The Football Pools – Football Betting Software Development

This case study describes our partnership with one of the most respected UK-based betting providers. The Football Pools was founded more than 90 years ago, but the company has never stood still. It has changed rapidly following global trends and eventually entered the online market. The Football Pools is not just a business; it is a company that significantly changes people's lives. After 80 years of existence, The Football Pools paid out over £ 4 million per single game weekend, where 14 players received over £ 200,000 each. The company is also proud of the success story of one client who turned a 71p bet into a win of over £ 1 million.

Football betting is part of the UK culture. But it is also worth noting that this type of gambling is popular worldwide, and the demand for developing a football betting software is high. At KeyUA, we already had significant experience creating betting platforms, but The Football Pools became another interesting challenge. It was an exciting and productive collaboration that benefited both parties.

- Denis Kotenko, Android/iOS Developer, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

Working with The Football Pools, we had to complete several important tasks. The platform was quite outdated, so KeyUA focused on its complete modernization, including creating and implementing the web pages’ new design. We improved the system engine to make it more stable under heavy load. And our team expanded the web app functionality to create an online casino and various additional games. According to the customer's requirements, the system also had to have a mobile version that players could download from Appstore or Google Play Market.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

Due to the site's improved engine and architecture, carried out by the developers of KeyUA, the platform could withstand high loads, which is especially important on a gaming weekend. The Football Pools worked successfully, even with 2 million daily visitors. In turn, creating an online casino attracted new players, namely those who are not interested in betting on football, but who are passionate about the gambling industry. Thus, the number of The Football Pools users more than doubled.


Here’s how KeyUA benefited The Football Pools business:

active users per day


traffic growth


ROI Increased

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At KeyUA, we always adhere to a responsible product delivery approach, so before starting the development, our team performs a number of preparatory measures.
This stage consists of collecting essential data that will serve as the basis for implementing the project.
Discussion with the customer of the project requirements
Researching the current platform architecture
Market specifics analysis
Technical stack selection
Next, we plan the stages of the project to achieve maximum efficiency.
Preparation of technical documentation for web and mobile applications
Creation of a set of tasks, prioritization
Development of wireframes and layouts
Structuring the team
Project Background
Project Background
As a result, we start to develop an app with the following:
Project roadmap
Web and mobile designs
Project infrastructure plan
Most suitable specialists

Key Ideas

When our developers evaluated the system, they offered several solutions to help The Football Pools website become more productive.
Data caching and the use of PostgreSQL as the most effective approaches to improve system performance
Creating a custom affiliate program to motivates users to invite other players to join the system
Focusing on cross-platform development to speed up the process of creating a mobile application and reduce development costs


In this case study for football betting website development, we'll tell the essential steps that we took to deliver the top-notch app.

Step 1. Collect Requirements

First, we gathered the information needed for software design. We discussed the application’s features and the project’s goals with the customer and reached a shared vision of the concept.


Step 2. Prepare Project Plan

Our team created a project plan describing the main stages of implementation.


Step 3. Web App Building

We reformed the obsolete code and created new functionality. This was one of the longest stages in the entire project life cycle.


Step 4. Mobile App Building

When the web version was ready, our team of mobile developers started creating a cross-platform application for Apple and Android.


Step 5. Testing

Testing is an integral part of building a great app. KeyUA's quality assurance department applied manual and automated testing to thoroughly test the entire system.


Step 6. Launch

At this stage, we prepared a technical environment on a real server and launched the updated software for mass use.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


The Football Pools annual revenue is £ 60M; this indicates that the system is popular and attracts lots of users.


In Europe, betting is developing rapidly, conquering more and more new players.


An online betting platform is an opportunity to do business 24/7.

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