Healthcare Software Development

KeyUA is a reliable partner that provides secure medical software development. We understand all nuances and peculiarities of the healthcare industry. That’s why our team builds solid solutions that help to easily collect, store, update, manage, and analyze medical data.

Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

At KeyUA we deliver projects that meet industry standards, HIPAA & HL7. Our experienced specialists have successfully built 25+ secure products that are used by medical institutions and insurance companies. We offer fast and quality software development.
EHR & EMR Solutions
We develop secure solutions that allow you to work with electronic medical records using any device. Our software makes it easy to structure and manage patient data and physical indicators in just a couple of clicks.
Pharmacy Software Development
Our experts create unique pharmacy products in order to automate the workflow and transfer full control into the application. We develop solutions that fully meet the needs of the pharmaceutical business.
Veterinary Software Solution
Using GPS modules and other modern technologies, we create software for tracking pets’ locations. Our solutions for veterinary clinics are designed to improve administrative and managerial functions.
Medical Administration Software
KeyUA builds convenient applications for hospitals to help them make the internal process more productive. Our development includes many functions, such as scheduling, maintaining a budget, recording and monitoring patients, and so on.
Secure Telehealth Solution
With more than 8 years of experience in developing software for healthcare, our company creates convenient tools for remote patient care and education. This is a great way to conduct secure online consultations from anywhere in the world.
Insurance Agency Management Software
We develop convenient applications for insurance companies, allowing them to easily operate based on patient data. Our experience in software development allows us to automate laborious processes.
Machine Learning
KeyUA takes an innovative approach to make the disease identification process and the analysis of patient history quick and easy. It’s supported by 5+ years of solid experience in machine learning techniques.
Mobile Development
Make a business from your smartphone. We develop solutions that excellently work with Apple & Android platforms. The cross-platform integration we provide makes it possible to use the application on any device.
Information Confidentiality
We use the most effective encryption methods to ensure the high security of databases with patients’ records. All our software is compliant with the HITECH Act. Our team guarantees 100% data protection.
Clear Reporting
Our solutions include useful custom reporting and analytical data for clinical needs. This is a handy way to get all the needed information with just one click.

Benefits Of Choosing Healthcare Apps & Website Development Services

Online development provides more opportunities to improve administrative and management processes. Other benefits include:
  • Manage business from your laptop or phone
  • 24/7 access to clinical information
  • Workflow automation
  • Easy budgeting
  • Possibility of high-quality remote patient admission and training
  • Reduce bureaucratic processes
  • Complete data protection and secure data transfer
  • Convenient online tools for monitoring, tracking, and updating vital signs data
  • Fast and affordable data analysis with applications tools
  • Ability to track multiple processes at once
  • Intuitive interface

Why KeyUA

Our healthcare software developers provide unique solutions to meet all business needs. We build projects of any complexity from scratch. More benefits of working with us include:
  • Client-oriented service
  • High-quality and transparent development process
  • Experienced development team
  • Careful testing of all application’s features
  • Quick response
  • Effective project management methodology
  • Full reporting of completed tasks
  • Innovative approach
  • Reliable data protection and encryption methods
  • Compliance with healthcare security standards HIPAA, ISO, CIS, HHS, HL7
  • 8+ years of healthcare software development
  • 25+ delivered projects
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 50+ seasoned pro developers
Our mission is to build successful projects. We’ll take care of all your needs.
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KeyUA develops convenient and reliable software for hospitals, private practitioners, and insurance companies. Investigate more of our innovative solutions.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Full customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We are delighted to implement all of your wishes in a digital product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions.
Do you have experience in developing healthcare software that meets the standards of the USA, Canada, and Europe?
Yes, our company cooperates with various medical companies and representatives around the world, especially in the USA and Europe. It allows us to have a deep knowledge of industry rules and peculiarities. All our software meets the security standards necessary for work with confidential patient information.
What types of companies do you work with?
We are pleased to cooperate with hospitals, private practitioners, insurance companies, and small and large businesses. We develop projects for both successful, well established companies and for startups, finding an individual approach to each client.
What are the phases of software development?
We analyze the requirements of the project and develop a detailed implementation plan, dividing it into iterations. Our developers work on the architecture of the application while our designers are preparing the necessary templates. After the discussion and approval of all phases, we proceed to implementation. Once any task is completed, the QA department starts testing. You can investigate the prototype during the development process since we update it on a separate test server, which is accessible only to you and us.
How much does it cost to develop a project?
The main factors that affect the cost of the project are the scope of tasks and their complexity, as well as the number of developers. The more features you need to realize, the longer it will take and the more the project will cost. In any case, we provide clients with convenient offers to implement their projects most effectively.
How will we communicate, being in different time zones?
We pay great attention to detailed communication with our customers. Our team creates daily and full weekly reports on the progress of the project. We also schedule weekly calls with customers at a time that is convenient for them to discuss higher priority tasks and report on completed tasks.