IT Security Services

Manage the safety of your products to protect your business and effectively prevent risks. At KeyUA, we provide first-rate software security services for startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises operating in various industries. We focus on building complex security systems for web and mobile applications, based on powerful encryption methods, and also provide consulting services.

What is Included in IT Security Services

With deep knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity and data protection, our company provides various services to increase the efficiency and security of the business. Over the years, we have delivered more than 55 reliable protection systems and secure infrastructures.
  • Security Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Managed End Point & Patch Protection
  • Email Security
  • Incident Response
  • Network Protection
  • IT Security Consulting Services

Security Management

Manage the security of your system by protecting purchases, personal data, content, and so on. We provide reliable solutions for defending web and mobile applications to prevent hacker attacks, virus penetration, etc.

  • Firewall services
  • Server and database protection
  • Ongoing security monitoring

Penetration Testing

Assess your system’s security with strategic penetration testing and an overall vulnerability assessment. Our team conducts a full check of the system for vulnerabilities to protect your business from unwanted threats.

  • Vulnerability scan
  • Risk assessment
  • Identification of bottlenecks

Managed End Point & Patch Protection

Maintaining up-to-date protection and timely correction of services are key aspects of the security system. At KeyUA, we provide sound solutions for managing vulnerabilities of information security and web systems against external risks and penetrations.

  • System security 24/7
  • Timely device updates
  • Thorough security audit

Email Security

E-mail is one of the most vulnerable tools, as most spam campaigns and hacker attacks go through the mailing. Our security experts apply a variety of technologies, including cloud solutions and strong encryption methods, to block malicious programs, viruses, worms, phishing scams, etc.

  • Solid overall cybersecurity
  • Secure data transfer
  • Filtration of spam attacks

Incident Response

Responding to an incident allows timely protection of a platform from outside penetration. Our team has a significant arsenal of methods and techniques to reflect the unlawful influence, which allows for maintaining a high level of security of online systems.

  • Stop attacks in their tracks
  • Extended response plan
  • Attack prevention

Network Protection

Save time and money with reliable network security solutions. At KeyUA, we introduce various online technologies to protect networks and secure the business, its data, and finances. In doing so, we maintain the highest standards of compliance, including PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), etc.

  • Timely threat detection
  • Reliable storage of transactions history
  • Company data protection

IT Security Consulting Services

With over 12 years of experience in security management services, our team also focuses on providing consulting on improving various web systems. If you want to get a comprehensive and effective security solution, KeyUA will present full and detailed consultations, as well as help with the implementation of protective measures.

  • Complete study of system features
  • Custom security solutions
  • Test automation

IT Security Solutions

Modern data protection methods can scale with your business, assuring its reliability and effective security.
Managed Infrastructure
Every year, business requires new cost-effective ways to protect IT systems. Managed infrastructure (including computers, mobile devices, servers, firewalls, etc.) is one of the most effective cybersecurity solutions that can quickly improve the overall security system at a relatively inexpensive cost.
Security Assurance
Ensuring IT security is a measure that each company should take to determine the reliability of the system, data protection, and architecture quality. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis and test of systems in order to identify and timely eliminate security vulnerabilities.
Identity and Access Management
One of the basic means of ensuring data protection is access control and role distribution. This allows only certain employees to see and manage important information and functions. At KeyUA, we create custom solutions for personal identification and assigning roles that meet the most demanding security measures.
Security Strategy
We develop unique strategies to ensure overall IT security to help customers protect their business as efficiently as possible. This includes assessing the requirements and current status of the platform, as well as creating a structure and plan for the implementation of protective measures.

Why KeyUA is the Best in Supporting Your Business

When providing services, it is essential for us to fully meet the needs of the client. We carefully study all the requirements in order to create unique and powerful information technology security solutions.

Fast and reliable development

Cost-effective solutions

Complete satisfaction of business needs

IT risk management

Solid system testing

Timely identification of vulnerabilities

Total security monitoring & alerting

Powerful online protective security unit

Safety rules compliance

Inventory and hardware & software assets control

Extensive consultation

Reliable data backup tools


years of expertise in software security services


experienced team members


successfully delivered projects


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Project Steps

When developing any solutions, our team always demonstrates full transparency, which is achieved thanks to effective project management methodologies. As a reliable security service provider, we always stay in touch with the client to inform them of the status of all tasks.

Study Requirements

We start by discussing with the customer all the requirements and goals that must be achieved in the development process. After which, we sign all the relevant documents for the provision of services.


System Check

We check the state of the system, including its weaknesses and strengths, in order to determine the range of tasks in more detail.



Based on the system data and project requirements, our specialists make up the necessary scope of tasks and plan iterations and sprints.



At this stage, we begin to develop all the necessary security measures in accordance with the compiled action plan.



Once the development is completed, we test all the system security to make sure that it works efficiently. If any vulnerabilities are found, we will immediately fix them.



After the successful completion of the tests, we prepare the system for work in a live environment and launch full security.

Examples of Our Successful Projects

At KeyUA we provide services for beginner entrepreneurs, federal agencies, corporate clients, and large businesses. Over the 12 years, we have been delivering quality web apps to the market, most of which we support until now.

Clients Speak About Us

The philosophy of our team is the complete satisfaction of the customer’s technical needs. We hire only real professionals to ensure top-notch development.

Frequently Asked Questions

At KeyUA, we provide services of any complexity. We create custom solutions, as well as implement the ideas of customers. If you have questions regarding your project, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.
What is IT security service?

IT security services are tools for building and managing the security of systems. It means to ensure the cybersecurity of the business and protect its important data from external and internal attacks.

What types of IT security services do you provide?

Our team provides various services depending on the needs of the customer. We implement software and hardware protection of any complexity, including the security of servers, databases, applications, networks, environments, and so on. We also provide advice if the client wants to improve the existing protection of their business.

What is the price of your services?

The price of services varies depending on what exactly you want to implement. In order to get an accurate calculation of the estimate, contact our specialists to discuss the project goals.

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