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KeyUA creates outstanding transportation software for every niche in the industry. Our numerous software solutions help you administer and optimize the process, resulting in a safer and more user-friendly transportation business.

Parking administration software

Our experts come up with software for parking administration that optimizes and improves
the process of running a parking lot.
Parking permit software keys
We design mobile applications and online platforms for the self-registration of users, as well as tools that notify you when permits have expired.
Parking access control keys
KeyUA creates parking access control keys with features for vehicle tracking and automated non-eligible-user alarms and notifications.
Parking lot security systems
KeyUA integrates parking lot security software and HD camera technology with parking administration platforms for automated video records.
Parking enforcement software
We concoct unique software and applications for parking lot attendants, with features for QR-code ticketing, vehicle damage documentation, etc.
Car rental software solutions
Use our car rental software keys to administer rental contracts, and access mobile systems for booking and vehicle tracking.
Booking and reservation software
We design booking and reservation software that integrates with online travel agencies and tour operator websites.
Insurance software
Our software lends a helping hand with accident insurance and related issues.
Vehicle administration keys
KeyUA develops vehicle administration keys that give you numerous features such as dashboards, notifications, etc.
Car tracking software solutions
We devise software for car tracking, with tools for real-time searches.

Public transportation administration

We develop public transportation administration keys that contain enterprise resource planning applications, dispatch platforms, mapping solutions, and more.
Transmission of information
KeyUA designs business intelligence systems that allow for the transmission of information through vehicles, compliance with regulations, and vehicle tracking.
Mapping software
We devise mapping software that submits records of departure and arrival time to back office timetables and PIS, with the help of GPS, GIS, etc.
Route optimization keys
A combination of route analysis programs and scheduling software allow us to optimize travel and make it safer.
Paratransit dispatch software
KeyUA designs paratransit dispatch software keys with tools for scheduling, communications, route optimization, etc.
Dispatch software development
KeyUA creates dispatch software keys with numerous features such as scheduling, mobile applications, emergency dispatch solutions and more.
Dispatch routing
We integrate our routing applications with third-party geographic information.
Emergency dispatch software
KeyUA creates emergency dispatch software with features for time trackers, automatic number identification and location identifier integrations.
Mobile dispatch
We design mobile dispatch software for multiple mobile platforms.
Dispatch scheduling solutions
Our experts devise dispatch scheduling solutions to automate and optimize processes such as asset administration.

Fleet administration software keys

Our software equips you with instruments for tracking, fuel administration, data administration and more to optimize your time spent on the job.
Fleet transmission of information
We design fleet transmission of information software for vehicle and data administration, scheduling, etc.
Fuel administration keys
Our fuel administration software works with analytics engines to optimize fuel consumption.
GPS tracking
We develop routing applications and integrate them with third-party geographic information systems.
Property administration
KeyUA designs property administration software to manage and control vehicle conditions and facilities.
Traffic administration software solutions
Our modern software solutions help with traffic administration and grant you a high-level of protection. We provide in-the-moment information on traffic conditions and much more.
Network software solutions
We come up with network software that integrates with a great number of security protocols.
Intelligent transportation system
Administer traffic with our intelligent transportation system.
Information administration systems
We develop unique software to estimate all kinds of delays, stops and trip times.
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