Application Modernization Services

For more than 12 years, KeyUA experts have been providing result-oriented application upgrade services. Our team uses effective methods to make your software more productive, interesting, and reliable. We guarantee top-notch and fast modernization at an affordable price.

What is Included in Application Modernization Services

Over the several years, KeyUA has updated 40+ applications for businesses of various sizes. We use high-quality and safe technologies to provide sound app modernization services, making software efficient and stable. Regardless of the complexity of your problem, we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive and unique solution.
  • Application Reengineering
  • Migration Services
  • Refactoring Services
  • API Migration & Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • Launch New Features
  • Get Support After Launch

Application Reengineering

Upgrade the outdated technologies of your software to increase application performance and appeal. At KeyUA we can easily update the code, architecture, and design of the app to help you achieve business goals.

  • Interface improvement
  • Productivity increase
  • Use the most recent frameworks versions for efficient and cheaper support of an app

Migration Services

Migrate your application to a new environment to ensure its stable performance. Our team performs operations on setting up a new environment, the migration of servers, databases, and so on.

  • Operating system updates
  • Update old versions of web & mobile apps
  • Integration with new tools

Refactoring Services

Improve the logic of your applications invisibly to users. We will help you to qualitatively modernize the functionality of the application in a short time, ensure its scalability and provide solid maintenance.

  • Cloud-native design
  • Changes in the service logic
  • Maintenance at the right level

API Migration & Modernization

Our team provides various API modernization and migration services to make your product even more convenient and attractive for users. The services we offer include transferring the website to mobile API, various web & host API set ups, etc.

  • Configuring additional features
  • API update
  • Service pack installation

Cloud Migration

More and more companies are trending to cloud migration as an efficient way of legacy application modernization. Make your data storage more convenient and reliable with cloud-based solutions. Our team will carry out all the necessary processes to transfer your important information to the cloud.

  • Choosing a reliable platform and cloud service provider
  • Ensuring migration for large enterprises
  • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Anthos, VMware Cloud

Launch New Features

Want to expand the functionality of your application and implement new features? KeyUA will examine all your requirements and prepare a full development plan. Our experts accept even the most difficult challenges.

  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Add to or change the basic functionality and design
  • Transformation in accordance with innovative technologies

Get Support After Launch

Supporting a system after it has entered the market is a great way to increase and extend its competitive advantage. By constantly maintaining the application, you will always use the latest technology and easily update the functionality depending on market conditions.

  • Qualitatively testing and identifying the app’s bottlenecks
  • Security update
  • Quick response to market changes

Application Modernization Solutions

Easily transform your outdated technologies while you keep your app running. We do not disable your software during the upgrade process. Users will still be able to access the functionality while we update the code.
Application Assessment
At KeyUA we carefully evaluate all the functionality and features of your application in order to prepare the most appropriate modernization measures. Our team develops economically feasible solutions that reduce the cost of maintaining and supporting the application.
Architecture Update & Maintenance
Our specialists update various architecture modules to meet the strict requirements of the market. We also support application logic to ensure the stable performance of all operations.
Application Decommissioning
Without proper maintenance, all applications become obsolete over time, and their functions cease to be applicable. The KeyUA team completely reforms irrelevant systems and takes care of maintaining old data, reducing operating costs.
Eliminate Crashes
We will eliminate all crashes of functionality or technologies incompatibility so that your product performs all operations efficiently. Our experts carefully test the code and app features, quickly identifying failures and problem areas, and then take all steps to fix them.

Why KeyUA is the Best in Supporting Your Business

Our goal is high-quality and comprehensive enterprise application modernization. At KeyUA we carefully study the requirements of the project in order to form a team of the most suitable specialists. Additional bonuses that you can get by collaborating with us include:

Total engagement in the process

High speed of work without loss of quality

Focus on business needs

Transparent delivery

Launch new features faster than competitors

First time right process

Get better data analytics

Instantly resolve issues

Support & maintenance of the project after delivery

Quick releases

Full-stack experts

No hidden fees


years of expertise in legacy software modernization


experienced team members


successfully modernized web and mobile apps


data security

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Project Steps

In order for you to clearly understand what operations we perform, check out the software upgrade cycle that we adhere to.

Define requirements

We collect the necessary requirements for application functionality and design. Then we discuss the features with the customer and sign a development contract.


App Investigation

We study the existing functionality in order to understand what exactly needs to be improved and how we can follow the clients preferences.


Plan Preparation

Our experts draw up an implementation plan, as well as a range of technical tasks that must be completed. If required, our creative unit also prepares new designs.



We proceed to the stage of modernization or development of new functionality in accordance with the specified requirements and plan. Our team makes a backup of all the software data. All development takes place in a separate environment, so our operations will not affect the users of the application.



When the required amount of tasks is completed, KeyUA quality assurance specialists test the product to verify that it is functioning correctly.



Our team moves the product to a new environment and is fully prepared to hit the market with a new version of an app.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

We are proud of our partnership with all our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need qualified help, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary services. See what else you should know about our modernization approach.
What’s the cost of app modernization?

Before providing an estimate, we will examine your requirements and wishes. The price of services largely depends on the volume and complexity of the tasks, as well as the amount of time needed to complete all the work.

What apps do you modernize?

We provide services for updating and improving web and mobile applications of any complexity. KeyUA ensures that your software keeps up with the latest trends in technologies.

What types of clients do you serve?

Our company cooperates with customers from various industries. We help startups and enterprises of different sizes achieve strategic goals through a modern approach to the development and modernization of software.

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