Angular vs React. What to choose in 2018?

    Daria Drozdova
    Daria Drozdova

    According to the news agency Jaxenter, Angular 6 should be released soon. Betta version of Angular6 was released 28th of February, 2018. So in March or April 2018, we will have a new Angular.

    Many developers eager to know what is new about Angular6 and what new features were added to this new front-end web application platform.

    Today, you may think that it will be difficult for React.JS to compete with Angular6. Though, let’s look at this two competitors more carefully.

    First, it is important to mention that Angular and React.JS are very strong competitors.

    In this article, we will try to show you the advantages and disadvantages of Angular web application platform, and pluses and minuses of  React JavaScript library.



      Pros and cons of Angular 

      Now it is time to talk more about Angular.

      As it was mentioned above, Angular is an open-source framework or front-end web-application platform. Like other frameworks Angular has its advantages and disadvantages, so here is a list of Angular benefits.

      Built-in optimizer

      This is not a secret that Angular5 added to their features built optimizer tool. This tool makes application lighter and faster because Angular developers removed unnecessary additional parts and runtime code.

      Improved compiler and typescript

      Unlike Angular 2.0, Angular 5 comes with typescript 2.3 and improved compiler that makes the rebuilt super fast. This typescript goes along with the upgrades and it works better than its previous version.


       The main advantage of MVVM model is that it allows separating the application’s logic from its view in UI. As the result, we have a modular solution and different team of developers can work on it using the same data.

       Detailed documentation

      It is important to mention that Angular has a detailed documentation with well-explained and well-discussed cases. That means you can learn Angular5 by yourself without any other help. Though, you need to remember that the process of studying can take some time.

      Apps singular behavior

      Unlike React, Angular provides singular behavior for your application. This is possible because of two-way data binding, while React can provide only one-way data binding.

      Dependencies can be separated from classes, that is why as the result developers that work with Angular have fewer mistakes.

      Despite of many Angular advantages, there are some disadvantages such as:

      Difficulties connected with migrating one angular version to another

       This is not a secret that migrating your application from one Angular version to another can be difficult. However, it can be even more difficult, if you have one part of your application written on the earlier version of Angular, and write another part on last Angular version. You need to have some experienced developers in your team in order to pull your application on the updated platform.

      Complex syntax

      If you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to study Angular. Though Angular5 uses TypeScript 2.4 and this is nice because it is the least difficult version of TypeScript.

      Advantages and disadvantages of React

      We have discussed all pros and cons of Angular, so now it is time to talk about advantages and disadvantages of React.

      According to wikipedia, React is maintained by Facebook, instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations. React is JavaScript library that was created for building user interfaces.

      Now, let’s look  at some advantages of the ReactJS:

      Responsive software

      ReactJS made the aspect of dynamic page possible , because of incorporated virtual Dom. That is why, Reactjs developers nowadays can create one-page application. Moreover, due to this solution, now it is possible to update some components of  the application even without internet connection. ReactJS allows application with complex animated elements perform with no more than 16 ms delay, because the stress load on user device’s SO is decreased.


      The main benefit of React is that is allows developers use different libraries creating UI, without restricting their choice only with the things that React offers.

      While Angular uses MVVM ( Model-View-View-Model), React is based on View model. This allows developers save their time, as they do not need to describe one-to-one correspondence in relation and can focus on the data transferring mechanism.

      Unlike React, Angular uses two-way data binding that is good for predicting application’s behavior, but it is bad for app development process speed.

      Easy to master

      Most beginners and experienced ReactJS developers would agree that React is easy to master. Unlike Angular, React is based on HTML JavaScript ES6 language, and it is much easier than Angular. So, in order to learn Angular, you need to have deep knowledge of TypeScript and it is really difficult.  But if you want to use React, you need to know HTML and a bit JavaScript.

      We have discussed React advantages, and now it is time to talk about ReactJS disadvantages:

      Updates problems

      If you used ReactJS with some third party tools and libraries, be ready to face some difficulties with updating your application. You will have to find some other tools to change your old ones, and this is not easy. Than you will have to test everything and this require time and energy. Though, if you use Angular5, you will never face this troubles, because Angular5 developers guarantee software stability.

      ReactJs is a library

      It is essential to mention that ReactJS is not a framework. It is a library. That is why most developers find it difficult to work only with ReactJS and they add some third party libraries. Though, as it was said above, it can be difficult to update app with third party tool, because you need to replace them with some new tools and test them. This is very time-consuming and expensive process. So, clients prefer build their projects on Angular.

      Sum up

      All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that Angular and ReactJS can do the same things. Though, there are different is some aspects.

      First of all it is good to remember that Angular is a framework, while React is not a framework, it is a library.

      Second, Angular has many features to develop an application, but some features are not used by developers on a regular basis.

      Third, Angular is difficult to learn because it is based on Typescript and it is not easy to master.

      And the last but not least point, developers need to write less code to implement something with React, and applications built on React has better performance due to virtual Dom.

      With this in mind, let’s mention that React is used mostly for pretty easy and small applications, while Angular will be a perfect solution for developers who want to use integral approach building some complicated web application.

      KeyUA is always there to help you

      In conclusion, it is essential to add that if you are a beginner and want to develop your first simple web application, it will be easier for you to start with ReactJS, as it is based on HTML and you need to know HTML in order to start coding. On the other hand, if you need a large and complicated app for your company, it is better to use Angular5 to implement all your best ideas.

      Though, do not forget that it is not safe to trust the important project to beginners, because it can cost you an arm and a leg in the end. That is why it is better to trust your project development professionals.

      KeyUA is always ready to help you with your small and large projects.  We work with Angular and ReactjS as well for many years. We have a team of experienced developers who know how to do their job.

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      Whether you choose to work with Angular, React, Django, Ruby, Python or any other language or framework, our team would be happy to help you with your long-term and short-term projects with different level of difficulty.

      KeyUA is always the best solution for your small and big projects!

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