Venda Acquired by NetSuite

Venda Inc was one of the first cloud-based, enterprise-class e-commerce platforms. It was a kind of revolution since customers no longer needed to download software to their computer; they could easily access all functionality of the systems in the cloud using a web browser. Venda has provided e-commerce services to major manufacturers, including DeBeers, TK Maxx, Universal Music, Sharp, Panasonic, Laura Ashley, Conde Nast, Tesco, Urban Outfitters, etc. In 2014, the Venda digital commerce platform was acquired by NetSuite for $50.5 million. In two years, it turned into a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation.

Venda provided B2B, B2C, and B2E solutions for quality business management. It was a unique platform that served medium and large-sized companies across Europe. Venda’s advantage was that it significantly helped its clients reduce risks associated with e-commerce and expand their influence on the market. For KeyUA, it was a great honor to work with such a revolutionary company. Our team put a lot of effort into this product, and it brought great results for both sides.

- Andrey Onopriyenko, Delivery Center Director, KeyUA

Challenges and Objectives

We started our cooperation with Venda in 2009 when the company already had a leading position. The shopping platform was growing rapidly and faced certain technical difficulties. The increase in Venda’s users led to the fact that the system could no longer cope with the load. KeyUA faced an exciting task— to make a top-notch but also fast reengineering of the system, taking extra measures to increase its performance.

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How KeyUA’s Services Helped

The services KeyUA provided to Venda included improving the system architecture, setting up a powerful search engine, and enhancing the bandwidth. Our team also redesigned the platform to make it more user-friendly. After we completed the tasks to improve the productivity of the system, our cooperation continued. KeyUA developed and implemented new functionality for Venda, and the company achieved its goals most successfully. By the end of our collaboration, before the sale of the company, Venda served more than 400 global manufacturers, including organizations from the Fortune 1000 companies list.


Here’s how KeyUA benefited Venda:

visitors per day


ROI Increased

9 min

average time spent on a website

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KeyUA performed complex work to build a powerful web application for Venda:
The first stage in the preparation process was to study the current problems and goals of the project:
Identification of technical weaknesses
Development of measures to improve the system
Analysis of the market, competitors, and their advantages
Creation of the use cases for problem-solving
Measures we took in the preparatory phase:
Roadmap building
Creating a set of tasks for reengineering
Formation of a team of specialists most suitable for the project goals
Next, we covered the necessary steps required to deliver an app.
Creation of a technical environment
Eliminating system weaknesses
Development of new features
Deep functional testing

Key Ideas

During Venda’s platform development, our team generated a couple of solid ideas to benefit the project:
We decided to use Python as a reliable and robust programming language for creating a SaaS e-commerce platform.
It was agreed to use AWS as a scalable and flexible platform for online stores.
We redesigned the interface to make it more user-friendly and attractive to visitors.
We built an algorithm in which customers could quickly set up their stores.


Look at the full-service process we executed to improve the Venda e-commerce platform:

Step 1. Collect Requirements

The first stage consisted of discussing with the customer the project problems, requirements, and goals.


Step 2. Make an Offer

We studied the information about the project in detail and prepared our ideas and suggestions on what we could do to make the system more productive.


Step 3. Sign an Agreement

Next, we discussed with the client the nuances of development and signed a contract.


Step 4. System Rebuild

We wholly re-engineered Venda’s functionality with Python to make this software as a service platform more productive and stable.


Step 5. Testing

The next step was to carry out extensive manual and automated testing to ensure that it worked correctly and satisfied the company’s business processes.


Step 6. Release

After the conclusion of successful testing, our team released the updated platform functionality to the market.


Step 7. Maintenace

KeyUA continued further cooperation with Venda, producing new functionality for the system, and updating outdated modules.

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Technology Stack

See what tool we use to deliver a beneficial product:

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Venda charged $12,000 as a flat monthly fee per one online store.


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