry is aimed at helping the company optimize its core processes, namely planning, evaluation, marketing, resource management, supply management, forecasting, and more. The goal of such software is to help production run smoothly.

What types of software do you create?

At KeyUA we build web and mobile apps for various manufacturing needs. We introduce unique products that meet the specifics of our customers' businesses. Our developers can create the software from scratch or make changes to an existing product, depending on the wishes of the client.

What is the price of manufacturing software development?

Each project is evaluated individually, depending on its goals and requirements. So, in order to make an estimate, we must understand the focus of the product that you want to implement. At KeyUA, we offer flexible rates that will fit customers with any budget level.

How do you deliver projects?

The process of building an application is divided into several stages. 1. We carefully study the specifications in order to determine the scope of tasks and set the priorities. 2. If necessary, we create designs for web and mobile versions in accordance with the wishes of the customer. 3. Our developers start writing the code. 4. As soon as the task is completed, it's pushed to the test server, where the quality assurance team begins to check it for compliance with the requirements. If you choose, you can also join the testing. After all the functionality is approved by you, we can begin live launch of the product.

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