Bot development

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What can we offer

KeyUA offers Chatbots, Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence development. We have a suite of conversational solutions that cover the complete life cycle of a product.

Dialogue design

Design of dialogue semantics and message tone according to the platform.
KeyUA provides natural language processing inspired dialogue and design that governs the communication between Bot and User.
The eventual dialogue will be designed to automate and construct the conversation scheme.
Bot AI
Creation of rules and norms that define Bot Artificial Intelligence.
Dialogue semantics
Design of dialogue semantics and message tone according to the platform.

Development and launch

Bot programming and deployment on messaging platforms.
AI definition
Programming of the rules that will govern the Artificial Intelligence.
Cross platform
Specific programming of the inputs for each platform.
Internal systems
Connection with the client's internal systems such as APIs, CRM and others.
Launch and deployment on the major messaging platforms.

Bot training

Optimization and improvement of Natural Language Processing through new rules and vocabulary.
AI development
Artificial intelligence learning and improvement
Analytics solutions
Repeated analysis of bot-human dialogue.
Big Data
Study of specific responses and BigData.
User experience
Improvement of "Customer Experience" with new input formats.
You have an idea, and we hold an advanced technology stack for its realization.