Legal Software Development

Since 2008, KeyUA has been creating solid software for the legal industry. Our team consists of talented IT professionals who know which technology and functionality are most wanted by the juridical sector. We focus on the development of customized solutions that simplify the performance of independent attorneys, legal organizations, etc.

Custom Legal Software Solutions

Our software development for law firms includes the implementation of various projects that allow customers to effectively manage their businesses and meet states’ legal requirements. At KeyUA we design solid online platforms and integrate with third-party resources to provide cutting-edge solutions in different legal areas.

Benefits Of Legal Apps & Website Development Services

Online tools can help you run your business more effectively and achieve strategic goals. Here's what else you can get by ordering software solutions for the legal industry:

Handling documents through a smartphone

Convenient planning

Manage a business online

Attract extra clients

Useful courtroom technology modules

Ability to work remotely

Handy billing tools

Fast and efficient cases audit

Extensive database and cloud storage

Create reports in a couple of clicks

Fill out documents automatically

Why KeyUA

KeyUA carefully examines the requirements of customers and develops high-quality software that meets all business needs. Our goal is to help you systematize & automate your internal processes to save time and increase revenue. More benefits of working with us include:

Affordable price

Experienced software developers

Top-notch quality assurance

Non-disclosure agreement

Solid technology stack

A fully transparent development process

Fast time to market

User-friendly interface

Agile methodology

Creative design


years of practice in software development


delivered projects in the legal industry


customer satisfaction


experienced software developers

What Our Customers Say About Us

We draw inspiration and motivation from the ideas of our clients. KeyUA specialists are always ready to realize any wishes of customers in order to strictly fulfill their business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build software?

We calculate the price based on the required volume of tasks and functionality. We also develop various payment plans to make the software building more affordable. You can get an estimate of your project and cost calculation for free by contacting our specialists.

How do you develop software?

The process of building an application is divided into several main stages. First, we study the requirements in order to evaluate the project and draw up an implementation plan. After that, we discuss the price and time with the customer and proceed to the preparation of designs. The next stage is building the software. We break the process in iterations for convenience and deploy each set of ready-made tasks to a test server for review. When all the functionality is ready, we prepare to launch the product on the market.

What projects do you build?

At KeyUA we develop various custom solutions for the legal sector. Our team can realize any tasks, depending on the needs of your company. We build top-notch projects for startups and large law firms at an affordable price.

What do you need to begin the development process?

First of all, we must get the specification and project requirements for the study. After that, we agree on the development cost, sign a contract as well as a non-disclosure agreement, then we are ready to immediately proceed to the development stage.

Is it fast to build software?

The development time is based on the volume of tasks that need to be completed and the complexity of the functionality. We draw up a detailed plan for each project before proceeding. On average, building an application takes at least 3 months.

You have an idea, and we hold an advanced technology stack for its realization.