Online Divorce

Online Divorce is an online system that was a pioneer in the online divorce industry
that works for more than 17 years. This platform works in each and every
state of the United States and Canada. The system allows you to get
all the information you may need in order to complete your divorce documents,
contact the lawyers and it is providing the specific
jurisdictions all around the United States.

United States
Online Service
Team size
Partnership period
1 year

Online Divorce technologies

Key facts
Development team
2 Back-end Python developers, 2 Front-end Django developers, Web designer, Project manager, Product manager, Analyst
Time spent
4 months from scratch to the first version. The website was completely built with Perl in 2014. We’ve rebuilt it with Python and Django
Key improvements
We've built the new website version, mobile version, and the whole database. Today all the systems are working together as a well-set mechanism
Constant maintenance
We continuously maintaining and improving this system in order to make it more efficient and make it able to handle larger traffic flows
Key features
We integrated such tools like automation document preparation, customer support, personalized instructions, and the payment system
"This is the law"
We built a technology that allows the customer to maintain his or her divorce docs in accordance with the law issues and qualities
You have an idea, and we hold an advanced technology stack for its realization.