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KeyUA experts develop legal software systems to be applied in law firms across multiple areas. Our software provides the legal industry with audit and compliance software solutions to run the business and at the same time improve it by implementing appropriate software, tools, and automatization.

Law firms: software systems

KeyUA develops software systems for law firms that specialize in a variety of areas.
Case administration software
Our experts at KeyUA design case administration software solutions that are supported by all devices and platforms. Our case administration solutions are a combination of matter and case filing systems, applications and more.
Legal mobile applications
KeyUA has legal mobile application systems developed for use in both brick-and-mortar law firms and virtual ones. Our applications allow you to manage a document on multiple devices.
Law firm analytics software
Our analytics software systems are developed to help you gain new clients and win cases. With our law firm analytics software system, you’ll be able to estimate the effectiveness.
Law firm billing software
Our billing software solutions include features and characteristics such as tailored fee schedules, billing rates, and automated payment functions.
Title software systems
KeyUA develops title software systems that contain all the characteristics one would need for working in the industry of legal ownership.
Title production software
KeyUA has all the important title software solutions such as order and title rate administration, web-based title search, etc.
Title closing software systems
Our experts design title closing software systems that are automated and contain plenty of special features. Our mobile applications for title closing allow you to control updates in real time.
Title search software systems
Our title search software systems are developed to help with numerous tasks. Reporting, document management, and online search are among these functions.

Audit software systems development

KeyUA has domestic and external audit software solutions for IT, exchequer, operations and more.
Audit planning software systems
Our experts design audit planning software systems for you to plan, manage and complete the entire work properly. Our software has numerous integrated tools like calendar operation, time control and risk evaluation.
Audit mobile apps solutions
With our unique mobile apps for auditing, you can manage your working process online and offline, at any place and time. We implement plenty of important features to audit forms such as digital signatures, remote access and much more.
Audit workflow software
KeyUA has audit workflow software systems ready to be customized and adjusted to each and every company’s needs. Our solutions include business branding deployed to web gateways and mobile applications.
Issue management software
KeyUA experts design solutions to manage issues with dozens of features that will improve the whole working process. Among those attributes are live tracking, reporting and more.
Compliance software systems
Retail, health care, finance and more are among the industries for which we develop compliance software systems.
Compliance management software
We design and integrate our compliance software systems to make sure that every member in the law industry chain realizes and implements compliance as they run their business.
IT compliance software solutions
Our software solutions are developed to monitor and deal with a great number of IT laws and regulations.
Reporting and analytics software
In order to control and maintain a level of compliance and excellence in data, KeyUA experts develop dashboards that can be customized and applied to businesses’ needs.
Audit security software development
Our audit security software has solutions to track and distinguish multiple threats to be settled. We use tools such as authorized access control, automated backup and recovery, archiving.
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