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KeyUA comes up with numerous software solutions for the entire healthcare industry to improve it, make it more productive and help all members of the healthcare chain – be it a medic, patient or a giant enterprise – reach their goals.

Electronic health record software solutions

KeyUA designs unique software solutions in the health industry that conform to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
EHR and EMR software keys
Our experts come up with multiple software keys for EHR and EMR such as solid network structure, patient portals, intuitive UI and more.
EHR and EMR mobile apps
We create exceptional mobile applications keys for EHR and EMR that perform great on all mobile platforms and combine features including medical history, symptom tracing and more.
EHR and EMR implementation
KeyUA comes up with remarkable EHR and EMR implementation software solutions that fulfill all healthcare industry needs.
Custom telehealth software development
KeyUA creates telehealth software keys to provide you with instruments for remote services, training, and education.
Telehealth software
KeyUA designs telehealth software keys for different types of healthcare institutions. These include hospitals, individual medical histories and more.
Streaming telehealth software
We create streaming software keys for online appointments and consultations.
Telehealth mobile applications
Our telehealth mobile applications feature a variety of necessary tools and perform excellently on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows).
Telehealth technology integration
Our software keys produce outstanding results and integrate with your personal software to improve the work process.

Health information exchange software development

KeyUA designs software keys for health information exchange with multiple instruments to rationalize information exchange between all healthcare participants.
Health information exchange interface
Our keys for health information exchange interface allow for live data to be shared within the healthcare system.
Mobile health information exchange
We design mobile software solutions, that are supported by all platforms, for administration of data that relates to health information exchange.
Health information exchange compatibility
Our specialists create health information exchange keys that appropriately combine with EHR and EMR programs.
Health information exchange programming
KeyUA comes up with health information exchange keys that meet all healthcare communication regulations and norms.
Electronic prescription software development
KeyUA develops electronic medical prescriptions (eRx) software to be combined with electronic prescribing software contractors. Our solutions combine the most in-demand tools and characteristics developed to improve the healthcare industry itself, meeting all the necessary rules and regulations.
Electronic prescription software
Our team of experts creates keys and eRx systems for the safe transfer of EPCS among healthcare participants.
Electronic health
record \ eRx apps
We design eRx software keys and expand them into EHR and EMR databanks for you to avoid unfortunate situations with patients and medicine.
Decision support
KeyUA implements electronic prescribing keys into Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software to track changes in patients’ care and provide appropriate solutions.
Third-party dealer integration
Our solutions in the healthcare industry allow for the integration of third-party e-prescribing dealers.

Medical practice administration solutions

KeyUA develops medical practice administration solutions for you to properly administer financial and governance objectives. Financial and administrative goals are a vital and indispensable part of the healthcare process. That is why here at KeyUA we come up with a great number of solutions to improve these processes and make governing them more comprehensible and streamlined.
Hospital information software
Our hospital information software keys are designed to upgrade the working process of healthcare personnel.
Patient management software
Our team of experts comes up with unique patient management software keys for patient registration, monitoring and more.
Medical practice software
KeyUA creates software keys for external medical practice with various functions, such as medical information, patient registration and more.
Patient portal
We design software keys for patient portals that include a great variety of useful features. Our experts combine patient portals with electronic health records.
Revenue cycle management software development
KeyUA experts create revenue cycle management (RCM) software keys to track revenue from patients. Our RCM keys are designed with multitudinous instruments and software characteristics to improve payment cycles within the healthcare structure.
RCM software keys
Our RCM software keys are developed with features such as requirement processing, insurance allowability review and more.
Hospital RCM software
We design hospital RCM software for autonomous and multisite structures with numerous features and instruments.
Third-party RCM software
KeyUA comes up with easy-to-use software keys to collect patients’ information on medical histories, demographics and more, to be used by other branches.

Health level seven (HL7) software solutions

KeyUA designs health level seven – a set of international standards for the transfer of clinical and administrative data – software solutions to make cooperation in applications, working processes and data smoother and more productive. Our health level seven software keys include a great stack of instruments and features such as third-party integration, interface development and more, with reliable engines to improve the healthcare process.
HL7 integration
Our experts design health level seven software keys for a great variety of clinical and medical needs.
HL7 interface
We develop unique health level seven software keys to coordinate healthcare industry devices with facility engines to normalize and improve communication.
Third-party HL7 integrations
KeyUA integrates fulfillment health level seven services with interface engines from numerous companies.
Assistive technology (AT) software development
KeyUA cares about each and every patient, which is why we design software solutions for people with disabilities. Our assistive technology software includes tools for deaf, blind, and hearing and visually impaired people, which improve their lives.
Deaf and hearing impaired software
Our software keys include public intercourse systems with features for listening devices.
Blind and visually impaired software
We design assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired and implement them within a great variety of assistive devices.
Communication assistive technology
Our experts come up with software and communication applications for multiple devices that assist communication.

Pharmacy software systems development

Our team of experts creates pharmacy software solutions to enhance and automate the work process and bring it to a higher level. KeyUA creates pharmacy software keys to administrate pharmacy workflow, improve service quality and help manage inventory, using the appropriate instruments.
Pharmacy software
We design solutions for the pharmacy industry with unique features for the administration of inventory, prescription lists, control compliance and more.
Pharmacy automation
KeyUA develops software keys to automate most drugstore procedures.
Pharmacy inventory administration
Our experts come up with exceptional inventory administration solutions to automate the process so that it meets all the requirements.
PACS and DICOM viewer software development
KeyUA develops software keys for Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM). Our solutions are designed to make the process of image sharing, viewing and archiving safe and secure.
PACS fulfillment software
Our experts design online and cloud-based software keys for the safekeeping and transfer of medic images, applying PACS.
DICOM viewer software
We combine medical image operation instruments with DICOM viewers to refine work with images and videos.
Teleradiology software
KeyUA comes up with software keys for the usage of web services and standards to make the most effective use of PACS.

Veterinary software systems development

KeyUA creates a variety of veterinary software keys to fulfill the needs of the veterinary industry. Our keys are well presented in multiple cross-platform applications, GPS trackers and other solutions to bring the veterinary practice to a new level of productivity and quality.
Veterinary software keys
We design veterinary software keys to administer and improve veterinary performance with features for scheduling, inventory control and more.
Pet GPS tracker software
Our experts create pet tracking software keys that meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Veterinary applications software
Our applications are supported by all platforms, which allows us to provide you with veterinary telehealth accommodations.
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