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Hire PHP developers from KeyUA to build simple or complex web solutions that fully meet the strategic goals of the business. Since 2008, our team has been developing custom scalable products that work in a variety of industries. Take your business to the next level with our full-stack PHP coders.

We Offer the Next PHP Web Development Expertise

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for server-side, which allows you to create sites of any complexity. As a trusted offshore software development company, we offer a wide range of services related to apps building with PHP. Using various frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Yii, etc), we create highly productive and secure products for startups, medium-sized enterprises, and large businesses.

Custom PHP Web Application Development
Using PHP is a good opportunity to create various products, from single-page sites to complex corporate applications. We deliver robust and secure products that meet essential business needs.
API & Web Service Integration
API development allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the software. The PHP development team from KeyUA has more than 12 years of experience not only in creating custom applications but also in building APIs and integrating with advanced tools.
Upgrades & Migrations
We can qualitatively update legacy software or migrate it to other reliable technologies to enhance product functionality. You can completely rely on KeyUA in all matters related to top-notch software development.
Software Support & Maintenance
Our team has extensive experience in supporting web applications and ensuring their high-quality functionality. Even if the software was not created by us, we will take care of its top-notch maintenance.
Full-stack Development
Save your budget by hiring professional full-stack developers. Our experts will make sure that your backend is secure and highly productive and the front-end is user-friendly and loads quickly.
You can contact us with any questions and we will provide informed solutions. Our team advises on the selection and application of various technologies. We carefully study the situation of the client to give an effective answer.
Make your business be more productive with a trusted PHP development company.

Benefits of PHP For Your Business

According to Statista, about 85% of dynamic websites are built with PHP. This backend programming language is popular due to the fast turn-around time, enhanced security, and affordability. With PHP, you can count on creating highly productive portals and eCommerce platforms. It’s a powerful solution for businesses of any size. More benefits of PHP development services:

Easy codes and complete control

Offers optimal web solutions

Cost-effective tool

Easily customizable

Safe and secure

Complete control over the system

Dynamic web-based development

Robust frameworks

A large collection of open-source addons

Excellent flexibility and combinability

Good loading speed of websites

Ability to connect to almost any database

Why Should You Hire PHP Developers From KeyUA

Our outsourcing development team creates unique solutions for companies of all sizes. We closely follow the needs of projects and market trends to provide software with excellent performance. If you are looking for a reliable team that delivers a product on time, hire the KeyUA PHP web development company. More benefits of working with us:

Bug-free coding

Fast market entry

Full focus on clients satisfaction

Transparent development process

Dedicated teams

Solid security assurance

Agile project management

Strict quality control measures

Easy communication

No freelancers

Flexible pricing models

Compliance to the industry best practices

Our Industry Expertise In PHP Development
Due to its advanced tools and secure architecture, PHP is used in a variety of industries. It is compatible with a wide range of databases, and also operates on almost all servers, which allows you to create applications of any complexity and functionality. Besides this, it has many powerful frameworks, which makes development faster and more convenient. For over 12 years we have been using the best technologies for developing web projects. Our programmers specialize in the selection and application of top technology stacks, creating high-quality products.
Food & Beverage
We built scalable platforms for placing orders, managing menus and personal services, analytics software, processing online payments, and much more. Make your Food & Beverage business profitable with reliable development from KeyUA.
Real Estate
Property management, maintenance, cloud-based software, homeowners’ association, etc are just a part of what our outsourced team can provide. We create apps with unique designs and extended functionality for real estate needs.
With PHP web application development it's easy to execute top-notch construction accounting or scheduling software, CRM & ERP systems, analytics apps, and much more. Our engineers develop products of varying complexity, introducing innovative tools and proven technologies.
Supply Chain Management
At KeyUA, we have extensive experience in delivering quality products built on PHP for the supply chain management industry. Manage your business efficiently and process data from third-party contractors with our comprehensive solutions
KeyUA engineers deliver custom manufacturing software solutions for businesses of any size. We can create a quality solution from analytical applications to enterprise resource planning software.
Financial & Banking
As one of the possible object-oriented languages, PHP also has powerful built-in security tools. That is why it is a reliable choice for creating banking software. At KeyUA, we deliver secure and custom solutions for financial software, analytics applications, fraud detection systems, financial and economic modeling software, trading platforms, etc.
Our experts are always happy to help you realize your idea. No matter how complicated it is, we will develop a first-class product for you. Select the best PHP developers for hire.

See More of Our PHP Web Development Examples

As a trusted PHP developer, we have delivered dozens of unique projects. Explore our portfolio to learn more about our capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About PHP Web Development

We want to share with you more detailed information on how our development process is organized.
How can I communicate with the team?

Our team possesses excellent communication skills and we are always in touch. We communicate with clients via email, messages in task managers, and phone calls. We are always open to communication and provide customers with complete information about the status of the project.

Can I hire PHP developers as per my specific industry?

Sure. We provide experienced engineers who have a solid background in various industries including E-learning and Education, Logistics & Transportations, Lending, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Financial & Banking, etc. When developing applications, we strictly follow the needs of the industry and the market in order to deliver a product with the highest degree of competitiveness.

How many days per week and hours per day do your PHP developers work?

Our developers work 5 days a week. Their schedule is 8 hours per day. Thus, you can expect to get at least 180 working hours per month. Depending on the goals and needs of your project, you can adjust the working hours of the programmers. Contact our experts if you need a non-standard development schedule.

How much does it cost to build a project?

Each project is unique, so it is difficult to name a standard price for development. The project budget depends on the tasks that need to be completed and their complexity. The more difficult the solution you want, the higher the cost will be. At KeyUA we offer affordable collaboration models. You can hire full-time or part-time developers, whichever is more preferable for your business.

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