E-Learning software development

Here in KeyUA we develop and provide our clients with exquisite e-learning and education software services for all kinds of educational schemes and system. This way we grant academic foundations, corporations, and businesses with a variety of individual solutions to succeed in their missions.

Learning management software

KeyUa elaborates solid learning management solutions that are both easy in use and effective.
Integrating with learning apps
Our software development experts create solutions for users to easily combine learning management software with numerous instruments, frames, platforms and more.
Mobile software development
We accommodate our software to iOS and Android operating systems to perform the best results and convenience.
Our software makes communication via streaming, messaging and other multimedia a solid system for results to be improved.
System plugins and enhancements
In order to make our learning management software one of the most convenient, intuitive and easy-to-use ones we create all kinds of extensions to fulfill all our clients’ needs.
Course authoring systems
KeyUA’s authoring solutions are created to meet all your needs and desires in e-learning experience.
Fascinating educational design
Here in KeyUA, we turn common educational maintenance into a fascinating journey using our educational authoring solutions.
Interactive education solutions
In order to make the process more amusing and engaging, we develop pedagogic interactions with simulations and animations.
Learn-and-play software
We use graphics to make the content look like an exciting game. Learning with contests and different challenges makes the process more engaging.

Student information system solutions

KeyUA develops student information system solutions to make the process of learning more accurate, clear and simple.
Learning management systems
We integrate student information system with learning management solutions and other software improvements.
Tracking solutions
Our systems help to track applicants within the process: admissions and registry management programming.
Education management
Our modules scheduling include features that are easy to understand and use.
Records and attendance systems
We have solutions to manage documents, records, and data. Our tools to regulate student attendance are part of our student information system.
Web-based training and education solutions
KeyUA develops systems to provide everyone with sought-for knowledge and courses.
Web-based training solutions
We develop web-based applications for corporate learning: e-learning classes for employees.
Individual web-based systems
If you’re looking for a distinct online course to acquire and improve your knowledge than KeyUA is the solution. We already have catalogs to provide you with.
Substantive training systems
KeyUA’s experts create platforms to fulfill the needs in studies of all kinds of formats.
Payment solutions
We provide the control of purchased maintenance with such solutions as programmed payment processing and modules to manage digital rights.
Build your software with KeyUA