Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network is a convenient platform for business, which allows investors from all over the world to raise capital effectively, find suppliers, distributors, or extra services. It is a robust deal-making application that works in 120+ countries. Opportunity Network is a system for medium and large-sized businesses whose revenues exceed $2.5 million. Overall, it is an intelligent business expansion app that allows CEOs to find profitable partners within 48 hours.

Opportunity Network was an interesting challenge for us. When we first got this project, it was just a startup, but with extremely high requirements. This motivated the whole team, and we were fully involved in the development process. I believe that our cooperation with the technical office in Barcelona has brought an amazing result because Opportunity Network is now an influential B2B platform.

- Dmytro Kaminskiy, Team Lead Developer, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

The story of our cooperation began in 2014. ON had just entered the market and was already showing good results. But there was still a lot of work ahead. KeyUA’s tasks were to develop a business social network platform with a capable search engine. These design filters included many market indicators and taking measures so that the website would always demonstrate the high productivity required by a large business. In the course of cooperation, we also developed new functions for CEOs that made the platform even more convenient.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

When KeyUA started working on the product, Opportunity Network was still a prototype. Thus, our team provided a full range of software development services. We designed and implemented practical algorithms for matchmaking results, which allowed businesses worldwide to find and close profitable deals and raise capital quickly. The KeyUA team was fully involved in the building of the frontend and backend. We also produced software solutions for the concierge service, which would allow clients to work as efficiently as possible on this business-oriented social network.


See how KeyUA’s development services supported Opportunity Network’s growth:

reliable clients


solid business connections inside the platform


increased search efficiency

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Before starting development on a project, we perform a lot of work that helps increase our productivity.
Our team began by researching various aspects of the project to prepare a quality proposal for the client.
Study of the technical documentation of the project
Determining system capabilities
Research of competitors, their weaknesses and strengths
Preparation of a commercial offer
The next stage consisted of the steps that precede the development.
Clarification of the requirements
Determining the range of tasks
Setting time frames
Demonstration of the project to the technical team
What we did to get prepared for the business social network development.
Identified project needs
User stories
Roadmap creation
Formed team of professionals

Key Ideas

While working on creating the application, we generated several important ideas that formed the basis for the development:
We created an efficient algorithm for matchmaking.
We divided the entire implementation plan into small iterations to make the system update more productive.
We used Django as the foundation for building a powerful search engine.
We set up a fast and reliable Nginx server to increase system performance.


Here’s the step-by-step process we executed to make a business platform website for investments:

Step 1. Collect Requirements

In the first step, we discussed with the customers all the requirements and goals of the project.


Step 2. Make an Offer

We created a project plan and recommendations based on the data received, after which we made a technical proposal to the client.


Step 3. System Rebuild

We divided the project into iterations and set a time frame for each task.


Step 4. Development

KeyUA’s developers started to implement the defined tasks and improve the prototype.


Step 5. Testing

Once the main development stage was completed, our quality assurance specialists carefully checked all the site’s functionality.


Step 6. Release

Once the quality of the functionality was confirmed, and we ensured that the system met the specifications, we made the website available to users.


Step 7. Further Development

KeyUA completed the main range of tasks. But our collaboration continued further as we innovated the system and provided technology solutions to increase the efficiency of the Opportunity Network.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Doing business online is one of the best ways to attract new customers and investments. More and more large companies want to use the Opportunity Network platform to promote their business.


A social platform for finding investment opportunities allows you to expand the business’s influence on a global scale.


The Opportunity Network example shows that such an application is highly effective for facilitating the closing of large deals.

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