Security solutions

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What can we offer

More than 10 years of experience in high-level computer engineering help us protect your company's IT assets. Our goal is to raise the company’s confidence in new technologies and show the essence of cybersecurity for us: prevention.

Our security solutions

We have a wide range of services and products to ensure the security of information systems and users of your company.
Intrusion test
The intrusion test is an ethical piracy practice that consists of an audit method where we try to access the systems to obtain the level of resistance towards possible unwanted intrusion. It is an essential complement to the perimeter security audit.
Forensic analysis
Through forensic analysis techniques, we perform subsequent analysis of a security check. The goal is to find out who carried out the attack, how it was carried out, what vulnerabilities have been exploited and what the intruder did once he had access to the system.
Stress tests
We set up a test scenario to determine the speed with which your system performs a task under particular stress conditions. Through this service, we can discover bottlenecks in your application that will anticipate when user performance will suffer.
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