Application Maintenance Services

Modern markets dictate certain conditions for doing online business, including the constant maintenance and updating of software functionality. As an application maintenance company, KeyUA offers a wide range of manual and automated support operations for web and mobile products and solves complex problems. Our team is ready to take care of the reliability and competitiveness of your digital assets.

What Is Included in Application Maintenance Services

Since 2008, KeyUA has been providing application maintenance and support services to help products function successfully. We deliver reliable solutions that help to cover even the most difficult needs. Free yourself from additional responsibilities and let our engineers take care of your software.
  • General Application Management Services
  • OS And Server Migration
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Release & Control Services
  • Bug Fixes
  • Code Refactoring
  • Emergency Maintenance

General Application Management Services

Manage the quality of your application with affordable and reliable services. We offer software upgrades, security system updates, performance improvements, and much more. Increase the competitiveness of the application.

  • Version release management
  • Ensuring stable operation of the application
  • Incident and patch management

OS And Server Migration

Our experts carefully analyze the performance of your application and business goals in order to prepare effective product development strategies. We update the OS or perform server migration to increase system security and add additional capacities.

  • Web & mobile app server migration
  • Operating system update
  • Setting up new servers

Adaptive Maintenance

Adapt an app to new technical conditions to improve application performance and increase its capabilities. KeyUA specialists can set up a new environment and transfer the entire functionality of the application to it, in order to help the business achieve strategic goals.

  • Hardware upgrade & support
  • Middleware usage
  • New tools set up

Release & Control Services

If you need services for releasing, configuring, and modifying apps, we will provide you with beneficial solutions. Our team will make sure that your product works stably and demonstrates high performance after entering the market.

  • Release version control
  • Complete satisfaction of business goals
  • Quality control

Bug Fixes

We make sure that a product functions efficiently during the development process and after release. Our specialists focus on quick and reliable fixes of inconsistencies in the system and weaknesses before users notice them.

  • Full functionality and code support
  • Implement additional tools
  • System audit

Code Refactoring

With refactoring it is easy to improve the overall application performance, search, and architecture without significant changes in functionality. At KeyUA we quickly and efficiently modify the source code for optimal execution.

  • Robust internal structure
  • Easy to understand code
  • No changes in features and interface

Emergency Maintenance

If critical or unforeseen changes have occurred with your system, we can quickly fix the problems. Our team provides various services to correct even the most serious emergencies.

  • Testing and hot fixing
  • Data recovery
  • Fast and secure server updates

Application Maintenance Solutions

Fast time to market and constant updating of technologies are what we focus on when producing maintenance and support operations.
DevOps Solutions
Improve the efficiency of your mobile or web application with a comprehensive DevOps. At KeyUA we accelerate the result by using reliable approaches to reduce the time it takes to complete corrections, decrease the frequency of release failures, and combine various processes.
Quality Assurance
We test all the features of the system after any changes to make sure that the application meets all the stated requirements. Maintaining high quality and reliability of the system is a way to attract new customers and expand cash flows.
Application Transfering
Transfer your application to new technologies or platforms without negative consequences for business activities. We will help you maintain high system performance even while changing the context.
Project Analysis
At KeyUA we thoroughly analyze the project features and business requirements to develop a successful process improvement strategy. Our specialists provide comprehensive advice on upgrading infrastructure and internal tech operations.

Why Key UA is the Best in Supporting Your Business

We help enterprises of various sizes to maintain their competitive advantage and attract new customers. Here are more benefits of choosing our services:

Solid tech experience

Creative & motivated team

Focus on a long partnership

Monitoring of software on a regular basis

High-quality maintenance of project documentation

System requirement validation

Fast response

On-time data backup and recovery

Compliance with business goals

Team forming based on project needs

Immediate bug fixes

Affordable price


years of practice in software maintenance services


experienced team members


successfully supported web and mobile apps


data security

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Project Steps

Our team renders web and mobile application maintenance services for various periods of time depending on the customers' wishes. See the basic lifecycle of our support process.

Business needs analysis

An analysis of the needs of your company and the industry as a whole is a reliable way to understand what best to focus on. We carefully study the objectives of the project, including documentation, requirements, and limitations.


Plan Preparation

Based on the data obtained from the previous step, we formulate and structure the plan of service that we can offer you.



As soon as we agree on the action plan, our team begins to carry out the work on maintaining, administering, and updating the system. We also conduct parallel testing and study of how changes affect the product.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

The positive feedback from our customers best describes what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions to clarify the details of our services. If something is still unclear for you, feel free to contact our tech experts.
How much do you charge for app maintenance services?

The price of maintenance services depends on various factors, for example, the amount of work, its complexity, number of team members, and so on. You can share the details of your project with our specialists and they will prepare an accurate assessment for your case.

How much time do you need to maintain software?

The time required to work on your project depends mostly on your wishes. You can sign a contract with us for short or long term cooperation, depending on what most suits your business needs. Our team is ready to support applications of any complexity to help you achieve your strategic goals.

What software application maintenance services do you provide?

We provide services for maintaining and updating web and mobile applications of any complexity, whether created by our team or third-party developers. Our team will ensure that your product meets the needs of the market and possesses innovative technologies.

How to choose the best company that provides app maintenance services?

In order to make the right choice, you must study the experience and capabilities of the company. At KeyUA we carefully review all the requirements of the client in order to provide the most effective services.

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