Solutions for aircraft software

Here in KeyUA, we provide aviation software development. Our competencies cover all types of aviation operators in this industry, including custom software for the aviation industry, ticketing and booking systems, as well as MRO software development.

Efficience above the skies

Get efficient software for the aviation industry with simple and advanced management.
A single software
Implementing our management system in your airline will help you avoid using multiple software tools. This will reduce expenditure and simplify operations.
Simplicity and efficiency
Our software lets you automate operations and increase the performance of your staff (so they can dedicate to those tasks that really add value) and, in turn, reduce the likelihood of human error.
Advanced management
With the final application, you will get better control over reservations, invoices, and legal documentation without effort.
Move your project forward and upward
By using our services you will get secure, accessible, and intuitive modular software with solid architecture.
Modular system
Management systems for airlines are completely modular. This is a great advantage because you will only install those modules that you need at any time (HR, Finance, Customer Service ...).
Your suppliers and customers can access the software, thus promoting better interaction. Thus you’ll obtain valuable information about the agents.
You can work comfortably with our management systems because they offer a very high level of security. All transactions made through this system can be easily traced.
Simple & convenient
The intuitive software interface makes it easy for your staff to get started. They will also be able to obtain complete reports in real time that will accelerate decision-making.
Build your software with KeyUA