GetCoverLeter is a brilliant and easy-to-use online generator of cover letters and resumes. It has customized content for over 900 professions from a variety of industries and experience levels. Launched in 2019, GetCoverLeter has already helped 130,000+ find a new job. This handy online tool was recognized as a reliable cover letter & resume builder by, DAViD iCKE, Student Job, Netmums, etc.

GetCoverLetter is a marvelous online cover letter generator that makes it easy to be admitted by recruiters. It provides first-class content for positions in 24 industries. It is very convenient because it gives the ability to customize a cover letter and resume for various job seekers, from interns to senior specialists. GetCoverLetter is definitely what today’s labor market needs.

- Olga Voronkova, Marketing Expert, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

KeyUA started developing the app from scratch in early 2019. We were faced with a difficult task: creating not only the functionality of the system but also unique and useful content that customers could use to generate excellent cover letters. Our team began a comprehensive strategy, which consisted of building a high-quality and reliable architecture and creating special templates that would serve as the basis for the editor. Within a year, we released the first version of the web application, which prepared customized cover letters, taking the user less than 8 minutes to get a first-class document. The next step was an effective marketing campaign, which allowed the project to receive per 18,000 subscribers monthly. After the successful release, we started to prepare a separate functionality that allowed clients to create custom resumes. As a result, we managed to develop a full-scale software for users worldwide that helps them get a dream job.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

The goal pursued by our team was to create a reliable architecture based on which we could build highly productive functionality. At KeyUA, we choose the most suitable technology stack, which is excellent for creating scalable solutions and using a database to process and store large amounts of information. Another service we provided was the development of a user-friendly design. We prepared excellent and beautiful layouts that users can easily navigate. Additionally, our team developed various cases and strategies to popularize the product online. As a result, GetCoverLetter quickly gained a trusted reputation and lots of customers who adore it.

GetCoverLetter Indicators


Here’s how KeyUA benefited GetCoverLetter business:
300 000+

customers served

1 000%

traffic growth


ROI Increased

18 000+

subscriptions per months

Recruiters need about 6 seconds to evaluate the applicant's profile. That's why it's imperativ to prepare professional documents. Developing an online builder for cover letters & resumes is a solid opportunity to run a successful business.


Steps we took to build a website for an online divorce service:
Research of market conditions to further identify the key factors affecting the construction of the project:
Identification of competitors, their weaknesses and strengths
Drawing up a portrait of the target audience
Product concept creation
Preparation of technical solutions
Measures we took in the preparatory phase:
Building wireframes
Creating a list of the most needed professions
Turning project requirements into tasks
Choosing the most efficient technology stack
Targeting the market
Targeting the market
Developing steps for a successful product launch
Creation of useful content
Building an SEO strategy
Developing plans for future online marketing
Negotiating with Career Experts to improve templates

Key Ideas

Our company produced the following ideas to ensure the product’s success:
We determined the portrait of the target user to develop the most effective functionality.
We used PostgreSQL to support databases with unlimited size.
We set up Nginx as a reliable server for scalable applications.
We created functional templates for cover letters and resumes that build first-class custom documents with minimum actions from a user’s side.


Here’s the step-by-step process of cover letter & resume builder development we performed:

Step 1. Collect Requirements

Our team began by discussing with the customer all the requirements and goals of the project.


Step 2. Make an Offer

Next, we prepared an estimate and a project plan, indicating the time frame and suggesting a technology stack.


Step 3. Sign an Agreement

After discussing all the implementation features with the client, we signed a contract to develop the web application.


Step 4. Draw Layouts

Our designers started preparing the wireframes, and it was approved. They created gorgeous and user-friendly layouts.


Step 5. Development

Our developers began to build the architecture of the project and created the basic functionality for the cover letter editor.


Step 6. Content Writing

In parallel with the development, our team created unique content for the editor, which would be used to generate custom documents.


Step 7. Testing

Once the development was complete, the QA team tested the system using automated and manual tools.


Step 8. First Release

We released the first part of the project aimed at building cover letters.


Step 9. Online Promotion

The marketing team worked out steps to promote the product, thanks to which it gained popularity relatively quickly.


Step 10. Second Phase of Development

Further, the developers at KeyUA began working on the functionality that allows for creating custom resumes.


Step 11. Second Release

When the new functionality was ready, our team launched it. In parallel, our marketers were working on the successful growth of the brand’s popularity.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


More than 58% of employers admit they prefer candidates with cover letters (Independent studies). This suggests that creating a professional cover letter will always be a relevant service for job seekers.


It’s possible to create top-notch documents with GetCoverLetter in just 8 minutes. It significantly saves time when looking for a job.


GetCoverLetter has unique content & tips that help students and experienced specialists get the desired job in the shortest possible time.

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