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An international community that brings together art lovers in over 35 countries, that's what ART:I:CURATE is. This online platform allows emerging artists to express themselves. Here they put their virtual collections on display and participate in exhibitions. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for true connoisseurs of art to replenish their collections. Launched in 2013, ART:I:CURATE has attracted particular interest from the global community.

Art allows us to know this world through the eyes of other people. ART:I:CURATE is not an ordinary online museum. It’s a great app that allows people worldwide to learn more about contemporary art and gives young artists a good start. In today's busy world, when people don't even have time to dine, let alone visit a museum, ART:I:CURATE is a convenient opportunity to enjoy art from a laptop or smartphone.

- Krystyna Miller, Frontend Developer, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

Our primary goal in this project was to create a multifunctional network for artists to store and purchase digital works. The KeyUA team had to develop a web and mobile application from scratch with an emphasis on cloud technology. Another important task was to increase brand awareness, so KeyUA's marketing experts built an effective promotion strategy, which allowed us to increase the website’s audience by 170% per year.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

Our team’s services included creating a web version and a mobile application compatible with Apple and Android and thorough testing of all functionality. KeyUA developers completely configured and developed the technical environment of the project following the stated requirements. We also prepared layouts and templates for the web and mobile apps. The site needed to look fashionable and sophisticated because it would be a platform for popularizing art. We listened to all the client’s wishes and proudly succeeded in creating a great design. Our experts also prepared several ways to promote the products online, including creating custom content for a blog and SEO.

ART:I:CURATE Indicators


Here’s how KeyUA benefited the ART:I:CURATE business:

system users


increased revenue


paintings in database

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In this case study, we will talk about all aspects of the software development and preparatory phase, the result of which significantly affects the creation of the product.
The first part of preparation always includes gathering important information needed for development.
Collection of technical requirements for the project
Researching the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
Drawing up a user portrait
Discussing design requirements with the client
The next step is planning the team's activities.
Formation of technical documentation and prioritization of tasks
Preparing wireframes and templates for the application
Choosing a technical stack
Online marketing plan development
We provide the client with the following:
Project roadmap
Tech environment
Thoughtful digital marketing strategy
Advice for an effective product launch

Key Ideas

While designing this social network platform for artists, the KeyUA team concluded that we needed to implement some crucial tools to enable the startup to enter the market successfully:
Using the NoSQL mechanism for database management, effectively solving scaling problems and processing large volumes of information
Preparing and implementing a custom CRM to facilitate full and effective communication between the startup team and clients
Creating a blog and filling it weekly with useful information to help promote the product and increase user confidence
Developing an application based on cloud services to keep it responsive and secure when working with a heavy load


Here is an example of essential steps to implement a social platform for artists:

Step 1. Collect Requirements

The first step is to clarify all the requirements and discuss the project’s goals with the customer.


Step 2. Prepare Wireframes

Next, we create page wireframes for the mobile and web application, which will serve as the basis for design and writing code.


Step 3. Designing

Our team creates designs for web and mobile versions, taking into account all the client’s wishes.


Step 4. App Building

KeyUA developers write code for future websites and create native apps for mobile devices.


Step 5. Testing

Our priority is a quality product. That is why we carefully test the functionality using manual and automation methods.


Step 6. Marketing

While the project is at the development stage, we prepare ways to promote the application online.


Step 7. Launch

After the functionality is developed and tested, we launch the product and the marketing campaign simultaneously.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Developing a social media platform for artists is a great way to expand the opportunity for your gallery or launch a startup that isn’t limited to one location and can attract customers from all over the world.


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