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Online Divorce is a multifunctional and high-performance web application that is the leader in its industry. The system has helped over 500,000 people to get high-quality divorce papers. Many respected publications such as Time, CBS, ABC, USA Today, and more have written about Online Divorce as an excellent assistant in uncontested marriage dissolution.

Online Divorce website is a unique tool that helps not only get 100% court-approved papers but also cope with the trauma of divorce. The system takes into account all the features of US and Canadian laws. And this is great because clients can save significant sums on the services of a lawyer and receive completed divorce papers much faster.

- Daria Maltseva, Product Manager, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

We met the Online Divorce company in 2008. Before this, the project changed two development teams. The challenge facing KeyUA was to rewrite the application from Perl to Python in the shortest time. Within four months, we released a prototype to the market that attracted substantial attention to the company. After successfully hitting the market, our team continued development. In 7 months, we made a full-fledged product with advanced functionality for processing customer data and preparing documents, taking into account all the spouses’ peculiarities and legislation nuances.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

Our focus was not only on Online Divorce website development but also on promoting the product and attracting new clients. KeyUA’s creative team started developing designs for the web & mobile apps to renovate the outdated interface completely. In parallel with this, the software developers began to create project architecture. Our next step was the release of the prototype. At KeyUA we prepared an effective strategy for promoting the project, which allowed us to attract 500 unique users daily. After receiving successful results from the launch of the prototype, the KeyUA team continued to build a fully functional product, adding Canadian provinces to the service. Today we are still cooperating with Online Divorce and providing support and periodic system upgrades.

Online Divorce Analytics Screenshot

500 000+

customers served

70 000%

traffic growth

1 200%

of ROI Increased


mentions in top US magazines

The high divorce rate means that marriage dissolution will always be a popular service. Launch your own online divorce app and quickly grow your company.


Steps we took to build a website for an online divorce service:
Examination of contributing factors to create an effective product
Concept creation
Market analysis
Offers representation
Designate tech solutions
Preparation for the development process
Layouts creation
Building roadmap
Set tasks & priorities
Targeting the market
Targeting the market
Outline effective ways to promote
Creation of unique content
Building marketing strategies
Creating resources for psychological assistance

Key Ideas

At KeyUA we’ve generated the next ideas to develop a service for a comfortable online divorce:
Use Django as an efficient technology for building a scalable and high-performance web app.
Set up MySQL as a reliable database that can easily handle large volumes of information.
Create compelling content that allows users to take steps to meet amicable marriage dissolution comfortably.
Produce resources for psychological help for spouses.


Steps we took to build a website for an online divorce service:

Step 1. Gather Requirements

We started by thoroughly examining the case, including the client’s requirements, existing functionality, and market conditions.


Step 2. Make a decision

At the next stage, we chose the most suitable technology stack and created several exciting concepts.


Step 3. Sign an Agreement

We discussed with the client all the features of the development, agreed on the most suitable concept, and signed a contract.


Step 4. Design

KeyUA’s designers have created top-notch layouts for web and mobile apps that make clients feel comfortable when operating with the system.


Step 5. Prototyping

Our developers created a prototype that provides services across all of the USA.


Step 6. Testing

KeyUA’s quality assurance specialist carefully examined the project to make sure the system is reliable and stable.


Step 7. Product Building

Our team further supports applications developed by us, according to the customer’s wishes. We make changes or improvements depending on market needs.


Step 8. Product Building

The next step was building a fully functional product that provides services throughout the United States and Canada.


Step 9. Release

Our team launched a convenient application that functions well on any desktops and smartphones.


Step 10. Support & Modernization

At KeyUA we have maintained perfect system performance and timely redesigned the application to use only the best technologies.

Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Time magazine points out that about 40% of marriages end in divorce. This indicates that online divorce services will always be hugely popular, especially considering that spouses can save lots of money by forgoing lawyers.


Every Day Online Divorce attracts more and more users, as it offers the ability to get quality divorce papers from the comfort of home.


Online Divorce has unique content aimed at saving spouses from the trauma of divorce, making it a reliable and practical resource for anyone looking to get an uncontested dissolution.

Ready to start an effective online divorce business? We will tell you how!

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