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Most of us know that global warming is a big problem for our planet. Our air, water, and the ground are polluted by cars, airplanes, factories, etc. All these factors destroy the ozone layer of our earth and lead to climate changes.

For some countries, climate change means warmer winter and more rain in the summertime, which is good for farmers and for people who do not like cold winter. On the other hand, there are countries where global warming can cause an increase in temperature to the point where it makes people’s life impossible in that area. As a result, the whole countries and even continents can face such global problems as droughts and famine.

With the help of modern technologies, we can prevent global warming or at least reduce the impact of devices, machines, and factories on the earth.

There are many people who want to protect the earth and even more investors who would like to donate big sums of money to startups that fight with climate changes on our planet.

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    Paris Agreement

    Paris Agreement united leader of 196 countries to agree on a path forward. It means leaders of these countries have to do their best to reduce the carbon impact on the earth.

    It took many years to sign the agreement by leaders of the countries. In 2009 leaders of the countries could not reach an agreement, because based on this agreement similar measures had to be done in all countries. But this is impossible because all countries are different and each country has its budget, economy, culture, etc.

    That is why in June 2017, members of the Paris agreement allowed countries to determine the best way forward for them.

    According to the Paris Agreement, we can call out the power of nature to fight with climate changes. It means we have to restore forest or improve agriculture in our countries, and in this way, we can halt global warming.

    6 ideas for your startup or how to fight with climate change with a help of technologies

    If you want to fight climate changes on the earth, there are many ideas for your startups. Though, you need the one that will be suitable for you and that will have a great impact on our planet.

    Here are 6 main ideas for your business that can give you some push at the beginning of your business

    • Electrification

    There are still a lot of machines that are reliant on fossil fuels. It gives you the opportunity to create more devices, cars, machines that will be working with the help of electricity.

    According to the US Energy and Information Administration, renewable energy constituted only 10% of average US energy usage. It means clean energy startup is still a good idea in the USA. You can start producing solar or wind power.

    Furthermore, it is very important not only to produce energy but to keep and transmit it. It means you need new technologies that will help you to create a nice energy grid.

    • Leather and meat replacement

    Most of the people who live in the village know how difficult can be to grow a bull or a cow, chicken, horse, pig, and any other animal. It takes a lot of time, energy, water, food, etc.

    The livestock industry has a great impact on our earth. To make one hamburger people spend the same amount of energy as when they charge seven IPads.

    Fortunately, many people nowadays prefer to cut out meat and other animal-based products from their diet. There are companies like Beyond meat, that already produce burgers with plant protein that looks and smells like real meat.

    You can develop artificial eggs or other food that will substitute animal-based products with the help of technologies.

    • Mobile Apps

    People like using mobile apps if they are popular. So, you can create the mobile app that will control your carbon footprint and the amount of waste you produce every day. Though, you need to make your mobile app unique and interesting for people.

    According to the statistic Americans as well as Europeans love their land and care about it. That is why it is a good chance for you to create your mobile app that fights with climate changes.

    • Mapping

    Mapping helps people to find out about climate changes. This technology is useful when you want to define areas that are the best for solar and wind farms. US Geological survey gives millions of dollars each year for developing mapping to update flood maps.

    • Geoengineering

    The main principle of geoengineering is to find new ways to halt climate changes by man means. Sometimes people decide to plant more trees or to paint roofs of their houses white, release the ash from the volcano like a coolant or to use mirrors in space in order to redirect solar rays.

    If you want to start a company that will deal with geoengineering, you need to understand that natural experiments are quite unpredictable, and require a lot of studies.

    • Building new cities

    This is not a secret that people in modern cities face many problems such as traffic jams, dirty air, water and ground, congestion, etc. That is why we need modern technologies to solve such problems.

    Following the example of Sidewalk Labs company, you can create your own perfect city.

    By the way, Richard Branson, Jack Ma from Ali Baba and Jeff Bezos from Amazon promised to invest about $1 billion in new technologies over the next 20  years. Do not lose your chance!

    How to persuade companies to invest into your climate change-related startup

    climate change 1

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find investors for your startup. That is why we would like to give you some tips on how to attract new investors to your business.

    1. First of all, you need to surround yourself with successful people. Try to build open and deep relationships with your future investors. Remember, at the very beginning of your friendship it is better to ask for advice than for donation. Ideas can be more valuable than money. So, if your friend does not have the desire to invest in your startup, at least he can recommend you someone who would be glad to do it.

    2. Keep your promises. If you promised your investor to do something you need to do it by any means. Show the person who donated money for your project that you are ready to work hard even with a small amount of money. This will help your investor to realize that you are the reliable person and give him/her desire to invest more money into your startup.

    3. Then, begin with something little. Make 5 people love your product, then make 10 people love what you are doing, then 100 people, etc. Move forward step by step, because you need to create a circle of followers.

    4. Next step, you can begin crowdfunding. When you have at least 100 people, who follow you and at least one investor who gave you some money, you can start a crowdfunding campaign. Though, do not forget to set a goal, even if it is a small one ($15, 000). After that, you will be able to set a bigger goal like $50, 0000, and even $1 million.

    According to a new law, your neighbors, relatives, and friends can invest in your startup up to $1  million, which is a good amount for a new company.

    Here are some examples of startups who fight against climate changes that made ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

    GreenBit Network is a company that fight with the climate change. This startup company sell tokens and believe this can help the world become a better place. The means gathered from tokens go to clean the earth from garbage, to care about endangered species, to control deforestation, and to spread information about how to live a green life.

    Climatecoin created the first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in the fight against global warming. This is a first carbon zero cryptocurrencies in the world.

    You can follow their examples and make your own startup that will use ICO to attract money to the project and make it more popular.

    Startup examples

    climate change tesla

    Now let’s talk about the most successful companies who fight against climate changes on our planet. Here are some of them:

    • General Fusion. The main goal of this company is to create commercially viable nuclear-fusion-energy power plant. Company leaders say, that “Fusion energy is inherently safe, with zero possibility of a meltdown scenario and no long-lived waste, and there is enough fusion fuel to power the planet for hundreds of millions of years.”

    • Beyond Meat. This startup company produces lab-grown meat that smells, feels and tastes like real meat. Bill Gates is interested in this startup and already invested in it a lot of money. Beyond Meat has developed its first plant-based burger. Vegetarians are happy about that, as they have now an opportunity to eat a meat-free hamburger.

    • Carbon Engineering. This company is taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then using it to produce fuel. Carbon Engineering is a Canadian company that has a plant in Squamish, British Columbia and according to a recent survey, that plant is removing 2 ton of CO2 from the air every day. Carbon engineering considers that “direct air capture can remove far more CO2 per acre of a land footprint than trees and plants”.

    • Sidewalk Lab is a part of Alphabet Inc., the parent of Google. This startup is trying to reduce global emission by building modern cities according to digital technologies. On their website you can find a lot of interesting information about how they are going to reimagine cities to improve the quality of life.

    • e-Go Mobile.  It is a startup that wants to provide people with affordable electric cars. So, we have a strong competitor of Tesla. e-Go is a quite popular company and accepts a lot of order for their affordable cars. People who care about the environment and have money prefer to buy the electric car as it is the best way to reduce their carbon footprints on the plant.

    • Local Roots developed a unique irrigation and lighting system to produce the highest yield of harvest at the lowest cost. Local Roots technology protect harvest of flood, heatwaves, wildfires and other natural disasters. Another startup that is called FoodTech has already started its study that will let people grow a plant on Mars.

    We are ready to help you with your startup that fights global warming

    climate change 2

    We all can make a positive impact on the earth and do our best to halt climate change on our planet.

    KeyUA is ready to help you with your startup that fights against global warming. Our team has a wide experience of work with foreign companies, as we have clients in the Europe, Australia and the USA. All our clients are satisfied with our work and they recommend us to their partners.

    We offer you a complete outsourcing that includes wisely spreading a team of IT specialists in your project, development, and management of your project, database/applications/sites/systems support and other tasks connected with the technological product and information technologies.

    Besides, we can offer you out stuffing. It means you can hire our employee who will work for your company as a part of your team. Key UA will provide you control over this person, and take care of his working place, wage, etc.

    According to Anne Kelly, senior director of policy and the BICEP network at Ceres, “In order to meet our national and global emissions goals, more companies will need to join the champions highlighted in this report, both in setting goals in becoming vocal advocates.”

    It means it is a right time for you to start your company that will fight with climate changes on the earth. So, what are you waiting for?


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