Online Photo Book Maker Development

jAlbum is a scalable online platform through which users can create a custom website directly from their photo gallery. The software makes it possible to post a completed photo project on the client's host or onto the jAlbum platform. Users can edit their photo and video content in this system to use later for building a website, creating a shopping cart, integrating with maps, and customizing their product. In general, jAlbum is an excellent solution for small commercial firms that want to get a reliable product with minimal costs.

Many companies are looking for an easy and affordable way to create a custom website. jAlbum editor is excellent for such purposes. Using this service, customers can create a unique personal photo album or a simple website to advertise or sell their products and services. This application facilitates online promotion for small firms and is a reliable web development solution.

- Andrey Onopriyenko, Delivery Center Director, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

Since the system contains a lot of graphic content, we were faced with the task of ensuring its storage and high-quality display. The generator needed to be fast and efficient, delivering immediate results to users. The main priority was helping to improve jAlbum's performance.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

During the project’s implementation, our team used Java virtual tools and cloud technologies, making it possible to increase the system’s performance by more than three times. We modified parts of the code to update the outdated jAlbum functionality. In parallel with this, the KeyUA team designed additional opportunities to grow the website’s popularity, which increased the site traffic by 130%.


Here’s how KeyUA benefited jAlbum’s business:

active clients


ROI Increased


visitors per day

Our top priority is the full satisfaction of our clients' needs.


Before starting the assigned task, our team had to carry out preparation that would make the development more effective. We took the following steps to create a photo book maker app.
KeyUA specialists conducted a series of studies to obtain the data necessary for accurate system modernization.
Exploring platform features
Competitor research
Analysis of technical specifications
Assessment of technical solutions
We planned all project processes to use resources as efficiently as possible.
Creation of technical specifications
Preparation of an implementation plan
Online promotion planning
As a result, our team received the following tools, which we successfully used for app development.
Project roadmap
List of priorities
A set of selected technical tools
Marketing campaign

Key Ideas

Having significant experience in delivering photo editing applications, our team came up with several ideas to improve the product.
Using AJAX to update page content dynamically
Developing a drag & drop feature for more convenient file uploading
Creating a blog that would be filled with custom and useful content as part of online product promotion


The process of creating quality software requires going through certain stages. Here is a real example of steps we took to build a photo book maker application.

Step 1. Gather Requirements

First, we discussed the project goals and terms of reference with the client to assess its complexity.


Step 2. System Investigate

Our team carefully examined the system’s current functionality to determine which parts of the code we could upgrade.


Step 3. Tech Agreement

We provided the client with several options for solving their problems and signed a development contract.


Step 4. Development

The KeyUA developers began to re-engineer the system and update some functionality.


Step 5. Marketing

Along with the development, we began to prepare steps for online promotion.


Step 6. Testing

When the bulk of the development was completed, our experts carefully checked the entire application to ensure it met the project requirements.


Step 7. Presentation

Next, the client reviewed the new system and left us feedback.


Step 8. Launch

After the platform’s development was completed, the product was released to the market, and we launched a promotion campaign.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Photo processing and gallery making apps enable users to create their personal brand. In turn, this facilitates a more successful promotion of products and services, increasing confidence in the company.


jAlbum has various pricing models, which makes it attractive and affordable for users with different budgets.


With a custom application, the time and location of your business are not limited.

Achieve great photo book maker development with seasoned programmers.

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