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PlayEnable is a convenient platform that makes fitness even more accessible. It is designed for both facilities and sports enthusiasts. By providing cloud solutions, PlayEnable allows studios to create available classes and schedules. On the other side, users can book and manage their workouts. At first, the system worked exclusively in London and helped users find the closest gym. The website later expanded to provide services throughout the entire UK. Now, Yoga, Kickboxing, Zumba, Krav Maga, and over 13,500 other activities are discoverable on the Playable.

PlayEnable suits both real sports fans and office workers who want to cheer up. The system offers a search for nearby classes, allowing clients to attend new activities every day. You can easily book and pay for workouts, refer friends, and receive bonus points or discounts. It is like an eBay in the world of physical activity.

- Andrey Onopriyenko, Delivery Center Director, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

In 2012, PlayEnable was just an idea. The goal was to build a website and mobile app from scratch. The main challenge was to develop a highly productive marketplace for sports and fitness activities to connect people and facilities. Another important, but separate task was to prepare and implement a marketing strategy that would allow the project to enter the market and gain popularity successfully.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

Various specialists from our company worked hard to deliver a unique and quality product. Before creating the code, we prepared the layouts of all pages. The designers produced templates for the web and mobile versions, which would be easy to navigate and motivate users to make purchases. Next, we developed a cloud-based system for sports facilities and clients that quickly returned search results. The main emphasis was on making the platform fast, as it was expected that PlayEnable would contain a large volume of classes in various directions. In parallel with the development, the KeyUA team also created a marketing company. We carefully studied the potential user’s behavior to present the product in the most attractive light.

PlayEnable Indicators


Here’s how KeyUA benefited the PlayEnable sports marketplace:

visitors per day




increased ROI

As a reliable provider, KeyUA delivers a top-notch software solution for sports activities.


This case study describes the development of marketplaces for sports. But before starting the app-building, the KeyUA team carries out serious preparation, which serves as a reliable basis for the project’s growth.
The initial step is collecting data that will help to develop quality software.
Market and competitor research
Product concept creation
Exploring popular trends
Business proposal preparation
Careful planning of all development stages is the key to high-quality project implementation and its compliance with the time and financial frameworks.
Creation of the project technical documentation
Building a roadmap
Preparing a set of tasks and splitting them into iterations
Forming a project team
Creating an effective promotion plan is also an essential step in the preparatory stage since marketing must launch before the project’s release.
Content creation for the site
Preparing an SEO strategy
Conversion planning

Key Ideas

We had to create not just an online platform for sports activities but an excellent and useful two-sided product. Therefore, the KeyUA team proposed the following ideas to help the project achieve tangible results:
Using cloud technologies to make the system more efficient and scalable
Adhering to Agile technologies for faster decision making and better source code quality
Developing a web app on Django to make it fast and secure


Building a quality app is a detailed and carefully planned process. At KeyUA, we take the following steps to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Step 1. Gather Requirements

Collecting information and technical requirements is of particular importance for project evaluation. Our team studies the client's specifications and wishes to prepare an effective business proposal.


Step 2. Discussion

We discuss with the customer all the nuances and stages of implementation. After settling all the issues, we sign a non-disclosure agreement and a development contract.


Step 3. Design Mockups

Our designers create examples of site layouts, taking into account all the wishes of the client.


Step 4. App Building

In the next step, our team develops the source code of the project and implements the design.


Step 5. Marketing

In parallel with the application’s development, we build a marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage.


Step 6. Testing

KeyUA's team performs manual and automated testing to ensure the high quality of the application. We release the application only after ensuring that it has no bugs and works according to the specifications.


Step 7. Release

In the next step, our specialists launch a marketing campaign and release the product onto the market.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


The fitness industry is actively growing, so an application that allows customers to establish contact with gyms is a superb business solution.


Creating a sport and fitness marketplace is one of the most convenient ways to start a business with a relatively small budget and without rental costs.


Sports apps of this kind are a trend not only for professionals but also for amateurs and beginners. In turn, it significantly expands the client base and provides an influx of new users.

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