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The correct payroll process is relevant for many companies. Businesses of all sizes face challenges, such as over or underpaid employees due to inadequately trained payroll staff, resulting in lost profits or employee turnover. Commercial companies have complex intra-company packages for calculating payments, and they also keep in touch with The Pensions Regulator, which makes calculating salaries a time-consuming process. Solve all these problems easily with The Payroll Centre. It is a platform with its headquarters in London that allows businesses from any industry to prepare the most efficient payroll system.

Competent internal payment is one of the key factors for staff retention. The Payroll Centre has distinct advantages that allow the company to change its internal salary calculating processes. Using this application, customers can evaluate the effectiveness of their methods. It also offers various courses for training the payroll staff and provides support services. The Payroll Centre is a successful project that operates throughout the whole United Kingdom, and I believe other countries need such systems as well.

- Olga Voronkova, Marketing Expert, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

The Payroll Centre already had a specific web application when we first met, but the client wanted to significantly expand its capabilities. The tasks that the KeyUA team faced included the development of a custom CRM, algorithms for assessing the skills of employees and effectiveness of payroll systems, and functionality for providing various kinds of courses.

For over 12 years, KeyUA has provided first-class software development services for payment companies.

How KeyUA’s Services Helped

The leading service we provided could be described as making a website for the payments industry. It included reengineering the old code, creating and implementing new functionality, preparing the design for the application, and launching a product for mass use. Nevertheless, our work did not end there. Our developers maintained the system’s functionality throughout the year, adding new features for various member programs.


Here’s how KeyUA benefited The Payroll Centre business:

customers served


traffic growth



Businesses are always looking for ways of increasing staff satisfaction.

Effective payroll processing is one of the most preferable.


The KeyUA team took important preparatory steps that formed the basis for the development of the project.
Before writing the code, ensure that all participants have all the necessary information about the product.
Examining the current functionality
Collecting application requirements
Market research
Evaluating solutions aimed to meet project objectives
Another important step is planning all stages of the project to complete all work on time.
Determining the scope of tasks and setting priorities
Building wireframes
Creating designs
Preparing the technical environment
The essential tools we use to start developing an application.
Project roadmap
Website templates
Promotion strategy
Prepared team

Key Ideas

In this case study for development payroll software, read about some of the good ideas we generated to help The Payroll Centre achieve their business goals. The system needed to contain many courses, which could be changed or extended in the future. So we decided to use MongoDB as a powerful and reliable database for a large volume of unstructured information. Other ideas included:
Using the AWS infrastructure to manage app workloads efficiently
Creating an internal system to allow users of various membership programs to complete training
Building a unique customer relationship management platform with convenient functionality for extended communicating with clients and instant notifications


Software development for a payroll company consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Collect Requirements

We carefully study the customer’s requirements and wishes to have a deep understanding of the project’s goals and objectives.


Step 2. Discussion

Our expert discusses all the features of the implementation and construction of the application with the customer. Once everything is settled, we sign a development contract.


Step 3. Designing

The next step is to create a layout and templates for the website.


Step 4. Development

We redo outdated code, optimize parts of the old functionality, and add new features to the application.


Step 5. Testing

All projects that we carry out are thoroughly checked. We test all features of the system to make sure it works as required.


Step 6. Marketing

In parallel with development and testing, we create the basis for promoting the application online.


Step 7. First Launch

As soon as we have met the project requirements, the KeyUA team releases the product and launches a marketing campaign.


Step 8. Support

After the release, our developers support subsequent partnership, monitor system performance, and make appropriate changes.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

Future Plans


Creating an app for the payroll training company is an excellent way to share your knowledge and empower your business. Many firms are continually looking for opportunities to optimize their payroll costs.


Many accounting specialists worldwide need competent methods & training for calculating salaries to make their work more efficient.


The Payroll Centre offers flexible membership programs that suit businesses of any size.

Are you looking for superb web development services for a payroll company?

Hire KeyUA to benefit your business.

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