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Are you looking for an experienced Angular JS development team to create high-performance products with a client-oriented interface? At KeyUA we deliver custom projects with a beautiful and user-friendly interface for the needs of various market segments. Since 2013, we have been using Angular JS to effectively build attractive and convenient web apps in the shortest possible time.

We Offer the Next Angular JS Web Development Expertise

Angular JS is a very popular frontend technology. Due to its syntax, it simplifies the complex processes of creating and managing JS applications. Angular JS is a unique framework that allows for the creation of products of any type. At KeyUA we use this tool to produce quality client-side solutions that suit businesses of all sizes. See more of AngularJS development services we provide:

Single Page App Development
Angular JS features are excellent for creating single-page applications (SPA). Our team focuses on building attractive and high performing projects for a variety of industries.
Enterprise Web Apps
We help big businesses be more productive by providing fast and scalable software for both internal and external use. With Angular JS it’s possible to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Ecommerce Applications
Our team develops reliable and secure e-commerce platforms that make doing business online easier and safer. With KeyUA you can be completely confident in the high quality of the delivery.
AngularJS Mobile App Development
Need a native or cross-platform mobile app development? We can help! Using AngularJS, we design interactive mobile applications for popular operating systems.
CMS & Web Portal
At KeyUA we deliver various interactive CMS and web portals for more convenient business management. Use our software to increase profits.
Dedicated Angular Developers
Are you looking for reliable and responsible developers who will fully meet your project goals? Hire experienced Angular KeyUA programmers who produce superb applications in the shortest possible time.
Support & Maintenance
If you have a ready-made solution, our web developers will provide you with professional services to maintain and update it. Get the best tech ideas for your product.
Migration Services
Our engineers will help you rebuild and reconfigure your existing application to make it more productive and interesting for users. With Angular JS, we create high-level software that is convenient and interesting for clients.
AngularJS Consulting
Are you looking for a reliable solution regarding the use of Angular? It's pretty simple. Our experts will carefully examine your requirements and goals to provide quality technical advice that will help your business grow successfully.
Whatever the complexity of your project, we will take care of building the best app possible. Choose the best AngularJS developers for hire.

Benefits of Angular JS For Your Business

Tons of commercial projects use Angular JS because of its many advantages. Its code is simple enough that it permits a new team member to quickly understand the project and easily continue development. Angular JS possesses a modular concept that makes it possible to conduct parallel development by several coders. Other top benefits of Angular JS are:

Easy maintenance

Fast time to market

Solid security

Advanced community

Lighter code that saves memory

Working with form validation

Interactive web solutions

Declarative UI

Easy to support, update & test

Convenient feature set

Simplifies the development process

Scalable & minimal code

Why Should You Hire Angular JS Developers From KeyUA

Our outsourcing company is fully focused on meeting the business needs of clients. We carefully study the specifics of the market in order to create a great product with a powerful competitive advantage. Distinctive features of KeyUA's programmers include fast and clean code writing which is easy to understand and maintain. More benefits of hiring us:

Cost-effective solutions

Dedicated team

7+ years of practice with Angular

Strict quality assurance

Fast and top-notch delivery

A transparent app building process

Sound technical knowledge

Eye-catchy design

Day by day reporting

Advanced development methodologies

Flexible hiring models

100% data protection

Our Industry Expertise In Angular JS Development
The convenience of Angular syntax allows us to use it to develop web and mobile applications serving various industries. Our specialists have extensive experience in creating high performance and scalable products for startups, medium, and large businesses. As a trusted contractor, we care about the high quality of the code and ensure on-time delivery. KeyUA’s experts successfully combine Angular JS with various backend technologies, producing powerful and interactive software.
Banking & Finance
Our company offers a full range of application development services for banking and financial organizations which makes business management more convenient and reliable. Build strong and productive relationships with your customers using custom software from KeyUA.
Logistics & Transportations
We combine robust backend and front-end technologies to create applications for managing delivery, warehouse, inventory, prepare analytics, mapping & navigation solutions, etc. It's easy to make important business decisions with helpful web and mobile apps.
Elearning & Education
Create interactive portals for online learning based on advanced Angular technology. At KeyUA we design products that significantly improve the learning experience of students by enabling them to achieve all educational goals.
Angular JS is a great tool for creating various kinds of projects in the healthcare sector. Our team delivers secure software that meets HIPAA & HL7 standards.
eCommerce & Retail
Want to increase the productivity of your business? Our AngularJS development company delivers first-class products that make retail and online sales easy and safe.
At KeyUA, we have over 12 years of experience creating applications of varying complexity for the legal industry. Our capabilities span the development of software for automatic form filling, documentation management, creation of legal web portals, applications for government agencies, analytical software, and so on.
You need KeyUA if you want qualified and bug-free project development.

See More of Our Angular JS Web Development Examples

During our 7 years of experience in creating apps on Angular, we have delivered many quality products that have successfully entered the market. Explore our portfolio for a more detailed view of our team's qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Angular JS Web Development

In this section, we will provide you with more detail about the nuances and cost of development from KeyUA.
How much time will it take to develop an Angular Project?

There is no standard time for the development of all projects since they are all different and have unique characteristics and goals. Thus, the approximate time to complete all the work depends on the scope of tasks that have to be completed. On average, the development of a frontend on Angular takes at least 3 weeks.

How can I track the development process?

We use advanced methods of communication with the client to always keep them updated on the status of the project. We show all the progress on the project management tools such as Jira or Trello. In addition, we prepare daily reports, describing which tasks have already been completed, which are in progress, and which will take place next. We release all completed tasks to a test service where you can check their functionality at any time.

What is the cost of project development?

Like time, the price is calculated depending on the complexity of the project and its functionality. Thus, if you want to get an accurate estimate, contact our experts for a free consultation. At KeyUA we provide flexible pricing models that suit any budget. You can hire a single developer or a whole team, depending on which is more preferable for your business.

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