Custom Web Development Services

Since 2008, KeyUA has been providing unique web application development services to meet different clients' requirements. We apply a powerful technology stack to create quality products. Using the best talent in the industry, we help startups and companies of various sizes expand their business opportunities.

What is Included in Custom Web Development Services

Custom web development services are necessary to expand your company and attract more customers. By creating a unique product, you can grow your business. Our team develops the best software solutions, from simple chat booths to complex commerce platforms.
  • Custom Website & App Developments
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • API Integration
  • Client Relationship Management Systems
  • Technology and Marketing Consulting
  • Software Prototyping

Custom Website & App Developments

At KeyUA, we create scalable applications from scratch or improve existing solutions. For over 12 years, our team has been creating quality products with strong competitive advantages. As seasoned pros, we are always ready to accept a challenge and realize even the most incredible ideas. We cover:

  • Custom web solutions
  • Further maintenance and support
  • Infrastructure reliability assessment

eCommerce Solutions

We have created 45+ efficient eCommerce systems in various sectors that meet all market needs. Caring about transaction security and data safety, we introduce advanced solutions to protect portals from all kinds of hacker attacks. With us, you can be totally sure about the reliability of your online business.

  • Custom platforms
  • Secure payments
  • Data protection

API Integration

Sometimes using a ready-made solution can be significantly more effective than developing new projects. Our company provides third party and API integration services to help your business grow. We can easily sync your system with Salesforce, Google Maps, reliable payment gateways, popular social networks, etc.

  • Quick integration
  • Compatibility check
  • Data scalability

Client Relationship Management Systems

Effectively manage relationships with clients using custom CRM systems. We will develop and personalize the software to meet the purpose of your business. There is no need to purchase ready-made solutions that do not fit your strategy. Create a unique and convenient system with KeyUA.

  • Increasing customers engagement
  • Quality communications
  • Individual solution development

Technology and Marketing Consulting

Our team consists of 70+ experts who are ready to give you the best advice on choosing the right technology and developing online marketing strategies. We provide a strong partnership and treat the success of your business as if it's ours.

  • Effective technical tips
  • Proven online marketing strategies
  • Full focus on the client’s needs

Software Prototyping

We build custom prototypes to test your ideas and evaluate the attractiveness of the application. This is a convenient way to understand how effective and demanding a product will be before you spend money on entering the market.

  • Fast and high-quality prototype development
  • Acceptable price
  • Choosing the most effective technologies

Custom Web Development Solutions

If you are looking for an application to meet specific needs, we can offer you an experienced team of software developers and IT experts.
Web Design Creation
Our creative unit team makes great responsive designs to highlight your brand's peculiarities. We take into account all your wishes and turn them into attractive and user-friendly layouts.
Cross-Browser Development
Our development team makes solid applications that are compatible with any devices and browsers. We will make sure that your product functions with 100% performance on any platform.
Full Tech Stack
KeyUA has 40+ full-stack developers, who are using the best technology for delivering products with integrity. There is no need to look for specialists in client-side and server-side programming separately, we already have all the required human resources.
Machine Learning
Build your system to identify patterns and make important decisions. For 5+ years we have been developing machine learning algorithms for medical, insurance, and energy field products to effectively solve complex problems.

Why Key UA is the Best in Supporting Your Business

As a custom web development company, KeyUA provides innovative solutions in various sectors. We qualitatively test any product we execute before it hits the market. Our main goal is sound app development that meets the needs of customers.

Understanding of business needs

Fast project execution

Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Advanced approach

Transparency over the development process

Compliance with industry standards

No freelancers

Dedicated teams

Long-term partnership

Project support after the delivery

Business customized apps

Data security


years of practice in custom web software development


experienced team members


successfully delivered web projects


data security

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Project Steps

KeyUA provides complex services in custom web app development. We guarantee the transparency of the development process with daily or weekly calls, as well as performing the scope of tasks by iterations and deploying finished features to a test server, where you can immediately get acquainted with the work done.

Study requirements

We carefully study all the requirements for the project in order to achieve mutual understanding with the client. You can provide the requirements in writing, or you can discuss it with our expert during the call so that they draw up a high-level features list for estimation. It is pretty quick and easy.


Price negotiation

Based on the project specification, we set the price and discuss it with the customer, after which we sign a contract and non-disclosure agreement.


Set up timelines

We develop a schedule for completing tasks including set deadlines, breaking the project into the main stages of development.



We adhere to the Agile methodology in the app-building process. By breaking all tasks into short sprints, we achieve consistent and transparent development. Main parts of software creation are: Responsive web apps design preparation. Prototype development (optional) Software development Testing Project Validation



Our team carefully prepares for the launch of the application on the market, making sure that it best meets the requirements and goals of the business.



KeyUA experts develop top-notch online marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.



Our team provides further support for all applications developed by us, according to the customer's wishes. We will make changes or improvements depending on market needs.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

We love satisfying all our customers’ expectations. And our customers can tell you about us better than anyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services and abilities? We have prepared a list of topical issues that will help you to better understand the essence of our development process.
Will the code be my intellectual property?

Yes, of course. Regardless of what we develop, the customer is the owner of all the code that we produce. You will have access to the database, server, and project repository.

How much does it cost to develop a custom web app?

Before designating the final cost, we must study the specification of the project. After evaluating all the tasks, we will give you a price estimate as well as a plan for the implementation of all stages of the project. Order a free consultation from our experts to evaluate your project down below.

How do you manage the execution of project stages?

For each project, we designate a project manager who will strictly monitor the implementation of all tasks and their compliance with the requirements. They will be the link between you and the team. So you do not have to manage our development team, the relevant specialist will take all responsibility.

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