Aviation Software Development

KeyUA is an aviation software company that creates convenient solutions for all players in the aviation industry. We develop safe and reliable applications that totally satisfy business requirements. If you need a unique product for managing human resources, planning flights, controlling cargo, etc, we can provide you with first-class web & mobile apps.

Custom Aviation Software Solutions

Over our years of practice, we have developed 12+ airline software solutions of varying complexity, from simple ticket reservations to unique analytic systems using machine learning. Here at KeyUA, we strive to design reliable and scalable applications that will help you make effective management decisions and ensure that your business grows.

Benefits of Aviation Apps & Website Development Services

Automate part of your processes and make them more efficient through custom app development. Creating software that meets the goals of your business is a powerful way to increase the profitability of your company. Here’s what else you can get by ordering software development services:

More accurate flight management & scheduling process

Increase competitiveness

Affordable company management from anywhere in the world

Advanced access control

Improve business processes and visibility

Sales increase due to automatic reservation system

Optimize rostering and reduce costs

Affordable integration with third-party resources to increase the functionality

Quality human resource management

Handy solutions for history and transaction tracking

Excellent analytics tools

Effective business decision-making mechanisms

Why KeyUA

Distinctive features of our company are high-quality development in accordance with all deadlines. Our IT professionals ensure that the product meets all the requirements and wishes of the customer and has a sound competitive advantage. More benefits of working with us include:

Advanced project management methodology

Full focus on innovative development

Cost-effective development

Genuine aviation solution

Easy to use software

Continuous maintenance

Sound quality assurance team

Diverse technological experience

User-friendly and beautiful interface

No pitfalls or hidden fees


years of expertise in aviation software development


delivered projects


result-driven team


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What Our Customers Say About Us

We are fully focused on providing client-oriented services. We care about the image of our company, and so we provide exclusive, high-quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clarify some questions that will allow you to learn more about our services.
How many development resources do you usually assign to a project?

The project team depends on the goals and objectives of the product. The more complex the functionality, the more specialists will work on the application. When forming the appropriate teams, we select the best IT talents who can effectively perform the specific tasks of the project.

Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of my intellectual property?

Yes, definitely. Before starting development, we sign a contract and non-disclosure agreement that guarantees the safety of your intellectual property.

Will you support the product once the development is over?

We can support, administer, and update the product after we complete the project requirements. Further support is optional and depends on what you desire.

Stop dreaming. It's time to act. We can bring your idea to life in the shortest possible time.