Cloud Application Development

If you are looking for quality cloud app development services, KeyUA is ready to help. Our team provides unique software solutions for various industries. We cooperate with startups, medium, and large size businesses. Let us realize even your most daring ideas!

What is Included in Cloud Application Development Services

For more than 10 years, our company has been providing a diverse range of cloud services for the needs of commercial areas. We carefully study the project requirements and implement the most effective technologies to help the business grow. Fast time to market and top-notch delivery are the things that we are focusing on.
  • Custom Cloud Applications
  • Cloud-Native Apps
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud SDK Development
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Application Re-Architecting
  • Document Management

Custom Cloud Applications

With extensive knowledge and experience in business analytics and software design, the KeyUA team creates scalable cloud applications. We use advanced solutions and innovative technologies to build effective and high-performance products.

  • Enterprise solution
  • Saas development
  • Facilitate business agility

Cloud-Native Apps

Grow your business with cloud-based applications. We deliver automated cloud-native applications with a private, public or hybrid cloud, based on an effective infrastructure or presented in the form of microservices.

  • DevOps services
  • Continuous delivery
  • Microservices & containers

Cloud Migration

Increase application flexibility, computing, and capabilities by moving legacy technology to the cloud. Our team will take care of the quality transfer of your software from physical servers to the cloud.

  • Fast and efficient process
  • Optimization of migration and workload
  • Configure the entire infrastructure

Cloud Security

Based on our vast experience in cloud and web application development, we provide high security for our custom products. Increase the reliability of your corporate or individual software with KeyUA.

  • Best encryption algorithms
  • High protection against hacking
  • Reliable databases

Cloud Integration

Integration with third-party resources is a good opportunity to increase the efficiency of the application and expand its functionality. The KeyUA team uses powerful tools to integrate with third-party processes, resources, databases, and even whole cloud platforms to help your business grow.

  • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud integration
  • Scalable end to end solutions
  • Fast and reliable integration

Cloud SDK Development

Get comprehensive control over your resources with the development of cloud SDK. At KeyUA, we apply innovative technologies to create development kits that allow our customers to increase the impact of their business.

  • Complete solutions
  • Reflection of company features
  • Increase online presence

Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics together with machine learning allows you to process large volumes of data and helps make important decisions. We develop platforms for optimizing the analysis of various data, planning, and reporting to speed up the company's internal processes and assist with strategic growth.

  • Solid computing power
  • Intuitive interface
  • High-performance systems

Application Re-Architecting

Get more scalability and performance through application modernization and re-engineering. The KeyUA team uses all the necessary knowledge and tools to update obsolete technology with third-party APIs and cloud computing.

  • Functionality improvement
  • Innovative technologies usage
  • Sound cloud application development platforms

Document Management

Our team creates unique and comprehensive cloud storage and document management solutions. Forget about paperwork and move on to more efficient and secure approaches for managing documents.

  • High data protection
  • Online and offline access
  • Electronic signature

Cloud Application Development Solutions

Easily expand your business and automate processes with custom cloud development. At KeyUA, we provide the best solutions for building, managing, and maintaining software products.
Dedicated Teams
We create teams of the most effective specialists in order to meet the project objectives with the highest quality. Our IT industry experts carefully study the product requirements to fully satisfy all the customer’s needs.
Cloud Deployment
If you need to quickly, efficiently, and reliably integrate cloud solutions with a wider range of functionality, KeyUA can help. We build cloud applications with an expanded infrastructure and microservices.
Cloud Consulting
Our IT specialists will be pleased to evaluate your project in order to select the appropriate tools and develop the most effective implementation plan. We offer quality cloud consulting services to help you make the most important business decisions.
Monitoring and Maintenance
We support and maintain cloud applications in order to ensure their reliability and high performance. The KeyUA team carefully monitors the products, identifies any bottlenecks and eliminates them immediately.
Risk Management
Cloud applications have a high degree of protection, however, the data is not completely impenetrable. At KeyUA, we implement individual solutions for security, risk management, system auditing, and consulting in order to thoroughly protect your information.
Business Rules Mining
Our analysts carefully research the needs of the business and market trends in order to deliver a highly competitive product. KeyUA is a reliable partner that promotes the growth of your company.

Why KeyUA Is the Best in Supporting Your Business

Our goal is to create superior scalable products that precisely meet the needs of your business. The KeyUA team is constantly evolving and gaining new knowledge to provide the highest level of cloud computing development services.

Effective project management

Fast delivery

Qualitative code

Only the best IT experts

Thorough study of business needs

Project support & maintenance

Solid data protection

Extensive infrastructure

Comprehensive testing

Deep market research

Proactive approach

Tech consulting


years of expertise in cloud-based application development


experienced team members


successfully delivered projects


data security

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Project Steps

Our team demonstrates complete transparency when building software. We support advanced communication with clients and are always ready for dialogue. See the lifecycle of our development process.

Gather Requirements

We start with a dialogue with the customer, discussing all product requirements, figuring out the specifications and implementation nuances. Customers can provide us requirements in any convenient form.


Contract Signing

We evaluate the project in order to calculate its cost, discussing everything with the customer, and sign a contract for the implementation of services.



Our team examines the project documentation in order to identify the main goals and prepare a plan for realization, splitting tasks into sprints.



Our designers carefully study the customer’s wishes and draw layouts for web and mobile software.



At this stage, we turn your idea into real software. Our developers create the code according to the specifications and business needs.


Quality Assurance

After completing the tasks, our experts test applications in order to make sure of its high quality. We carefully check all the functionality for compliance with the requirements and quickly eliminate bugs if they are detected.



When the prototype or complete software is ready, our team prepares it for the market and performs all the related technical work.



Per the request of the customer, our marketers engage in the development of individual marketing campaigns and increasing brand awareness.



After the product enters the market, we support cloud applications, administer them, and update technologies over time.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them to provide you with more comprehensive information.
What is cloud app development?

Cloud software building involves the creation of highly developed web applications, which saves time for product designing. At KeyUA, we deliver custom solutions and integrate them with third-party resources to execute a high-quality and user-friendly product. Our software development facilitates the use of innovative technologies and a reliable technical stack.

How much does it cost to create a cloud application?

The price varies greatly depending on the project. The more tasks and the higher their complexity, the more expensive the development will be. Each project is unique. so there is no average price for all products. If you want to get a more accurate calculation of the cost and time, contact our specialists for help. We will provide you with a free consultation.

Can you integrate my app with cloud solutions?

At KeyUA we develop cloud applications, as well as support and update them. Besides this, our specialists provide quality reengineering services, transferring outdated technologies to the cloud format. We can develop applications from scratch, update software built by third-party developers, and carry out cloud integration, migration, and support.

What is better: cloud app or web app?

Any cloud application is a part of web development, but not every web application uses cloud technology. Cloud solutions provide good scalability, lower cost of operations, uptime, and lack of own servers. At the same time, it is impossible to say that any of these technologies is more acceptable. Application development choice should be based on business needs and product goals.

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