Development of a Platform for Crowdfund Experiences

Let's Dutch is a social network for raising funds for nonprofits' needs. The platform helps users find like-minded people to attend exciting events and share the cost. Do you fancy flying in a private jet but don't have enough funds? Let's Dutch will help you with this. People can find others ready to share the cost of flying a private jet, sailing a yacht, renting a luxury hotel, and more using this platform. It works in 2 ways. Users who want to attend certain events log in and post their offers. On the other hand, people who want to have fun go to the Let's Dutch and select the events they like.

I believe Let's Dutch is a great platform. It allows you to share experiences with different people, and ultimately reduce your costs. We have all faced situations where we wanted to attend an event but didn’t have a friend ready to be our +1. Let's Dutch solves this problem. This application allows people to visit interesting places and make new friends.

- Yana Trihub, Sales Director, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

When we first saw the app, it was a not poorly functioning website but did require significant changes. Our task was to update the engine to make the site faster. It was also not mobile adapted because it was just a prototype, making it difficult to use via a smartphone. Therefore, our team also had to completely remake the system's front-end and update the site’s design to make it more attractive.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

While working on this project, we took several measures to increase the system’s productivity. We upgraded the old code by removing unnecessary parts and adding new functionality that decreased the search time. Our team redesigned the front-end part of the platform and made the application attractive to smartphone users, which allowed us to increase customer flow by 40%. Additionally, by changing the site’s external shell code, we also managed to reduce the time required to load it.


Here’s how KeyUA benefited the Let's Dutch business:

active clients


traffic growth


increased revenue

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One of the most critical steps in creating great software is preparing for development. This process can significantly reduce the future time spent on product implementation.
First, the KeyUA team collects important project data that will form the basis for building the application.
Assessment of the current state of the system
Examining modernization requirements
Competitors research
Compilation of custom cases
Next, we focus on carefully planning the implementation aspects.
Formation of a set of tasks
Preparing page layouts
Create a project plan
Finally, we get the foundation to start development, which consists of the following parts.
Project roadmap
Configured technical environment
Choosing the optimal technology stack
Prepared terms of reference

Key Ideas

Since the KeyUA team is wholly immersed in creating high-quality software, we came up with several ideas to increase the platform’s efficiency.
Use jQuery to improve front-end performance and ensure cross-browser compatibility.
Add the ability to leave feedback on various events to increase the level of trust in the system.
Integrate with Stripe to protect clients' transactions.


The success story of building a crowdfunding website consists of the high-quality implementation of all stages of the project. Find out what steps we took to achieve the company's goals.

Step 1. Gather Requirements

In the first step, we discussed with the customers all the requirements and wishes so that each team member had a correct understanding of all aspects of development.


Step 2. System Check

We reviewed the platform’s code to prepare powerful upgrade proposals.


Step 3. App Reengineering

We proceeded to rebuild the system, which covered both the server and client sides.


Step 4. Testing

After completing the main tasks, our quality assurance team began a thorough check of the system's functionality.


Step 5. Review

We completed all the work related to development and testing and provided the platform to the client for review.


Step 6. Launch

After receiving the client’s approval for all our changes and upgrades, we prepared the technical environment to launch the product.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Crowdfunding platforms are common and attract many users to raise money to meet their needs. A system similar to Let's Dutch is in strong demand, as it allows people to get the desired experience that was previously unavailable.


The crowdfunding platform is a convenient opportunity to conduct international business right from home.


Websites similar to Let's Dutch receive a percentage of the fundraising. It is a profitable startup with a relatively small investment.

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