What can we offer

KeyUA provides e-Commerce software development services for trading floors, social networks, and p2p platforms. Using the services of our company, you will receive an application that works with third-party platforms and data sets migration.
Management solutions for e-Commerce
Our company provides software development for E-commerce management operations that will help a lot with improving your positions on the market
Delivery management
When it comes to large deliveries, you need to have the capabilities to control shipping precisely. This will help you reduce the price of shipping and strengthen your position in the market.
Multi-Platform integration
To expand your business, working with a single e-Commerce platform will not be enough. Thanks to our solutions, you can achieve high cross-platform sales.
Pricing management
The buyer always takes into account the price of the goods. In most cases, price is the main factor of purchase. Automation of pricing management is one of the most important elements of successful competition.

Software development for E-commerce

With KeyUA you will get robust software solutions for your e-commerce project with notable flexibility and useful features
E-commerce app development
KeyUA provides the development of e-Commerce applications following the vision of the client. Multi-platform desktop applications with mobile adaptation for Android and iOS. Thanks to our technical stack, we can provide the full functionality of your future application.
Custom CMS
Our developers will provide a customizable Content Management System in which you can manage prices, inventory, content.
Support and administration
Thanks to automated administrative services, all questions and problems of your e-Commerce platform can be solved. KeyUA supports any issues with errors, data problems, and other points that the customer wants to correct or improve.
Using our services, you will receive a custom e-Commerce payment system, which will work with credit, fleet, and debit cards. Besides, the system will work with EBT (Electronic Balance Transfers), mobile payments, discount cards, etc.

Why choose us?

By choosing our development services for your E-commerce project, you will get a team of experts with a solid background in E-commerce field
Full-stack software development experts
We work with front-end, back-end, structure, and architecture of your application and follow the client’s needs.
Precise architecture design
We produce scalable architecture that can handle a significant number of users and transactions. By using our services, you will get an architecture that will empower the performance of your infrastructure.
E-commerce is a piece of cake for us
Our company has extensive expertise in e-Commerce area: we already built many e-Commerce projects that work for their owners by using a variety of technologies.
With KeyUA, you can get a big project made from scratch. We handle the design, front-end, back-end, UI/UX design, development, and deployment, as well as future maintenance and support.
Build your software with KeyUA